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  1. I disagree since I have been trying for the past week and my luck has ended me with non-english speaking players. I found a group of people though thanks anyways.
  2. Literally just closed out of one of your streams while I was in class then coincidentally see your reply on here. Keep up the good work!
  3. Sounds good! Thanks Vintorez
  4. HRET

    I'm curious what are the requirements for a streamer tag in-game?

  5. I'm a old streamer who use to stream a variety of games like csgo, league, and battlerite. I had more of a competitive audience helping eachother improve at the game. I'm returning from nearly a year of inactvitiy and I'll be streaming Infestation: NewZ. twitch.tv/HRET twitch.tv/HRET The first stream in forever will be starting 3/16/18 @ 3 PM EST
  6. Looking for English speaking group I'll be streaming soon at twitch.tv/HRET
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