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  1. Screw everyone that teams in Battle Royale

    Maybe just gut the advantages groups have right now? Why do we have group tags? Why help grouping people with that? Why can´t groups just get worse spawns or spawn at the same area as a poor solo dude that will get run over? Why do groups get the placement of the highest member? If you die rank 40 in a group you are bad and deserve the shame. Why is a solo win worth as much a a win with a group of 3? Why do groups get technically even more as there are 3 skinboxes when a group wins? Splitting the servers is the best solution, but do you have the playerbase to do so while also maintainin both maps? I dont think so
  2. Item: Streamer Cap

    Have you seen the banana suit? Some helmets or backpacks have been unoptimized for certain charactermodels for years. AT this point I would actually miss that.. its part of "my" newZ
  3. Loot is shit

    I swear every time I enter Airport, I think somebody is there because there are no zombies, but it always turns out that its perfectly normal to have like only 1/4 of the zombies
  4. Really good player

    no need for a clan when you are nuts. Clans are just bad for the game - OP and ruining the game experience for everybody else - super loud voice in the forums with way too much bargaining power - echo chamber for cyclejerking and opinions that only suit their little clan universe Try to change my mind.
  5. how to have normal vip and forever easy

    Thats a cute idea NewZ´s remaining lifetime might be a reason to reconsider that choice though. If you go for 6 months of premium and see what develops
  6. pkm 200 bullet

    100 bullets pkm is already enough to kill a few riots. I don´t think there is much of a difference compared to 200. In fact 200 does not really make a difference anywhere... even supers already die with the normal 100 mag
  7. I still believe the users and especially the very vocal ones on the forum have way too much bargaining power. A good development team has to gather more data and analyze that to come to a much broader conclusion. Sometimes the best and most sustainable decisions are not the ones demanded on a forum or in a subreddit. Look at what other games do... Just listening to addicted whiney babys that want the game to be built arround their demands will just decrease the population even further ultimately lead to starvation.
  8. We have beginner servers again, that helps I also suggested on various occasions: - some sort of tutorial or at least quests for beginners to get used to everything - different loading screens with more info for beginners (like the keyboard one) - partner programs, you can invite friends to play newZ, help them learn and both sides are rewarded for that - other objectives in the game outside of pvp, making pve fun for people.. not everybody is good enough/willing to run arround with 10 man clans - penalties for killing/abusing civilians/beginners
  9. Servers List - Open World

    I think the new map was a mistake. Splitting an already small and shrinking playerbase was toxic. Nontheless we are here now and have to decide and once again I state that this forum is no valid instrument for feedback. What will the forum say? The forum that constists mostly of harcores and pvp-ers wants crowded servers and easy pvp. So They will always want pops of 50-70 people per server. Having only high popped servers will force many amateure, beginners or even good solo players in unfavorable pvp scenarois and ultimately push them away from the game. A few weeks after the messure, there will be 20-30 pops left again and the vicious circle starts again. I might do a whole topic about the feedback bias you are currently falling for, but I am not sure if I have the motivation
  10. Missions and Events discussion!

    I love it. might message you a few ideas for events and contracts later
  11. Server Changes

    Nice try. Sadly this will be nothing but a band aid, maybe it can stop the worst bleeding, but the wound is still there. See you in a month or two when the servers are reduced again. And see you in about a year when the last server shuts down... The game needs more players, no region has enough players left to have a healthy regional playerbase/pvp. This is why Asians/Brazilians/NA are coming to EU. Some say they do it to abuse ping advantages, but honestly playing with high ping sucks, nobody does that just to abuse an advantage. This is desparation. This is basically meeting in the middle and the last resort before total starvation. NA servers are dead, HK servers are a mess, always down, always lagging, Brazil has about 1 popped server left. I promise the two ping limited servers will still be empty while 3 and 4 are popped. I mean thanks for at least trying, but it is too little too late.
  12. GI’s!

  13. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    So we need to take the great firewall down? Chaaarrrge!
  14. In-Game Revive Needs to go

    good. I would still decrease the number of players for rocky ford though
  15. My Opinion about Reputation and Ranks

    I think the Killer Icon looks more like -200 rep and needs to be changeg. I liked having Agony, but always felt like Killer did not represent the work I put into it