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  1. Thank you for the reply. I'll be mentioning the things here I mentioned in a ticket recently, since I'm not sure who reads/replies to them. Since the airport tower can be entered thru the windows by glitching (crouching in them and walking from side to side), camping in the tower was not a fact when lockers were placed in the doorways. They only made it so people could not rush the tower. For that reason please reconsider the placement of lockers in the doorways of the V1 ridgeway airport tower. Me and the friends I do pvp battles with on our private server really miss this ability. Dylan
  2. Have their been any changes to the placement of lockers in private servers? For instance the doorway of the ridgeway airport tower. Please do not delete or ignore this question like people have done in a ticket and on the forums.
  3. Are we no longer able to place lockers  in the doorway of the ridgeway airport? Or is there some reason why I no longer can place them there? (private server)

    If it indeed has been patched then atleast explain why; this was a big part of private server pvp.

  4. Hello everyone, I have a simple question here, been playing on a private server for weeks now and there have been lockers in the doorways of the ridgeway airport tower. Since that server is gone, expired, who knows, I rented a server myself but I am not able to place a locker anywhere near the entrance of the tower. Is this a patch?
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