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  1. 1-2 Maps in Survival are fine, the rest is for private servers.
  2. i must win because we have 2019 and i still play NewZ 24/7
  3. And if you dont know now you know ..
  4. caliwood double rep
  5. Hey guys, here is my new open world montage, i hope you enjoy it
  6. That´s true it was only a suggestion
  7. What about double Reputation on official server next weeknd?
  8. i like it, way better than the last ones.
  9. 555555555555555555555+
  10. durrrrrrrrrchfalllmaaaaaaannnnnn
  11. why make all rare items easy to find?
  12. ok, I understand now with the clan/group limit of 10 for testing but it would have been good to take another server away for that. Most people just cry last time because they had a Locker on the server and have not read that the server is removed - partly it is their own debt. All the people I talked about with this topic have the same opinion as me. I can copy and paste the other topics if you think i am the only person which like less servers in survival.
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