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  1. Patch 2.18

    Il devrait être possible d'acheter ou de recevoir des abonnements ...
  2. Patch 2.18

    It should be possible to buy gc or gd independently subscriptions ...
  3. EX Spetznas skins

    Hello. I bought skins Ex spetznas head + body + leg BR, but the skins remain locked. I can not install them on my character. Why ? thank you !

    The car will be lootable from the Alien and Super Zombie in Open World and Survival.
  5. car west boulder outpost

    car in the this normal ?
  6. Extreme Account

    I agree with that. I will also give up the premium account because dear for what it is ... just the free bus and some average gifts ...
  7. wooden box

    and not 10 but 1 sometimes in the box ... lol!
  8. wooden box

    the wooden boxes now give bandages. it's expensive box ... lol!
  9. Patch 2.17

    thank you guys, nice job ....

    Advanced Member New Z Moderator 103 264 posts Report post Posted 2 hours ago Just because you didn't find a box on private servers doesn't mean they didn't spawn at all. I spent three days on my server and nothing

    Hello. oueh, oueh. You said the same thing last weekend and surprise nothing on private servers .... bye!
  12. Racism

    il est difficile de faire quelque chose contre un patient mental ......

    must do airdrop on private servers
  14. Weekend Event!

    in my opinion just for people to rent servers ...
  15. Weekend Event!

    Hello. Oueh way, since the beginning of the weekend no airdrop on private servers ..... and I spend time on it .... not so good event..I am disappointed!