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    Idea: Good Probability ~ 0% Thats actually hard to design and implement. And ultimately a lot of coding. I also doubt the engine will transition well into consoles
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    Recent changes

    Tempting Do you have videos in mind or something like a written guide with many chapters/pictures/topics/etc.?
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    This game dead af

    aren`t we all? Isn`t life just the process of dying? Can`t we find purpose for our own existance during that period of time? Just as life will end eventually, this game wont be forever as well. But this is what makes life precious and it also makes the time we have left with newZ more valuable. We know the game will only be here for so long. We know the day will come when I kill my last Bambi. But this should be a reason to try and have the most fun possible for as long as you can #deep
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    I am NOT a SIR!

    a) I dont have an issue with anybody or anything the does not affect me . I just don`t care about other people in general and I don`t have the hybris to decide about what others can or can not do. I feel like political correctness has gone to far nowadays and in fact is opressing free speech, but that is not a topic for this forum b) You either can`t or don`t want to see the irony in my post. I even stated that is was a joke but i guess people see what they want to see To your topic: c) You want the whole world arround you to adapt to your pretty little world with its pretty little problems. It`s absolutely ridiculous to DEMAND that everybody with a female character in a videogame has to be calles Mrs. I mean do you even look at the open world chat? There is some actual insulting going on.. d) Like who the cell cares about little thai kids on a shitty trade server on a shitty game that call you Sir instead or Mrs? I mean WHAT THE FUCK honestly? e) There would even be an easy solution to this matter. Just TELL PEOPLE that you dont want to be called Sir and also tell them how they should address you. But that solution seems to be too easy right If this is considered a ban reason the go the fuck for it. lol But if you demand equal treatment in an eaqual world then get your shit together. Tolerance is not just something you can cry for and demand from others. You can tolerate people calling you "Sir" as well.
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    Christmas 2018

    Yup the snow themed Colorado map
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    Christmas 2018

    Will the winter map also come back?
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    I am NOT a SIR!

    This game is full of hatespeech, racism, mocking, insults, taunting etc. and that is what you usually get from online games especially with public text and voicechat. It is miraculous how the little word "sir" can trigger somebody so hardbut maybe thats just modern zeitgeist or something.
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    The Big Merge and Facts

    Short term band aid solution that can buy us a few more months of NewZ and help the devs milk the game longer. Guess they will do it.
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    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Hey, Thank you for your answer. It´s nice seeing that you actually take your time and read through this. I don`t want to reply on everything that has been said, but in the end it all boils down to one specific thing. A game needs new players. Even the most successful ones out there loose a decent chunk of their players day in and day out. People come and go. People loose interest or switch to other options. The key in this is not to drown the existing playerbase in affection. Maybe some will stay a little longer, but in the end they will still leave or play less. (And on a sidenote: I personally would value significant changes with actual impact like less bugs, better performance or real functioning features way more than the quality of life changes. I know you might not have the capacity or ability to implement the real changes, but I nonetheless still need them.) The key is generating a significant influx of new players. If as many or even more people join a game that there is people leaving, a game can grow. And NewZ is currently pretty much the single hardest game to get started. I don`t know anything close to it, but maybe a few browsergames. If you have 100 potential players for NewZ, 80 don`t even know about the game. 10 are kept away by the bad reputation (steam rating, history, etc.). 5 have already quit the game and stay away until further change and only 5/100 might actually try. Of those last 5, 4 dont play the game for more than three hours and only one might continue playing, but there is STILL a ridiculously high chance of him leaving because he consistantly has to face problems. -> We have an open world scenario that goes by the rules of survival of the fittest. If you are bad you die a lot. There is almost no chance of getting a kill unless you magically run into other beginners (which are very rare nowadays) -> There is no introduction to the game. I mean Beginner servers are nice and everything, but you really need some sort of tutorial. How does a beginner find out about basic commands or game principles. How should they find out about where the fun in this game is. Right now the only people thet can get into the game are friends of already existing players that also have a strong fps background and the stamina to tank their way through many hours of pain, death and loading screen. (And even those struggle with a high chance of quiting the game -> PvP at least in Open World and Survival boils down to experience and individual skill with not mercy for the weak. I know this might seem good, but it isn`t. Games with an elo system can aim for that as they offer a fair chance anyways, but in NewZ this is not the case. You need valid strategies for inferior players. Going into close combat with AA12 or at least standing a small chance fighting a sniper with AR has to be given. This forum lives by the "git gud" mentality as the people in here are usually high on the NewZ food chain, but my honest answer is "How should they?" As a beginner you get constantly run over and as the cherry on the pie, the superior players usually even have the fucking numbers advantage. -> NewZ has a very bay first impression. Graphics are sub par and the game is very resource demanding. Requiring Witcher-hardware while delivering Nintendo 64 graphics is bad. I know you can not change that drastically or within a few weeks, but that`s how it is and you need a way to compensate for that flaw. -> There is heavy competition out there, other games are in the same genere, focus the same people and offter the same gameplay. What makes NewZ unique? Find a few things and SPECIALIZE on them. You can not compete with a fortnite and as always in a free economy, if you cant compete, specialize and find a niche. Thats just a rough overview, I could find a lot more and talk about every bulletpoint in way more detail, but that is ultimately up to you, the development of the game. Now to your gamedesign comment: You are right. The current BR is pretty much the opposite of fortnite. Ninja (fortnite streamer fyi) can do whatever the fuck he wants ingame. He is so much better individually, has so much better movement, superior aiming and of course the insame building skills, that he can go wherever and do whatever and STILL be good. In fortnite actions dont have immediate consequences and the skilled players can allways bail theselves just by raw skill. That is one way to design a game and this way is ridiculously productiove when it comes to streaming as the Pros litterally shit higlight plays by the minute. In NewZ BR it is hard to win just by raw skill and aiming. Sure you can win more duels or escape iffy situations, but when you have to push a tree or the last remaining opponent has the superior cover close to the flag, you will still have a very hard time. In NewZ BR your actions have immediate consequences. You rotate bad or engage in the wrong fight, you die. Every step has to be thought through and you need to plan ahead on how to approach the flag or how to handle certain scenarios. There will be way less flashy plays and highlight montages on youtube, as success is based on clever long term decisions (and of course some luck) Of course you can try to move your game closer to Fortnite (and this is what your change will do) , but ask yourself the question "Can you actually COMPETE with Fortnite?" They have better performance, bigger playerbase, more features etc. If NewZ BR is th same as Fortnite, why would somebody still play NewZ BR? Also NewZ BR in my opinion is one of the last possible pathways into the game. It in fact is beginner friendly, you can get a kill by camping, you can get a kill by accidentally running into each other or by a lucky flag placement. I know this will drive the people in here mad, because they might die a little more, but those things are vital to a game mode. Right now you can start with BR, get better through Lobby Deathmatches and end up with a chance to move on into open world later. And in the end I have to say that I really enjoy the strategically driven BR we have right now. Apart from one or two scenarois (like the flag in the N/E of airport in tropico) you can always avoid those "getting camped" scenarios and if you get stuck in one of those it was almost always your fault. Also you can turn the tables and use the same thing to your advantage. You can try and guess opponent pathing, try and controll bottle necks or hold strategically important positions. It is just another aspect of experience and skill just like raw movement and aiming are. TL;DR: I dont do a summary, read the whole thing lul Lauchi
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    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Another thread where the community is asked what to do. OMEGALUL I feel like I start every comment I make in this forum the same way. You can not ask the players for direction. People are stupid and greedy (especially in this game). People will only look at the game from their limited point of view and they will only act and advise to their own advantage. Also you have to keep in mind that the forum only represents a small part of the playerbase. A part that is completely irrelevant to the game design. Let's face it, everybody posting in this forum on a regular basis is already addicted to a point of no return. The people in here are the ones that are stuck with this game, the ones that threaten to leave but always come back. And the worst think is that all those cavemonkeys posting here can not even articulate, form a decent argument or make a case for their blatant claim. I mean what the hell is " ... kkkkk you sir stupid? more loot is fun..." supposed to add to a discussion. Back up your arguments with reasons and explain your thought process. This forum feels like the dirty step brother of political discussion about Donald Trump on facebook. The Developers need to focus on the rest. They need to make the game more fun for beginners and casual players. They are the key to a successful game and they are the ones NewZ has consistantly failed to attract or keep in the game. And ULTIMATELY this will lead to more fun for all the hardcore nerds in here as an increased number of players is all we need. Popped servers and consistant PvP is what this forum need, changing weapons, removing cars or whatever shitty change you make is not even a real band aid to the bleeding. Now to the topic: Changing loot will not all of a sudden bring hundreds and thousands of players back. I have read several times that better items are good, because the weekend event was so popped. Well that is just wrong. You can not draw a conclusion based on that one weekend. In fact the event most likely was only successful due to the fact that it was exactly that, a one time only event and something new. As soon as this becomes a regular thing, all the glamour will wear out. After a few days people will get used to it and we are stuck at the same situation. What will better loot really do? Regardless of whether somebody likes to have the good loot in BR, here are a few effects that you can expect and a few things that you definitely can not expect a) You will not magically be better in BR. I have the feeling that a lot of people want the better items because they imagine themselves running arround with SNiper, DXs, K-Style and Heavy Armor hunting down other players. You guys keep forgetting that everybody will have the better loot. If you suck and loose right now, you will suck and loose with better loot as well. b) The people that dominate Open World will dominate BR even harder (and ruin it harder) The people that are best in open world have a lot of fun with the game. This is what NewZ is about. Being better than others and ruining their day. This is why all of you play the game. (Boy I bet there will be a reply by one of those three PvE nerds who consider farming their own private server fun). Taking your giant e-phallus and shoving it into a less skilled player is what NewZ is about. And with snipers taking over, with DXs becoming a thing and maybe even shielding entering BR, the margins between the game modes become even tighter. If you are good in Open World that is amazing, you will have two game modes to completely run over kids. Of course this is what the forum wants. But this will make it IMPOSSIBLE for beginners to get into the game. Learning how to snipe is tough and playing against somebody who knows how to while being a beginner yourself is THE SINGLE MOST UNREWARDING THING IN THE WORLD. I have tried to introduce friends to open world, but fuck it. After getting killed for the fifth time straight without even seing the killer they just quit on the game. This is why open world is a disgusting place to learn the game. Moving BR closer to that will only hurt the playerbase even more. c) There will be a short term uprising in player numbers Just like the weekend event, people will be curious and join in. But the effect wears out quickly. Maybe there will be more players for the first week. Maybe you can still feel the effect in week two. But after a month the game mode will be the same as it is or even worse and as stated in b) there will be less new people coming in. d) Better items don't add value to the game mode When it comes to changes, the main question is: "What does it bring to the game?" When you change something, you hope for an effect. You want to introduce a new feature, add a new aspect to the game. Make gameplay more fun and keep players playing. What new gameplay facetts are introduced with better loot. As everybody will have better equipment, the game will still be balanced. It is the same shit, but masked as something different. If you want to add better loot, do it. Change just for the sake of Change is all you have done for years anyways. Maybe those stupid cavemonkeys with their 75 IQ english will fall for it once again. Maybe you can gain an additional month of selling skins and feeding off our hopes and desparation. But in the end this will not help the game mode or the game in general. If you really want positive change, you need to do other things. Reinvest into the game, put some time, effort and resources in it. Get professional help. There are so many things you can do with Battle Royale. Several people have come up with unique ideas and creative ways to make a difference. But please do more that just community pools in the forum about Placebo- changes Cheers
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    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    At this point BR is dead. The playerbase is too small and spread over too many servers, maps, options etc. Every player lost just makes the situation worse and worse. This erosion has been going on for months and I could brag about calling this out half a year ago, but here we are. I dont want to claim that the developers are not aware or don't want to change things, but all measures to this point have proven to be ineffective at best. Some have even made the issues worse. In terms of strategy, the issue has been handled very poorly. 1) Stop doing what the people here or in discord cry for. I dont say you should stop listening to their problems, but 90% of what this forum wants will hurt the game in the long run. There is a reason why Riot Games ignores their subreddit. there is a reason why Blizzard does not try to please their hardcore audience. They are not representive and their wishes are bad in terms of game design. Hell get help from a freaking professional in that field or the trend will continue to eat playerbase. 2) There are other Battle Royale Games out there that do a way better job. There is no reason to stay with NewZ just to play BR. Once again the valid economical strategy for unbeatable competition is DIVERSIFICATION. The BR mode needs to find a niche, needs to have unique traits to attract people. 3) A long term plan needs to be established. to address the problems. These problems are very known and people cry about them everywhere -> low playerbase -> teaming -> bugs/crashes -> little to no change If you want to save this mode I would not continue the way you have been handling the isse to this point. (you know that far cry quote... definition of insanity... doing the same stuff and expecting different results..) Small changes now and then based on community feedback do not help. The last years have shown that. My recommendation: a) Cut BR down to one map and one mode. The map can change on a weekly basis, people can vote in the forum. You can implement small changes after every rotation based on feedback to keep the maps fresh and give players things to explore every time a map comes on again. This rotation is only there to ensure people can play at least a little BR b) Invest some time and resources into restructuring the game mode. Come up with major changes. Reinvent the gamemode. There have to benew features, solutions for the problems you currently have, a new look and better gameplay based on a general gamedesign philosophy. That process can take months and will consume a lot of effort, but if you really want to keep the game mode and ultimately the game, you NEED TO START INVESTING MORE INTO THE GAME If not, just continue milking the dying cow that is NewZ. I don't blame you for that. It is a legitimate decision. I am just sad as a long standing player and fan of what this game has been to me over so many years. It would hurt to loose it. Thanks for your attention.
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    Mind Has Changed

    When you want to be the center of the world so bad that you cut an entire continent in half lul To your point: Every region you suggest there has at least 1 location with own servers. I dont really know what your revolutionary suggestion there is. People from one region would not want to go to another and they certainly dont in other games. Why? Because a) In other games there is actually a vivid playerbase in every region. NewZ has times on which whole regions are dead. YOu need to go to EU to have pvp or join a BR. And because b) Lag in this game is not a disadvantage. You can argue wether it is an advantage, but the fact is that when I join a brazilian League of Legends Server, I am the one that has to live with the massive lag while others dont. As soon as people from South America and Asia are no longer able to join EU servers, the game dies there. No point in playing a game that is only playable for 2 hours a day. Apart from that geographical distance does not necessarily represent ping 1:1. Europe and NA have (for economical reasons) better connection than others and it is actually perfectly poosible to play in EU servers as a north american and vice versa. The ping issue has been there for ever now, but unfortunatelly the only real solution (that does not kill the game) is growing the playerbase. Is this possible? I guess. Is it going to happen? Maybe not. In my opinion you guys should try and focus on enjoying NewZ as long it is still there. Maybe things get better, maybe they dont. In the end the piling up complaints wont help here. The devs are aware of the problem, I just dont see anything they can do.
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    Vending Machines

    Can´t we just basically copy the Marketplace or Auction house from all the MMORPGs? Same bidding system as in platforms like ebay Just like in World of Warcraft, people submit their items, name a starting price and get back the money. I know when buying ammo or guns, you dont want to do this 1by1, but just like for the crafting materials in WoW you can say "buy the 300 cheapest Mausers with a maximum price of 15k per sniper" and the shop automatically does that. The Interface might require some work, but the coding does not
  14. Lauchboy

    Patch 2.23

    A lot of interesting changes, I like it.
  15. Lauchboy

    Day Only Servers?

    I am not really a fan of night/day, too You can clearly see the number of player dropping during the night. For some time I always played Open world when it was daytime and one BR during the night. Having daytime only in Open World might not be too crazy of an idea, it is just about all the K-NVGs etc. loosing purpose. Maybe you should add some place like a mine or underground parking lots where you need NVG even during daytime?
  16. Lauchboy

    If NewZ was a person

    Yo, just a quick thought of mine. During branding class we had to think about what kind of person a certain brand would be if it turned human. I did the same for NewZ, here is my go at it: NewZ is like that one ex-girlfriend from years ago. You had several on and off relationships but it never lasted for long. I mean she is quite hot at first glance and and you always think that with the right make-up or in the right dress she is actually a 10. But the closer you look and the longer time you spend with her, she will feel rather like a 6 and even like a 3 at times. Your friends keep telling you she is shit, but you just dont listen. In the end you always break up without regrets and happy to end that chapter of you life. Sadly you do not learn from your mistakes and she seems to be always waiting for your call and ready to come over for a hot night. And those nights come. You know its bad and you know it is a mistake, but in those nights, you are either sad, lonely or just drunk and horny, you are overcome by the desire to hook up with her again. The first night is good, maybe even the second, but after that it becomes worse. You try to repeat that first night but you keep seing more and more faws. The plan of breaking up grows in the back of your had and after some time you just end it again. But eventually you will become weak again, especially when you happen to run across her in that new hot dress. This will continue until one of you two will no longer be on the market... I think the analogy is quite good. Do you associate another kind of person with NewZ? On a sidenote this kind of brand image is really really bad and the devs should work on it definitely.... Lauchi
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    Moving on

    I can unserstad the issues and I also think they should be fixed or at least adressed, but I don´t like the wording and methods. I mean seriously what is this? You try to blackmail a gamecompany by not playing the game anymore? How narcassistic can you become? I just imagine somebody posting on the Blizzard Dorum saying "Change this and that or I wont come back" You don´t like a game? Dont play it! You don´t like a product? Don´t buy it! You want to help them? Come up with constructive criticism. "Ban asian players" is not really an answer. This game needs Thailand and Brazil because they are a major share in the playerbase.
  18. Lauchboy

    Guide to Improving FPS

    Boy my setup is 8 years old and gives me more fps :O
  19. Lauchboy

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    What do the numbers say? Do people actually use contracts and missions?
  20. Lauchboy

    Maps - Battle Royale

    Well here we are. I mean I already said that a lot, but once again asking the community won´t help. There will not be a clear answer to the map-issue and the users in the forum won´t magically all decide for one map to stay. You arleady said that you pretty much HAVE TO do those steps, just do it and just explain to the people. Asking for what to do and then doing what 65% of the people want will result in the other 35 being utterly pissed. I mean we all know that it will hurt cutting down even further, but right now the mode is bleeding players pretty hard. I totally gave up on BR outside of the late afternoon hours and people will give up on the mode in general. Just introduce the rotation already and properly announce it here and in loading screen every time it changes. You can also do slight pvp or balance changes to the maps out of rotation and use player feedback for that. Having a map coming into rotation with a few little tweaks and changes every time will result in players trying at least a few times. I even suggest the cut to be really drastical, which means one map with one mode in all the smaller servers and one server with both modes in EU. Sorry I am so negative about so many things, I just fear creeping slow death
  21. Lauchboy

    Is this game still

    I have no problem finding friendly people. YOu just need to be a superior player. Seing the other person first + contacting through group invite oder chat helps Most of the time the rank indicates the chances of the other peoson being friendly, high ranks usually have no need for team/friends
  22. Lauchboy

    Competitive Mode!

    Is there already a thread for collecting event-ideas? Because I love the idea
  23. Lauchboy

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    Yo, I feel like there is more to mission design than just "do this to get that". There should different kinds of missions for different purpose and different players. There should be a set of (one time) missions with the goal of introducing the game. A range from basics like killing zombies with different weapns, moving arround the map, using commands or game features, inviting players into group or spending this and that amount of time on a certain server. There also has to be some sort of weekly questset that is totally worth it. It promotes consistent gameplay and can help to motivate players to switch gamemodes. "Kill 10 different players on rocky, find a potato in colorad, kill 5 supers" Those quests can go from basic to grindy and are just at the purpose of keeping players active and entertained I would also add some quests that result in achievements. Things that require specific tactics or a certain degree of luck like "killing somebody with a nade" or "killing a player with a nailgun from more than 30 meters" Those quests are close to what big shooters like counterstrike or CoD do and can be easily copied to a certain extent. Those missions are rather trophies for players to hunt and play for and offer depth to the core community Last I think there should be temporary or event based quests. You can find a contract or a quest-nps randomly pops up like an airdrop. Maybe everybody on the server automatically gets assigned a quest and whoever finishes it first gets the amazing reward. Those quests are limited in time and offer action packed gameplay You find a contract thats says "Gain at least XY experience during the next 15 minutes" or "loot an item box within 10 minutes" Those quests instantly put you unter pressure and there is a chance of failure, hence the rewards can be bigger. Those contracts might be optional to be bought in the store which offers a great advantage as you can prepare quest-npcs can have nice possibilities as well. Like an average joe NPC pops up at ridgeway and asks you to keep a certain area free of zombies or to bring him this and that item. people will rush there, pvp and competition happens global quests are cool as well. It is a race for the reward and people compete for it. "Go and be the first to kill 30 zombies" is a dull quest, but when you have to be faster than the server it can actually be fun. The options are huge with this one and i can see a lot of things working. "Conquer the campos clan territory" is a good example. In the beginning its first come first serve, but eventually a fight over tha flag breaks out. More and more people join in and in the end its a big fight. The longer the mission runs, the more people try and die, the bigger the rewards could get. I mean that would be an artificial pvp fiesta extravaganza Just a few quick thoughts of mine, A detailed list is really time consuming Lauchi
  24. Lauchboy

    Suggestion for regaining players

    You precisely describe survival? New game-modes are bad as you can not divide the community even further