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  1. You tried Survival? But ye you are right, good old Red Stalker times...
  2. Hello sir, here some answers for you: - The last camo skins was the m4a1 and the release of it was for 2 years. (so we need new camo skins YES) - There are many XMR´s in the game right now BUT nobody play it, because the price is over 10m each. (its the rarest weapon in the game and thats the way it should be)
  3. TEAM NAME AND TAG: The Saviors [TS]COUNTRY/REGION: GERMANY 1. Freddy D (Leader) (contact me here)2. FloOwi3. Xenon4. Skvit5. TS Klabauter 6. TS LOGIN 7.Tric3 on ic3 8. KaooTixx GER
  4. 1-2 Maps in Survival are fine, the rest is for private servers.
  5. i must win because we have 2019 and i still play NewZ 24/7
  6. And if you dont know now you know ..
  7. caliwood double rep
  8. Hey guys, here is my new open world montage, i hope you enjoy it
  9. That´s true it was only a suggestion
  10. What about double Reputation on official server next weeknd?
  11. i like it, way better than the last ones.
  12. 555555555555555555555+
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