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    hi I was wondering if you could raise the m9 bayonet to atleast 60 i think thats more than fair......it is after all a designed for combat. yet it can't even compare to a pair of scissors wrapped in tape? as for pistols maybe consider trying to increase critical hit multiplier at closer range for head shot's might make them aswell as other more close range designs more of a viable choice? lol i don't know just a thought. its very hard to balance things i understand and with so many macro healers and all its nearly impossible to make this game fair in any way but at least yall try. i'm happy with how the fn fal turned out, good work on that. and im glad that yall are working on better accuracy on rifles i remeber it was god awful and insulting when i started playing this game as someone with many guns and spent my whole life around them. I love this game your gi locker system is what really makes this stand out above most but it is frustrating that most guns are basically useless when fighting a 360 riot shield macro healer. I honestly think that making healing work over time instead of instant would be about the only way to balance alot of the situations that occur in this game.
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    hi, I was wondering if you could maybe add camo, modern black, and black knight style katana skin's? i know i've wanted em forever.
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