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  1. 1. in my opinion oregon 3. Yes 4. Yes
  2. Have a great weekend sven, keep up the good work
  3. Freddy D


    Facemask chrome skin Custom Gold Custom Gold Fallen Angel this skins would be awesome
  4. Silenterror08.05.2019 Weil wir keine GD in Survival hinzufügen. (because we dont add GD in Survival) #survival_announcements
  5. Freddy D


    @Sven can u fix the bag from the custom fallen angel skins? The normal custom fallen angel skin was fixed some patches ago and in the last patch was it reserverd.
  6. First NewZ mod who play infestation thailand
  7. this question was asked sooo many times, like thousand other things and nothing happend.
  8. What about one PvP server v1 and one PvE server v2? Private server are also for farming.
  9. Good patch but why change rocky ford?
  10. Double Rep on Lounge PvP?
  11. i need to talk with you chupa (Leader from TS)
  12. If you know how to handle the weapon in the right way and shoot with full auto, then people think i could be a macro - but its not. In Reallife the VSS have the same firerate like the AS VAL
  13. new players in NewZ 2k19
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