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  1. Hey, man, give me a vote, and I want to join the family of ddo5. https://gyazo.com/2a5446f1c3c639f17642924644acda99
  2. This patch has ruined AR battles and survival mode for me. Now the assault rifles shoot so wild... before I could control my burst with single shot and hit with precision, now its a crap shoot where the bullet will land.. all to prevent people who macro???? This penalizes the honest playing player base for the chosen few who macro. Bad idea and implementation of a fix. Isn't the point of single shot to improve accuracy at the expense of fire rate?
  3. I can help you update the Chinese translation
  4. 。所有您的主要字符的KDR的字符的屏幕截图!https://gyazo.com/ad1e82804beb93837182a0ea496f9d04 2.从1-10开始评估你的技能。- 6.5 3.请填写全球库存的一些截图并将它们发布这里在https://gyazo.com/36c3243427e6885058eacc8c92ce09f6 https://gyazo.com/3434d6bb550655cdd4cd64beb1501fcc https://gyazo.com/69f990c36817def2a2a04ad35068f611 https://gyazo.com/7ef258f269765053a590c505f074333d https://gyazo.com/f4084abf92bbbfa782d8c0caeef87269 4.您之前是否曾在任何部落?没有5.你多大了?-19 6.你来自哪里?-America 7.你会说好英语吗?告诉我们一个关于你的故事!- 通用英语8.为什么我们要接受你?- 因为我很可爱?我是一个很好的球员来代表这个氏族9.英文的怎么你听说高和饥饿的?-通过很多人0.10你是否同意遵守所有的氏族规则。?- 是的,我愿意。
  5. 的我不和谐https://discord.gg/EDS9v
  6. 我有一个24小时在线的日子,我真的想帮你重新安排中文,因为中文看起来很恶心
  7. For a variety of reasons, I didn't see this message in time, but I hope I can help you rearrange all the problems in Chinese. if you hire me, I will do my best to help you improve all the problems in Chinese
  8. 我来自中国。我可以帮助你翻译中文,并重新排列中文的所有内容。我一直玩这个游戏三年I'm from China. I can help you translate Chinese and rearrange everything in Chinese. I've been playing this game for three years我来自中国。
  9. 1.什么是您的游戏内名称(IGN)? Five spacesGRAY 你几岁? 18 你来自哪个国家? china 4.所有角色的屏幕截图 Don't know how to screenshot 5.请告诉我们,你为什么想加入UFO团队? Very worship UFO team 6.你玩NewZ多久了?你有多积极? In less than a year I rooftop can play 7.你曾经在以前的氏族?如果是这样,请列出你参加过的部落。 CNFS 8.你是怎么知道我们的? in twitchSaw the live broadcast 9.你目前认识氏族的人吗?如果是这样,谁? No 10.你是否同意遵循NewZ和氏族规则?(请注意,不遵守规则将导致部落踢球,一旦你被踢出局,你将不会再有机会加入) yes i can
  10. 我想加入一个团队。我的分数是5w。我每天都在上面。我想要一个有家庭服装的家庭。我只想要一个高质量的社区。谢谢I have discord and team spesk 3
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