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    A New Game for Survival?

    Thailand stay forever
  2. Freddy D

    Hilfe zum Google Authenticator

    Gerne und falls du einen Clan suchst meld dich gerne bei mir
  3. Freddy D

    Hilfe zum Google Authenticator

    @Steve Ecke(Sillenterror) ist der einzige deutsche Dev, schreib einfach ein Ticket mit einem anderen Account und schreib seinen Namen in den Betreff rein, dann wird er sich persönlich um das Ticket kümmern und mit dir schreiben können.
  4. Freddy D

    Hilfe zum Google Authenticator

    Erstell am besten ein Ticket mit einem anderen Account oder lass dir bei Discord/hier per direktnachrichten von einem Mod/Dev helfen. Es ist auf jeden Fall möglich dein Account wieder zu bekommen.
  5. Freddy D

    1v1 Tournament

    name: Freddy D Discord : FreddyD#0683 rep: 5555+
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    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    i see guys from TH on a ping limited EU Server and when i join HK, i have 400ms to and dont get kicked
  7. Freddy D

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    The Riot Shield got my energy
  8. Freddy D

    Survival - Clan System

    i want a "TS" infront of my Name
  9. Freddy D

    Survival - Clan System

    yep, and nobody must load his friend to the Group after he got a disconnect, it´s better for the gameplay. Make Clans with 5 member for the first step - it´s the same like yet but for better gameplay.
  10. Freddy D

    M9 Helmet

    Naa, not a skinbox - because more of the half from the riot shield Skins are from Clans/Streamer the rest are for Countrys, so it make no sense
  11. Freddy D

    M9 Helmet

    +1 - good idea, same Thing with riot shields
  12. Freddy D

    Colorado V1 fixes

    They are also Things that do not spawn like M9 Nvg Helmet
  13. Freddy D

    Free Revive

    Hey Guys, i think all players (or all new players until a certain playing time) need free revive for open world! You can see at the weekend the PvP Servers are high pop (smallville incl.) with all ranks and now are only two server maximum full with the normal high rank players. Its more beginner friendly then you make free revive without premium & you put another option to Premiumuser. (More Loadouts,More GD or something like this). I know premium is a good source of income for you, but it buys always the same veteran players and when you make free revive you have more players in the game, so more players which can buy skinboxes or private servers. Greeetz Freddy D
  14. Freddy D

    Big Survival Patch?

    Hello Guys, the playerbase has risen very fast in survival the last time, so i think it´s time for a big survival patch which is concentraded on the Survival Mode. Here some ideas for the patch: - Clans in Survival??? (This is idea is since july in the Forum and we do not have a correct answer yet, but Kaz created a Topic and the most People was postivie about it.) - More/New Weapons/Items extra for survival (the last new AR between the tompson was the G11 and this exist since ISS World) - Special Events only for Survival (like the Christmas Event last Year where you got an iba christmas) - Specialist Contracts for Survival (so survival Player can also get These Skins) - Gamedollar for Survival (no scammer, no trade with OW GD and more interesting to kill zombies) - Tradezone for Survival (this is not important because Player can trade in the safezones) - Why 1000 Woods for 1 Shield why not 100???( You can t rush without any shield and that´s why the People only camp behind tre´s or in houses with shotguns) - New Ranks for Survival ? (You Need after the assasin rank weeks/months for the next rank, because the ranks been taken over from OW. What about for new ranks between the old rnaks after assasin?) - More Rare loot? ( until now only Wood shields, snipers and heavy armor are rare) Everyone wants a patch like that, please take the wishes of the playerbase and give us a survival patch very soon. Greeetz Freddy D
  15. Freddy D

    Survival - Clan System

    @kazmightONFIRE Are Clans Coming or Not?
  16. Freddy D


    Cok güzel Montage. my Next Montage is about Survival to
  17. Freddy D


    What skin / skin set do you have feedback about? - NVG Devil Horns What do you think we should change? - Can you make it black like the Kstyle Devil Horns?
  18. Freddy D

    Characters / Armor Clipping issue

    +1 I and another member write the same thing in another topic but we got no answer
  19. Thanks for showing me the nice track from u
  20. Freddy D


    In Survival Colorado V1 they spawn in the southern of the map
  21. Hello guys, the river next to camp splinter (Colodrado V1, Survival) have a bug. There is a Stone next to camp splinter and then you want to swimm near this Stone your character will get stuck. It happend to me a few times - when you need a Video or Picture, tell it to me.
  22. Freddy D

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    Up Up, Need GD for Survival.
  23. Freddy D

    Halloween Week 2018

    @Sven can we make the Halloween contracts after the Event too?
  24. Freddy D


    He means that some character models/Clothing from models look out of the armor. For example: You put a Kstyle Nvg on your head, the hair from the character model look out of the kstyle. That Graphic Bugs are since the beginning in the game, so i think it´s not easy to fix?
  25. Freddy D


    somebody check this? I think it´s a big Problem.