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  1. Im hyped for the AR changes and the new pvp map. keep up the good work guys
  2. i must say the Weastoaks event was very very funny
  3. i think you can find them more on v1 and caliwood
  4. Hey guys, i wish u all the best for the New Year and we see us 2k20 in NewZ
  5. Sorry, i didnt saw that. I will say i like the Sig Sauer skin, but why a AR skin in a sniper based Game? but I also understand that you can't always make everyone happy
  6. is the XP progress the same like last seasonpass? Or you guys changed something?
  7. Freddy D

    Season Pass

    I think the survival and open world mode should have separate season passes. And i like to see that u can finish the pass with PvP because u must rent 2 Private Server to finish it last time & the open world servers was pretty dead in this time.
  8. ElChupacabraheute um 02:59 Uhr @everyone we are aware that you aren't able to open the free Christmas Skinbox from the Christmas Calendar. This should be fixed soon and you won't lose the box, just wait till it's fixed (by tomorrow probably).
  9. Hey Guys, i saw some screenshots from ISS and remember that shields stood very long before were exposed. Is it possible to change it back ? For me it made the game more lively if the shields stayed there longer. Here a example : https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-6a3d17-1576503256.jpg.html
  10. or maybe put new skins in the camo & modern black box
  11. Hey Sven, can u maybe bring a new twitch box out and new skins for modern black & the camo skinboxes? Would be very nice for the community
  12. Thank you for custom blue night guys
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