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    SHAVED     assassin    check him !

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    where is new katana skins? you said that it will be on sale 3 weeks ago

  4. ikar1

    NewZ in 2018

    I would add still that, for formally he it is simply drawn there. I have opened 1100 boxes, and now I am going to open 1400 more. precisely I know what conducts nothing) this skin just a fake that's all. there is nobody it didn't drop out except Sven.
  5. ikar1

    why, you do nothing against the macross ???????!!!!!!!!

  6. when the lotharea is finished ?????
  7. ikar1

    why do not you fix the questions about the macross !!?? already unbearable!!!

  8. ikar1

    Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    all my friends left this game. we played about 3 months learned how to play decently how to open wold, and on pvp. but because of the games with macros all threw the game. Soon I, too, have already bothered to play with a man whose advantage is not by rule. I have several times approached the moderators or the admin but there is no shit to everyone! I even know one person who plays with macros, I asked why? he replied that it is not forbidden. Well, this game can not save quite the lawlessness)
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    I think you're a bit weak! couse i say whan im killing fu...ing zombes jumping out ERROR u understand mee ! ????? I just do not kill me a zombie. namely, when the error exposes. second question .... where is the section where the topic for ban is discussed? I have 20 witnesses, gamblers. who will confirm that one person is clearly playing cheats. I want to be checked on how much, where 100 times gave several games simultaneously and a daily report. I think this section on the report is just a silly formality. it's like on a pack of a cigarette written that he is killing or phone number or phone number where you will help quit smoking. this person clearly does not play fair and I want that at least one modern or admin played on the server where there is no need to pay. interesting to you only for premium players all the charms, okay. But at least honest game you can guarantee at least for a free server.
  10. ikar1


    I was killed by a zombie, while I was looking for a shelter, a mistake was made. most of it will pass in the very moment when you are zombied. and always next to a hundred people who are ready to steal your loot weight! coincidence? I do not think so. I lost a lot. I'm loosing time to play, I'm trying for myself and some kind of stupid mistake ruins (ERROR) the weight of all my work! despise what it is. error reported every time . couse i have all C++ 2005,7,8,11,12,14,15 all Drcx 9 10 11 JAVA netfirework everything is a great but again ERROR ERROR ERROR . I reinstalled windows 3 times. because of this shit, I lose almost 30% of my 50% . not to mention that every third already appears with cheats then I do not really care . because even on a private pve server. I do not feel safe there. and the fact that you threw off the link, I have already created a ticket 2 times. and I'm waiting for more than two weeks to respond! Sorry for my English.
  11. ikar1


    constant error, the moment when you say you kill from a zombie you want to find a convenient place and flies. very often it does when there is still a person nearby. I do not understand what that means? coincidence, or intentionally knock me out so that when the zombie smacks me the weight of loot is chosen. I already have a stock of things lost that I already think to remove this game! I'm trying to assemble a naughty, and I lose everything for stupid mistakes. I have 15 games running on my computer. and nowhere shit is not going on