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    I have a crazy idea

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    why make all rare items easy to find?
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    Survival Server List

    Dear Sirs and Madames, Unfortunately, I saw today that you added a V1 server. The community has already mentioned in many topics that they would like to have only one server for each map. I do not understand why you split the most played map again and why we have not been asked. So the listing would be better: 1 Colorado v1 1 Colorado v2 1 Oregon or: 1 Colorado v1PvP 1 Colorado v1 PvE Please do not split this small community any more and listen to us...
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    Survival Server List

    ok, I understand now with the clan/group limit of 10 for testing but it would have been good to take another server away for that. Most people just cry last time because they had a Locker on the server and have not read that the server is removed - partly it is their own debt. All the people I talked about with this topic have the same opinion as me. I can copy and paste the other topics if you think i am the only person which like less servers in survival.
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    this text could be YOUR advertisment

    nothing new in his montages >.<
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    Feedback: Revive Timer in Survival

    i vote yes, but 3 min for prem and 6/5 for none prem is fine
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    Project: Caliwood

    West Oaks was so Good old Times and good Work Steve
  8. Dear NewZ Staff Team, Today I want to talk about the future of Infestation NewZ 2019, this topic is very important to me and many other players, so let's take a look: Competitive: I am sorry to say that, but I think the competitive mode will be a mistake, like the Oregon Map and here I explain why: The game NewZ has around 1000 players on Steam and has 3 independent modes (soon 4 ), which means that after the competitive release, there will be a player loss in every other mode (BR Already dead). In addition, I have to say that we Infestation players have indeed wished this mode, but not as a copy of Counterstrike, we wanted it more in the direction of the Supercups, Competitive in Infestation Style! I and many others have been playing counterstrikes for thousands of hours, so why should I play a copy of it that does not live up to the original? I myself have played it with you and unfortunately have come to a disappointing decision. Survival: We all need to focus more on this mode, Survival mode is the best mode for beginners and for the oldest players, but many mistakes have happened in the past (Loottable Oregon and v1) and it gets way too slow worked this mode. It seems to me as if we have to beg for things which were implemented at WarZ already in the game. If you had just copied ISS, this mode would have a much larger player base, but that error has already happened. The most important thing is that we finally get gamedollar in survival, people are getting scammed everyday and that would make PVE more attractive. There must be more Shields in the mode to reduce the camping. At the moment, every player is camping each other and no one is rushing, because you can not rush into this mode, you have nothing to protect except Wood Shields, which you rarely get from Airdrops. I know you do not want to do survival like open world, but in the old iss shields was a very normal thing! Beta Testing: Many things are added in the game but find themselves in a beta phase and will not continue after that. Here are some examples: Clan Terrortorium, Craft System in Survival, Oregon map. It would make more sense to release things that are already done instead of releasing many half things that have no meaning Servers: A lot of servers can be turned off because they are not played, more servers mean a bigger split. Premium Servers: I've never seen more than 10 people on a Premium Server in the past few months, there are 5 Premium Sever, I think one is enough. PvP Server: At the moment only Rocky Ford and Hangar are being played, if you bring in the old big PvP maps at WeekendEvents then you have to bring in an extra bonus like for example double GD, , because these maps are only played when they are occupied and for that you have to start one or you will stand at 0/50 forever like spring valley. Survival Server: Please make 1 server for each map. 1 Colorado v2, 1 Colorado v1, 1 Oregon. As described above, more servers split the community, which is already small anyway. Weekend Events: I think these events should have a greater variety, every few weeks the events are similar. Skinboxes: Please remove the Destruction Skinbox from the Airdrop and maybe from the shop, these skins have been in NewZ since the beginning and everyone who wants them will have them and since then no new skins have come in the box. The same thing with the World, Skullypink and Dreadnought Skinbox. Please remove the winterbox from the maps, HV Winter is now worth about 1M GD. Rules: Your rules are there to be respected, I see the trade on many Facebook pages with GC and accounts and no one does anything about it. And I do not understand how a clan in NewZ can be called "88" and I do not want to mention the answer I received on my support ticket. Advertisement: There has to be more and better advertising for the game, Infestation World and TH have also made it. Take some money and make good advertisement for new content. I do not remember a big promotion for Survival Mode and Oregon, many of the old players do not even know that these things are exiting. Sorry for my bad english, lets hype this topic
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    Patch 2.28

    Few minutes after i post my topic 😮 i like the new survival content, keep up the good work
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    Important Things for NewZ 2019

    Thanks for answer Fred, what about a Discord Group with all important infestation players where we can discuss with you and the team about such topics before they find into the game?
  11. Freddy D

    Important Things for NewZ 2019

    And we all know that you are currently working on a Nether comeback, but please do not forget the NewZ Community, this game has a very high potential which has not been exhausted by a long way. #makeinfestationgreatagain
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    Buying Antibiotics & Painkillers

    you know the real price ?
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    My Opinion about Reputation and Ranks

    Why not?
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    Open World Montage

    Last 3 Days in Open World, enjoy guys
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    Open World Montage

    Thanks, next one survival
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    Bug Riot / Macro DX

    heal and shield marco are unfortunately legit....
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    This game dead af

    The only way to keep this game alive is to concentration on the Survival mode, but 90% in the patches are for OW
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    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    We need GD in Survival soon as possible too
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    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Where are the 50% which dont would like to see clans in survival from last time?
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    Survival: Vote on the clan system

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    Last Montage? Or Comeback?

    New Montage and New Youtube Account, because my old one got hacked Have Fun with the Montage, i made a intro in remembrance of the old time
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    Help me please

    You must write a ticket
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    My last topic with suggestions

    It is the 10000k topic about this.
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    cok güzel montage but i dont like the music, next time ceza pls