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  1. They promised never to wipe again, so I prefer small changes first, rather than none at all.
  2. Hello Guys, It would be nice to use new weapons at open world PvP. The Remington and the XMR are two really nice new weapons in the game but there are some problems with them. Remington: 1. this weapon does not make enough dmg, this weapon should make one hit on the head. 2. put the ammo for it in the marketplace and make maybe 5/10 mags for it. the ammo is to rare and only 1 bullet. XMR: 1. There are not enough ways to get the sniper. For example, you should get them dropped by a Superzombie with the same chance of getting a Sniper in Survival & lower the Zombie / Player kills from the Contracts. Maybe 25 players and 1000 zombies for a coin. 2. Ammo is too rare like the Remington Ammo. These two weapons are the newest snipers in the game and no one plays them in open world, I think they should find their place in PvP, so that more variety comes in & they feel good to play.
  3. this is their plan, they already wrote that on discord.
  4. agree with the most points
  5. Pls increase the xp for the season pass, its still too much
  6. i think the xp for the seasonpass needs still a increase, its better now but still to hard for guys which have a real life. I farmed 5 hours today and got 6,5k xp, so when i play every day 5 hours i can not reach the goal to get 300.000 xp. ( I farmed on 2 private servers, only to get the xp)
  7. You talk about Account Level, all before talk about SeasonPass Level
  8. Yes, i know i try all ways now. Farming is the best i think, but it´s still too much XP for level 30. I hope you reduce it in few days, because for me its not possible to get level 30 with my real life Thanks for listening
  9. i got 5 xp for a kill on pvp server. so its 60k kills...
  10. i think 300.000 xp for level 30 is too much
  11. I understand, but i want to say that just a wipe or just a scale down of loot is not enough for bring back more people.
  12. This alone would not be enough to get people in Survival, thats the problem. We need a new REAL Survival Mode with Shields, Gamedollar & the loottable from Infestation Survivor Strories. You postet very good things on your Topic, you dont think that a new Gamemode with this idea´s have more chance to get players than a small wipe in Survival? I know the problem that people not liking to start everytime from the beginning, but the devs could reduce the XP for Hardened and give the old players a weapons package or rare items for their old account. Infestation Thailand has shown 3 times that people start this game from beginning and they have always failed because of dupers or because of the cheaters, this things are no problem for the NewZ Dev´s, You guys can make it happen that the game gets over 5k players again, the only thing you have to do is you have to dare.
  13. First, thank you for realizing that Survival Mode neeeds to be made more interesing. I am for a complete wipe & we will learn this time from the mistakes of the past. What the players want is the old ISS Feelings, as well as in World of Warcraft - Blizzard brought the same game back after 15 years & got a real hype. We have to do the same thing with ISS/NewZ. NewZ has received so many patches that it just does not feel like an original ISS anymore (lighting , loot balance, shields, ingame money, movement). It has often been said that it would be smart to put zhe survival mode under a other name than NewZ & I think that´s a very good idea, as there are many negative ones compared to the name "NewZ". I do not know if this is possible (Steamrelease) We must make a fresh start & learn from the mistakes of the past as described above. I have to tell you that a wipe alone will not be enough to get a bigger group of players excited. We need a real big Change & need to promote this new Game Mode better than the old one. Go back to the Beginning <3
  14. 1. in my opinion oregon 3. Yes 4. Yes
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