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    Help with the choice of car

    Take the Zombiekiller
  2. Freddy D

    Unkillable Zombie

    You hit him in the head right?
  3. Freddy D

    Referral System now live!

    When comes the new sniper out?
  4. Freddy D

    All Contracts (OW)

    This rewards are so sad ( i know its beta, but this is not a reason for this bad rewards)
  5. Freddy D

    If NewZ was a person

    Someday.... it´s all over Nice text diggi
  6. Freddy D

    CHEAT OR NO HMMM "thinking"

    L85 with attachments is better as a sig sauer on range
  7. Freddy D

    Moving on

    The Endless Discussion - but in few months/weeks it will be End
  8. Dear Sirs, Today I am concerned about the future of the game. First, the facts: - Steamcharts: at the beginning of the steam release, the game had 14,000 players and now 1,400 - Oregon: Unfortunately, this map does not play enough people. And this map should be 4 times as big as now ... - PvP server: only rocky and hospital are played, the rest is empty - Survival: it has 1/4 of the playerbase of open world but the players are dissatisfied with the loot (it is a bit less loot than OW, not real survival) - Battle Royal: 30 players are in a round BR ... (normal BR round in games have 100 people) - Battlemode: still not released and it can not be released because it separates even more the community - Macros: heal and shield macro are allowed (many use rapidfire) What can we do now to revive the game? 90% of the player base are "veteran" players and they will destroy any newcomer who comes on their server with a 360 no scope. (beginner servers do not bring anything, no one can play as fast as people with 2000k hours in 24 hours) Infestation world has announced a reboot for 2019 on facebook, this post has got 3k likes, more than any post on the newz page. So all players want the normal ISS Back with rar loot and scary moments. my idea in this case: why do not you and the world dev's get together and give the people out there what they want? With the anticheat from NewZ and the feeling from iss world. If things go on like this, this game will close its doors at the end of the year. This post should not be a negative review, but a suggestion for major changes, which needs this game NOW. Write from a Player with more than 3000h in infestation and i still love this game, but i dont like to see the game dying soon.... do not think about today, think about tomorrow. Greeetz Freddy D
  9. Freddy D

    Guide to Improving FPS

    Still bad fps.... need help
  10. Freddy D

    What is your PVP favorite place?

    Clearview Nato is crap ğŸ‘Ž
  11. Freddy D

    Patch 2.22

    Ye enable cars for the 5% PvE player which have not 50k GD for a busstation #nooffensive
  12. Freddy D

    Patch 2.22

    Pls Keep it low, yesterday in boulder it was "the fast and the furious" .... go on private or premium Server and drive with your car to your place, you had to do that in the past too. Cars fuck the PvP up, and i dont take every round in my loadout this vihicle barricade..
  13. Freddy D

    batlle royale improvements

    Hello, Thanks for the Feedback and suggestions we apperciate it - BUUUUUT we do only Things what Thailand want Muahahahahah :O
  14. Freddy D

    Lobbytage #1 (Battle royal lobby)

    Battle Royal Warm Up is longer than the real Match.
  15. Freddy D

    Guide to Improving FPS

    ok then i am at home and this Option improve much fps, i meet u to a candlelightdöner
  16. Freddy D

    Guide to Improving FPS

    1. done 2. done 3. done 4. 200 GB SSD 5. done 6. 16gb ram 7. done 8. not done 9. done 10. i Play without steam 11. Every time? no no My fps in OW: 38-60 My fps on pvp Server: 65-85 Graphic Card: GTX 1050 ti ingame Settings ALL on low/off
  17. Freddy D

    The Future of NewZ in 2019

    Last Patch was very bad, every day are less Player online. So what are the plan for the next patch? Lower Fps again? Or new Quests there i kill some SZ for a Katana which i can buy for 5k in the shop ?
  18. Freddy D

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    Veteran players need no SZ kills
  19. Freddy D

    Competitive mode?

    But there are many events/cups where you can play on a competitive map with prices. check it out
  20. Freddy D

    Competitive mode?

    look in to it
  21. Freddy D

    x-mouse button banned and after what ?

    Other games like Escape From Tarkov give u a ban for macros. Macros should not be allowed, because every new player have no chance vs a 500k macro veteran player. I have NETHER play with macro and the only thing what i hear is "you are a fucking noob", yeeee because i need no programm for kills yee....
  22. Freddy D


    Make this map great again. Close respawn & double GD
  23. Freddy D

    Patch 2.22

    Yes i have the issues too, only lag & fps drops. i can do only bodyshots with a mauser? XD Graphic is like v1 ..
  24. Freddy D

    Free Premium Weekend Event!

    pls make double GD Event for ClearV2, because nobody Play the map but it´s still the best clan-pvp-map
  25. Freddy D

    Patch 2.22

    Thanks for this nice patch. Can we have a Event with Double or tirple GD for ClearV2 (Only this Server)?? because nobody Play the map, but it´s still the best clan-pvp map