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  1. I need to win because i want to win
  2. Grenades are finally disabled in pvp snipe servers !!!
  3. Does those skins drop in Premium servers?
  4. Zombies @ radzones dont drop GD's
  5. That looks sick
  6. +1 to this a lot of ppl just spawning back without items or just nading
  7. Are you guys gonna bring back area 69 ? i wanna see that big SZ again
  8. Macro's for placing riot shields and using dx's are SADLY legal at this game
  9. +1 Yeah i want that classic iss nostalgia feeling
  10. Using macro's for healing and placing riotshield are legal i think
  11. Wiping items almost killed their game last time
  12. yeah it always spiking when I tried luring in US/EU servers I have no problem when luring zombies in HK servers
  13. Hello is there any fix to my problem ? i have 250 - 270 ms ping on US server [Stable not spiking] When i try to lure zombies my ping stays at 250 - 270 but my movements is so delayed like when i try to exit out of the vehicle it takes like 8 - 10 seconds for my character to exit the vehicle and sometimes i died and get DC'ed and get a message " FAC : FAC UNRESPONSIVE". Error photo: https://imgur.com/HwpVodX My Country : Philippines ISP : Globe Telecom / Broad Band - 15mbps
  14. This made it clear to me , thanks
  15. Is Macro legal or not ? i always see somebody use macro and never get banned .
  16. Go to documents > FredaikisAB > NewZ > Gamesettings.ini > then search for " r_limit_fps 240 " then change it to what value you want. IDK if this really works
  17. When will be the next patch ? Is there gonna be a Double GC on Steam ?
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