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    MrSpartanCorz Montage #16

    Lemme know what ye think
  2. Mr Spartan Corz

    MrSpartanCorz Montage #15

    Let me know what you think
  3. Mr Spartan Corz

    MrSpartanCorz TLKC Pvp Clips

    Back with the 3rd clip from being away for about a year.. Lemme know what to improve on
  4. Mr Spartan Corz

    2nd clip being back (MrSpartanCorz)

    Let me know what you think hit me up with suggestions ect.
  5. Mr Spartan Corz

    Im back ;)

    So after being away for now like a year or 2, I Finally am making a return to this game, I Left just before the steam release.. Got alot of catching up to do.. Is PF a clan anymore? Any of the old players about? Axe mango? Metal? Becides that im looking for a clan to help get me started. Dont worry about inventory slots.. I have a shit ton of gear from last time, Also if you cant remb me - ill chuck the youtube in this post. Looking foward to hearing from you guys!