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  1. i miss glad, he got all skins but he still not play
  2. Mauser sp66 is the better choice instead a blaser. The Mauser SP66 is the best sniper Overall
  3. My favorite AR´s: Short Range : 1. Masada 2. Famas/Honey Badger 3. Qbz Medium Range : 1. L85 2. Imi-tar 3. Aug Long Range: 1. Sig Sauer 2. Red Stalker 3. G11/Scar CQC Submachine Guns are useless, for me the best is the "bizon" (64 Ammo mag) or the "Evo" (best firerate) but they make no dmg
  4. Willkommen

    @KiLL3r und noch weitere lust zu helfen einen Deutschen Cup zu organisieren? PM
  5. Willkommen

    Soll ich nachher mal aufs NewZ TS³ kommen für weiteres?
  6. Willkommen

    ich glaube auf jedenfall dass wir genug Teams zusammen bekommen
  7. Willkommen

    Ich und unser Clan würden uns gerne an deutschen Events oder anderen Sachen beteiligen und mithelfen, gib einfach bescheid Steve Wie wärs mit einem Germany Cup? Only Deutsche Teams mit schönen gewinnen ?
  8. [HIGH & HUNGRY] is recruiting!

    Your clan Play survival now?
  9. Rank/Reaction Updates

    And now we need some new open world ranks
  10. Weekend Event!

    What is the Price for the Gold Box?
  11. Add GI Access to the respawn menu.

    But they make Money with the loadouts
  12. Hot Bar

    Ye ye, why not if it takes 5 minutes.....
  13. Hot Bar

    i agree with the first Point - but the game Need other Things, so that the old Players come back and not Things that make the last thousand People happy
  14. Patch 2.20

    AWP with silencer
  15. Skins

    - Bring back the old AUG Shark Attack Skin pls, it was one of the best Skins in the past. - And what about Season-Skins for Battle Royal? Every Month a new colour for BR Skins - Make the Heavy Black Night like the custom pls, it Looks sooo shitty