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  1. Twitch Drops Update!

    No problem dude In the end we all want the same thing, a successful fun to play game with a healthy twitch community
  2. Twitch Drops Update!

    I now close the case and stop collecting data. I hope the info somehow proves to be helpfull
  3. Oh boy I still remember the time when you could climb trees... I want that back
  4. DevBlog - SVD Shark Attack

    Why is my DingDong hard now?

    That guy in the bush
  6. QBZ Running Animation

    Well I think this animation was garbage honestly. It looks way too extreme and unnatural. New animations (done properly and by a professional) would be cool and maybe the team should think about getting more personel to help them since I can totally see why a hand full of people does not have the ressources.
  7. Right now zombies are a joke. Other than supers or you fucking up big time by pulling 20 at a time, there is no real threat coming from our brainless friends. There has always been suggestions about making the range higher or implementing some real screamers and the introduction of sprinters helped out a bit, but here is what I noticed: Compared to lets say The Walking Dead, I always know when a Zombies is aproaching me because they do that "oh here i come" scream when ever they aggro you. That scream allerts me and I can prepare and rarely get surprised by a zombie What if there was "sneakers" , Zombies that dont scream when they start running at you but rather simultaneously with their first attack. This would be super scary just like when Rick Grimes gets attacked by a Walker coming from nowhere. This would lead to a more cautious, thrilling loot experience where people constantly check for zombies, turn arround more often and are more scared over all. This requires almost no coding as well since all of the work is pretty much there. Zombies in this game should play a bigger role especially in survival and deserve some love. This might be a first step
  8. Suggestion for when the new map is introduced

    It mightturn into a performance and fps nightmare though
  9. Hey there folks, here is my few cents on something I would have loved to get implemented for a long time and that could help the new map: Rework the loot system to a point where you NEED to travel the world in order to get your hands on everything . Thats pretty much it. Right now there is not a lot of incentive to go to different locations. You can stay where ever you want to and farm/fight there. You can even hop servers at freaking Hidden Forrest ranch and farm a good bunch of military loot... there is even a super zombie. This is just unbarable even for open world... You should move arround based on your needs or at least have characters at the different spots. You want food, supplies or certain crafting material? Cities and big villages got your back You need meds? Better look for the nearest hospital You need military guns? well you either get lucky or go for the 1-2 locations where you can find it You want to kill a super zombie? Guess you need to farm this or that certain place then. You are looking for NVGs? Well we have a mine/quarry where those were used on a regular basis You are interested in military gear? Those military camps might help. There should not be any KStyle Helmets in a civilian house. There should not be 5 medkits on a carcrash. Ther should not be machine guns on a fucking hidden forrest ranch. Enhancing player movement by givin incentives will not only make the exploration of the new map more natural, it will automatically establish certain pvp areas and draw players into them. You either go to the quarry or you wont likely get NVGs. To some this is just easy pvp, to others this is a "get in, get stuff, get out" type of dungeon adventure. This might come in handy with another suggestion made a few weeks ago. There should be a wipe or some sort of separate GI for the new map, otherwise people will not need to move and get new equipment. Both of those suggestions combined might bring back some of that "old" WarZ feeling I totally miss. Another idea might be reworking the zombie loot. Couldn´t a zombie that drops an item already have it before you kill it? Like a helmet being on a zombies head or a zombie having armor on him, a backpack that can be picked up and have potential loot in it? This is a lot of coding and animation work, but hell this would be nice. Think about watching a horde of zombies carefully because they might have something you want. Or imagine players being killed by anything but a headshot turning into zombies and walking arround instead of disappearing and leaving a pile of loot... my wet dream...
  10. Suggestion for when the new map is introduced

    Yeah imagine the feeling when spawning in at airport and seing a poor noob that turned into a zombie walking arround with all chrome armor and military backpack...
  11. A different approach to zombie danger level

    yeah imo. entering airport in survival should be like entering a dungeon in any RPG. You need to come prepared and with a plan, but canhave a chance for good reward from it. Zombies help a lot. -> "Sneakers" as mentioned above -> "Big bad boys" Maybe zombies being different size, different range and different damage but not quite super zombie level -> "followers" - Zombies that can follow other ones that are running toward you creating "waves" running at players different models might be cool, but a lot for work without much gameplay value
  12. AR Stats - Feedback

    They are all gucci imo. They are all quite balanced and there is a good chunk of diversity and own preference/playstyle. You did a great job and I would not recommend any major buffs without having data about playrate/accuracy/dmg etc. because this could possibly make one AR OP Edit: I think ARs that can not use all attachments (like TAR, AK) should have better numbers over all so they are the best without, but have a lower ceiling in that regard
  13. Teams in BR are getting out of hand..

    This topic is brought up every now and then. I can totally see how facing a three man on your own is super frustrating. Sadly there are still not enough players to split them into two groups so we have to live with that for a little longer. As I already said there have to be REASONS for people to try and win solo. The recent changes were even harmfull to this, because if you die rank 45 and your teammate manages to get into the top10, you get HIS rank. So now groups have advantages in almost every field. You have a higher chance of winning, you have teammates that got you back, your have three times the firepower in open field comabt AND now you even have the safety net for getting a bad round and still making league points... I honestly can´t see a reason to not team when you got the mates other than maybe the 100k not shared reward... The SHOULD be reasons or at least incentives to keep the group <-> solo ratio intact - make elo gain/loss dependet on number of groupm members. If you solo win, you should get a lot more. If you team up as three and still somehow all die within the first minutes you are bad and should get punished more. - a solo win against all odds should be something AMAZING... maybe give some extra reward or a separate ladder for that. right now the ladder is full of people that run arround in 3 man groups and farm wins - maybe solo players should ge more favorable spawns. This is probably some effort for the poor coding squad, but it would FEEL good - you could also give solo players a starting advantage of some kind. Items? Meds? Armor? i am not sure about that ^^
  14. New map new beginning

    boy I LOVE the idea of having a separate GI at least for the first few weeks. I never reaelly "discovered" Cali the way I did with good ol colorado and creating that feeling again will be a thrill
  15. Twitch Drops Update!

    Wow ok this was not meant as an offense to you or any streamer. I just generally despise the way twitch works for NewZ right now. Titels usually are something like "Lootboxes here! Skin Giveaways after every death!" and this is how big numbers are generated. Since Twitch is competition and "customers" or in our case viewers have the power, I dont blame streamers to use that tool. And this is mostly to the fact that the player/viewerbase constists of a lot of /borderline_racism_on greedy thai boys /borderline_racism_off. This is a vast geralisation, but it has a kernel of truth to it. To me a long term healthy viewerbase can not be sustained by that greed for items/skins etc. Giveaways and the community box wont keep activity up for ever and should only be used as a jump start. A healthy, fun to play and fun to watch game does. Community interaction does. Maze runs, races, pvp tournaments or all those crazy ideas do. I remember Dakotaz doing a gentlemans mosin fight, typeforced doing cage-firstfights or general streamer motivated events like the introduction of new pvp areas and I even think most streamers do a really good job at trying to do that and I might be a drama queen here. I dont mind giving out gear as a prize either. But damn i am just sick of keyword raffles and especially sick of those where you have to reroll 5 times because the greed-boys are not even active enough to recognize they won. Ultimately what counts from my postig should be the stats I provided anyways. They are objective and absolute. They are what the devs can draw conclusions from. My personal ideas and wishes, the whys and whens are just as subjective and biased as anybody elses
  16. Dead bodies blocking shields

    Dead bodies not having any collision could work too. just like all the grass, trash, garbage cans or small rocks dont affect shields or walking
  17. Dead bodies blocking shields

    Yeah I suggested that as a joke though It is just so much effort for so little return..
  18. Twitch Drops Update!

    Lauch der Boy <---- I would love to get some general numbers
  19. Twitch Drops Update!

    The table is from google docs so nothing special there I just wrote a smoth little tool that grabs the number of viewers and streamers on twitch 6 times a day and puts it in my database. All I do is take that data and plot the graph I write a small paper for University, thats why I do it in the first place
  20. Twitch Drops Update!

    Thats the numbers since the introduction. I upped the sample size per day so it should be more exact. Constant ebb and flow in Community-box items will be necessary. Maybe include more creative stuff, a few GC, Itemboxes or Skinboxes as I already mentioned just to keep both the casuals and the hardcore farmers interested
  21. Twitch Drops Update!

    It will be super important to permanently update/change the community box contents. Maybe the Twitch box could have another box (at low chance) in it that changes weekly
  22. FPS Problems

    Guess I am the only one that does not have the new fps problems... Maybe it is just a thing for certain settings
  23. Heavy Armor on Survival mode.

    Sven mentioned an idea on stream which I really liked. A craftable "super armor" where you basically have to do all the parts seperately like with Exodia I also think that weight should play more of a role... maybe in stamina or jumping
  24. Im not a damn fidget spinner

    might be the best player out there in terms of aiming and range drop anticipation

    You got some favorable positions and that dude inside the rock in the end just clearly messed up, but I still like your patience. Sometimes you just have to stay calm and let the boys kill each other gj