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  1. Just wondering if any of the Dev's read these posts or are they read by moderators and such and then the info is passed down the chain of command?
  2. Yeah...I know they won't spawn if you are too close to their spawn location. Before the latest patch, I've stood in the same spot, on the same server for hours, far enough away for them to spawn and they spawned fine. Now after the patch, same location and spot, but they do not spawn. Just so I'm clear, I'm not talking about the "normal" grey looking super zombies. They seem to be spawning fine. I'ts the black ones with red glowing arms that I'm talking about. There are supposed to be 2 that spawn in NATO from the patch notes, and both were spawning fine before the latest patch.
  3. I read in the last patch, the dev's fixed the loot for the alien super zombies so that they are now worth killing but there seems to be a problem. I have been farming alien super zombies at the same spot for days. 2300-415am spawn times. Spawned like clockwork....until the latest patch. Now, nothing. They are not spawning. I have camped for hours and they still don't spawn at night time but before the patch, they spawned EVERY time at night. I was wondering if the dev's forgot to put them back in game after they "fixed" the loot or is something broken with them? I've been all over the map waiting at night and not seen a single alien super zombie spawn anywhere since this last patch update. Dev's? Any info or a look into why they're not spawning?
  4. Ahh okay. Thanks for the info. So where do we find these character skins on the marketplace? Under what category?
  5. Oh..I think I wasn't clear with what I meant. I didn't mean character slots. I do have 5 of them from the start. What i was asking about is when you "create" a character, it only gives you the top 3 open choices. The rest have a "lock" in the center meaning they are locked for character creation. so, my question is, how do we "unlock" those xtra character creation from the "create character" screen. I hope that helps clarify what i was asking? Thanks
  6. I'm still pretty new to newz but I'm learning. My question...there are 3 available character slots when you first start out. I see other slots they have a "lock" symbol on them. How do we "unlock" these additional slots? I'm assuming by buying GC or purchasing additional slots from marketplace? I must be missing something because when I go to the marketplace, I don't see anything about additional character slots? Anyone with helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks
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