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  1. Came across this odd one in a BR not long ago, this is where the airdrop spawned https://imgur.com/a/CL0mjql
  2. mnto


    +1 The new spawn system doesn't help the open world experience one bit, it only benefits large clans. Players will rarely get that feeling of being able to stash the gear after wiping a group on their own because they will already be getting shot from behind. Possible solution? I would suggest increasing the spawn time to emulate that of someone with a high end computer disconnecting and respawning in. That way it will not be as much of a burden on the lower end users and isn't as clustered as is currently
  3. I just got a tactical weapon crate from my daily reward, open it and get a stanag c-mag rip
  4. mnto

    BR Stuck point

    Not sure if it has already been reported but.. Just played a BR and got stuck at the rocks just as you come out of the tunnel to the right - the tunnel near school. Screen shot below: https://imgur.com/a/SV5PfUc
  5. Right peak in this game is actually destroying my will to play, so stupid
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