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    Are you talking about Battle Royale? becouse ever I havent see what you are saying. I want to say that there is a bug (or maybe there is intentional) that after a Battle Royale game the region that you have choosen before sets automatically to EU. This take down players from other regions.
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    I have been playin Newz for a month and I´m from SouthAmerica then I have to choose between US server (ping around 130) or EU server (ping around 200) whenever I choose US server the lobby rarely start a game becouse people have to wait to much then leave and choose EU server though the higher ping. Maybe the player await a bit more due to lower ping. And the list that Im saying only have 8 rows, one for every map and region combination.
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    Hello!! it should be fine if there is a list of server from which the player can select where to play, based in ping and number of players in the lobby. What do you think about it?
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