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  1. It would be nice if you back up your claims with something called an argument. putting reason and logic first when trying to convince somebody is an ancient method that seems to be forgotten somehow. Why is there potential in survival? What exactly do you think can make the NewZ Survival Mode better than others? What is it that NewZ Survival has over relatable competition Also keep in mind that there is good points that point in the opposite direction. If the game has so much potential, why is the playerbase shrinking to a level below games that were published in the 90s? If the game has so much potential, why is the whole genre of true survival factually dead and there is no game left that sustains players through the survival aspect? How do you think can a team of 3-5 school boys ever adapt the survival mode so it can fulfill the potential you are talking about? Yours Sincerely, Lauch P.S. If you could just type without changing the font, that would be nice and clean. ANd it would make you look less like an ape
  2. Democracy is slow, inefficient and negates sustainability. Why the hell would you use that system for gamedesign where people basically will vote for their own self centered needs and beliefs without any knowledge of what is actually good or healthy for a game like this. Also keep in mind that those people 100% will be the first to ditch NewZ, claim its "dead" and run for the next best game to cry over, complain and demand. Good luck Lauchboy
  3. "We, the people, demand" It's amazing how one single guy can demnad something not only without naming A SINGLE reason and assuming that he speaks for more players the just him if not the whole playerbase. Of course the number of players in BR is ridiculously small and even decreasing, but I can instantly name you about 10 reasons that actually have an impact outside of "oh I can't shoot the big pew pew gun I would like to shoot"
  4. I did not like the original game as I think true survival is (just like true communism lol) a mith that can not be achieved and can not be sustainable fun. Still I will give it a shot because it's you. But please, I hope you understand our (I assume im not alone) fear that this might mean less attention to NewZ. The To-Do and Must-work-on List for NewZ is huge and I really can not see how you guys can handle the workload for both games. Please tell me you have hired at least 3-4 new developers, because otherwise I can not see how this can ever go well. Lauch.
  5. Hello Mr. 420BlastOff, I am unable to figure out wether you are trolling or not. Either way I am glad you enjoy the current state of the game. Many other really don't and thats why there is no players here. You can use your passion for the game and share the fun you are having with your friends. Maybe that will help. If I were you, I'd play as much as I can for as long as a can, because NewZ definitely has an expiry date and we are approaching it with big steps. Yours sincerely Mr. Lauch del Roy
  6. Lauchboy

    Macro Med

    Macros are not allowed. They just can´t ban you because it is hard to prove
  7. Lauchboy

    Macro Med

    Yeah and if anybody could tell me where to get proper esp and how to set it up, that would also be nice
  8. My proudest fap so far.
  9. Hi. I somehow draw a lot of hate from RWL7. Mybe it`s because I keep on killing their members even though they never come with less than five players. Long story short, this happened and I wanted to a) share with you and b) make fun of RWL7 in a creative way.
  10. But where am I now supposed to get my drug dealer music from?
  11. Yeah sure, why not split the shrinking playerbase even further. Btw. I want my "Ridgeway Airport v2 only" Server as soon as possible, too
  12. <- me has 1 SRG = 1 Küsschen auf die Backe?
  13. I'm 100% gonna rock a full love armor combo. How to create a super rare and valuable skin? Put Wings on a mediocre armor
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