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  1. Colorado : rotten vballey this city is not exploited, why? If not as much remove it ...
  2. Hello. When the hiring of waiters will be opened, because it is useless to have 150 00 GC if one can not rent servers. Chuss!
  3. Hello. I can not learn the skin k.style christmas free ... error code
  4. it sucks your thing, the rental of servers in Europe is disabled ... lol
  5. location 6 for objects no longer works
  6. ok I would put my money elsewhere lol
  7. Hello. I can not buy a server in my region of Europe. Why ? thank you http://img110.xooimage.com/files/d/1/b/capture-1-5555e1b.png
  8. airdrop is in the ground ....
  9. http://img110.xooimage.com/files/6/e/b/capture-5536f6f.png
  10. in any case thank you for the airdrops on closed private servers, cool!
  11. clodhz72


    Bonjour. Dans mon jeu, énormément de zombies sont des ghots et passent à travers les murs, les tentes, les barrières, les sacs de sable. Quelle est cette folie? une mise à jour est nécessaire, merci!
  12. clodhz72


    you are too lax ... afraid of losing money?
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