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  1. I have more appeal. I would like to ask someone from the developers. I specifically want my clan to take pictures from the height of the Colorado locations. And specifically Lontri Farm, airport, Boulder and so on. We need this for PvP in order to give the name to individual areas in the location. Ideally, I would like to have screenshots of all locations. I know that this is possible and more than that will not take up much of your precious time. Thank you in advance.
  2. Куплю АВМ от 10 штук.
  3. I would like to return to jumping. I think. In my opinion. As I believe. Jumps should be for staminu. Jumps should be an additional skill in difficult moments. And not constant spam. And still possible. It is necessary to increase the spread. In the moments of jumping. This of course is beautiful when a player with 300 meters in a jump kills another blinking player with a single shot in the head)) I do not want a lot of reality
  4. Thanks for the support)) I have more ideas. As something I'll lay out for my leisure))
  5. Why not make them. Like caves or bunkers any day. In the interior you can make a lot of zombies. Add different bosses. With the loot from the skin boxes. Held them for example will be once a week. A group of 5, 10 or 25 people. Get a kind of PVE content. You will see another reason to go to the game, find a clan, find a machine guns, shotguns, ammo and more for squirts.
  6. Купите тяжелую броню. Californiy1993
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