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  1. Good patch but why change rocky ford?
  2. Double Rep on Lounge PvP?
  3. i need to talk with you chupa (Leader from TS)
  4. If you know how to handle the weapon in the right way and shoot with full auto, then people think i could be a macro - but its not. In Reallife the VSS have the same firerate like the AS VAL
  5. new players in NewZ 2k19
  6. You tried Survival? But ye you are right, good old Red Stalker times...
  7. Hello sir, here some answers for you: - The last camo skins was the m4a1 and the release of it was for 2 years. (so we need new camo skins YES) - There are many XMR´s in the game right now BUT nobody play it, because the price is over 10m each. (its the rarest weapon in the game and thats the way it should be)
  8. TEAM NAME AND TAG: The Saviors [TS]COUNTRY/REGION: GERMANY 1. Freddy D (Leader) (contact me here)2. FloOwi3. Xenon4. Skvit5. TS Klabauter 6. TS LOGIN 7.Tric3 on ic3 8. KaooTixx GER 9. TS Blackwidow 10. autistic_dabber
  9. 1-2 Maps in Survival are fine, the rest is for private servers.
  10. i must win because we have 2019 and i still play NewZ 24/7
  11. And if you dont know now you know ..
  12. caliwood double rep
  13. Hey guys, here is my new open world montage, i hope you enjoy it
  14. That´s true it was only a suggestion
  15. What about double Reputation on official server next weeknd?
  16. i like it, way better than the last ones.
  17. 555555555555555555555+
  18. durrrrrrrrrchfalllmaaaaaaannnnnn
  19. why make all rare items easy to find?
  20. ok, I understand now with the clan/group limit of 10 for testing but it would have been good to take another server away for that. Most people just cry last time because they had a Locker on the server and have not read that the server is removed - partly it is their own debt. All the people I talked about with this topic have the same opinion as me. I can copy and paste the other topics if you think i am the only person which like less servers in survival.
  21. Dear Sirs and Madames, Unfortunately, I saw today that you added a V1 server. The community has already mentioned in many topics that they would like to have only one server for each map. I do not understand why you split the most played map again and why we have not been asked. So the listing would be better: 1 Colorado v1 1 Colorado v2 1 Oregon or: 1 Colorado v1PvP 1 Colorado v1 PvE Please do not split this small community any more and listen to us...
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