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  1. Which goes back to it's very hard for new players to enjoy BR because of nonstop teams, everywhere, all the time.
  2. I'm not suggesting removing groups though. I'm simply saying you get to team on arizona and the smaller tropico is left for solo only. We all play solo whether it's all the time, most of the time, or here and there. It's best to let Solo Q's thrive instead driving the solo people away from the game because every lobby is overrun by teams. Make one map solo, one map solo/teams.
  3. I don't support removing zombies, this game is about zombies and it adds a special little element to this games BR. If all other kinks where worked out, it'd be great. Teaming being the biggest issue, spawning and loot next.
  4. Completely remove worthless stuff like Electro Aid, soup, and juice. The 5hp is not worth spawning in a small location and walking away with those and maybe a handgun.
  5. Teaming is ridiculous on both maps and makes it incredibly not fun for solo players 7/10 games. Instead of making individual solo / group queues for each map which would put a hurting on activity simply make Tropico, the smaller of the two Solo only and Arizona the way it is. BR is incredibly fun, being screwed repeatedly without lubrication is not.
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