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  1. Freddy D

    Got Some Questions

    5. He means only 2 servers not maps, so more players are in the same server. 8. He means that they should be stay longer like in the old ISS
  2. Freddy D

    Infestation: The NewZ - Montage #64 | TrashZ

    i like your new name
  3. Freddy D


    it was few weeks ago in the game by a weekend event, and i think it´s coming back in the next few events - but nobody have played it the last time
  4. Freddy D

    Got Some Questions

    i know what he mean with that barricades...
  5. Freddy D

    Acid CREW ( Join US ! )

    Good luck & dont take to much acid
  6. Freddy D

    Got Some Questions

    1. They come after loot balance 2. 3. +1 4. +1 5. +1 6. They dont bring Clans at the Moment, but make Limit of 5 People in one clan and everything is alright 7. Its beta in open world and useless, nobody cares about that territoriums 8. +1 and make Wood barricades craftable (not for 100000k Woods)
  7. Freddy D

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    it was fun to play, in my opinion make it a little bit more NewZ style but it was still good
  8. Freddy D

    i can't open newz please help me

    use it without steam, right click on your launcher and run it as administrator
  9. Freddy D

    Patch 2.26

    i will wait for the next content patch
  10. Freddy D

    Missing Safe / White Storage Boxes

    Yes they despawn then you them not using
  11. Freddy D

    1v1 Tournament

    After 3 weeks no Information - i´m out of this fake tournement
  12. Freddy D

    Suggestions On A Few Different Topics

    good idea with elite guns and for the buildings
  13. Freddy D

    Add new Items / Stuff

  14. Freddy D

    Seasonal Leaderboard