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  1. Lauchboy

    Day Only Servers?

    I am not really a fan of night/day, too You can clearly see the number of player dropping during the night. For some time I always played Open world when it was daytime and one BR during the night. Having daytime only in Open World might not be too crazy of an idea, it is just about all the K-NVGs etc. loosing purpose. Maybe you should add some place like a mine or underground parking lots where you need NVG even during daytime?
  2. Lauchboy

    If NewZ was a person

    Yo, just a quick thought of mine. During branding class we had to think about what kind of person a certain brand would be if it turned human. I did the same for NewZ, here is my go at it: NewZ is like that one ex-girlfriend from years ago. You had several on and off relationships but it never lasted for long. I mean she is quite hot at first glance and and you always think that with the right make-up or in the right dress she is actually a 10. But the closer you look and the longer time you spend with her, she will feel rather like a 6 and even like a 3 at times. Your friends keep telling you she is shit, but you just dont listen. In the end you always break up without regrets and happy to end that chapter of you life. Sadly you do not learn from your mistakes and she seems to be always waiting for your call and ready to come over for a hot night. And those nights come. You know its bad and you know it is a mistake, but in those nights, you are either sad, lonely or just drunk and horny, you are overcome by the desire to hook up with her again. The first night is good, maybe even the second, but after that it becomes worse. You try to repeat that first night but you keep seing more and more faws. The plan of breaking up grows in the back of your had and after some time you just end it again. But eventually you will become weak again, especially when you happen to run across her in that new hot dress. This will continue until one of you two will no longer be on the market... I think the analogy is quite good. Do you associate another kind of person with NewZ? On a sidenote this kind of brand image is really really bad and the devs should work on it definitely.... Lauchi
  3. Lauchboy

    Moving on

    I can unserstad the issues and I also think they should be fixed or at least adressed, but I don´t like the wording and methods. I mean seriously what is this? You try to blackmail a gamecompany by not playing the game anymore? How narcassistic can you become? I just imagine somebody posting on the Blizzard Dorum saying "Change this and that or I wont come back" You don´t like a game? Dont play it! You don´t like a product? Don´t buy it! You want to help them? Come up with constructive criticism. "Ban asian players" is not really an answer. This game needs Thailand and Brazil because they are a major share in the playerbase.
  4. Lauchboy

    Guide to Improving FPS

    Boy my setup is 8 years old and gives me more fps :O
  5. Lauchboy

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    What do the numbers say? Do people actually use contracts and missions?
  6. Lauchboy

    Maps - Battle Royale

    Well here we are. I mean I already said that a lot, but once again asking the community won´t help. There will not be a clear answer to the map-issue and the users in the forum won´t magically all decide for one map to stay. You arleady said that you pretty much HAVE TO do those steps, just do it and just explain to the people. Asking for what to do and then doing what 65% of the people want will result in the other 35 being utterly pissed. I mean we all know that it will hurt cutting down even further, but right now the mode is bleeding players pretty hard. I totally gave up on BR outside of the late afternoon hours and people will give up on the mode in general. Just introduce the rotation already and properly announce it here and in loading screen every time it changes. You can also do slight pvp or balance changes to the maps out of rotation and use player feedback for that. Having a map coming into rotation with a few little tweaks and changes every time will result in players trying at least a few times. I even suggest the cut to be really drastical, which means one map with one mode in all the smaller servers and one server with both modes in EU. Sorry I am so negative about so many things, I just fear creeping slow death
  7. Lauchboy

    Is this game still

    I have no problem finding friendly people. YOu just need to be a superior player. Seing the other person first + contacting through group invite oder chat helps Most of the time the rank indicates the chances of the other peoson being friendly, high ranks usually have no need for team/friends
  8. Lauchboy

    Competitive Mode!

    Is there already a thread for collecting event-ideas? Because I love the idea
  9. Lauchboy

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    I love it.
  10. Lauchboy

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    Yo, I feel like there is more to mission design than just "do this to get that". There should different kinds of missions for different purpose and different players. There should be a set of (one time) missions with the goal of introducing the game. A range from basics like killing zombies with different weapns, moving arround the map, using commands or game features, inviting players into group or spending this and that amount of time on a certain server. There also has to be some sort of weekly questset that is totally worth it. It promotes consistent gameplay and can help to motivate players to switch gamemodes. "Kill 10 different players on rocky, find a potato in colorad, kill 5 supers" Those quests can go from basic to grindy and are just at the purpose of keeping players active and entertained I would also add some quests that result in achievements. Things that require specific tactics or a certain degree of luck like "killing somebody with a nade" or "killing a player with a nailgun from more than 30 meters" Those quests are close to what big shooters like counterstrike or CoD do and can be easily copied to a certain extent. Those missions are rather trophies for players to hunt and play for and offer depth to the core community Last I think there should be temporary or event based quests. You can find a contract or a quest-nps randomly pops up like an airdrop. Maybe everybody on the server automatically gets assigned a quest and whoever finishes it first gets the amazing reward. Those quests are limited in time and offer action packed gameplay You find a contract thats says "Gain at least XY experience during the next 15 minutes" or "loot an item box within 10 minutes" Those quests instantly put you unter pressure and there is a chance of failure, hence the rewards can be bigger. Those contracts might be optional to be bought in the store which offers a great advantage as you can prepare quest-npcs can have nice possibilities as well. Like an average joe NPC pops up at ridgeway and asks you to keep a certain area free of zombies or to bring him this and that item. people will rush there, pvp and competition happens global quests are cool as well. It is a race for the reward and people compete for it. "Go and be the first to kill 30 zombies" is a dull quest, but when you have to be faster than the server it can actually be fun. The options are huge with this one and i can see a lot of things working. "Conquer the campos clan territory" is a good example. In the beginning its first come first serve, but eventually a fight over tha flag breaks out. More and more people join in and in the end its a big fight. The longer the mission runs, the more people try and die, the bigger the rewards could get. I mean that would be an artificial pvp fiesta extravaganza Just a few quick thoughts of mine, A detailed list is really time consuming Lauchi
  11. Lauchboy

    Suggestion for regaining players

    You precisely describe survival? New game-modes are bad as you can not divide the community even further
  12. Lauchboy

    character runs alone

    lol NewZ is a horrible place. So much death, so much cruelty, Full of Zombies and in the ruins of what once was a glorious and powerfull civilisation... I would run, too
  13. Lauchboy

    Suggestion for regaining players

    This game has tried hard to RETAIN players, but this is unfortunately going to end in a slow death eventually. People leave, thats perfectly normal especially in video games. You can only do so much and make sure you giving them as less reason as possible. A healthy game needs new players and those have a really hard time here. Fresh blood can revive pvp, open new opportunities etc. The key to most issues we (the game) have right now is the lack of playerbase. Empty servers, BRs taking too long to start, Big maps without pvp, dead maps etc... Of course marketing might be an issue and the bad reputation of this game certainly does not help, but creating an easy entry might help. I assume right now 1 out of 10 new starters stays with the game (at max). I do not have the data but the number is reasonable given all the issues mentioned above. Changes are needed... - Beginner Servers certainly help - Missions will help as well as the offer achievable goals. Maybe we need a beginner questline, that teaches the basics - Tutorials and Guides are completly missing. How is a single fresh starter supposed to know about all the tricks, how and where to go? They are just food at thispoint - The Wiki-Page needs more love and attention - Maybe the servers need to be divided differently with some only accessible to low ranks - The game needs gameplay outside of the clan-pvp or heavy loot hoarding that is also easily learnable
  14. Lauchboy

    Suggestion for regaining players

    Boy I already mentioned pretty much the same. You are 100% right with what you say. Coming into this game solo with no experience is pain. I would not want to play it. A smoother entry is necessary for players to stay for longer than a few hours, because the game only becomes better after that. It is just too hard as there are no tutorials and PVP is a huge cockblock because you pretty much get thrown into the heat of 10v10 clan battles with no chance at all.
  15. 1) Bugs are bad. I also would wish for less buggy cars. But removing something because its bugged? Wouldn´t that mean that in consequence the whole game had to be removed 2) Why do you always write like this. It is really hard to follow 3) "I am an official partner, therefore I demand this change" OMEGALUL .... Partner Program is a tool to tie you to the game, you have no power at all >_> 4) I think getting run over by a car is actually quite realistic for a post apocalyptic scenario. Since this is mostly a pvp game though, there should be counterplay to it other than hiding. I already suggested to make shields more of a counter and having cars take more damage from driving through them or intrducing something like a claymore. It would also help to hear the cars from farther away. In most cases there is barely any time to react. I honestly dislike the idea of just removing cars... it hurts the concept of a wholesome game just for the sake of pvp. Maybe the majority in this forum wishes for that, but in the longrun the it will turn out negatively for the game. Yo.