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  1. list of cheaters.... 100% using some sort of ESP hack, you log into the server they know exactly where you are. PAM THAILAND OPPO TOUR feel free to add to the list
  2. Anyone found it yet? You can spent 3k GC on a skin for it, and then It will look cool while you use it for 3 seconds during pre-BR warm up.
  3. Don't be so naive! Do you actually believe what you said here?
  4. kinda odd (stingy) that there isn't a GC sale BEFORE christmas. Does this seem weird to anyone else?
  5. They (developers) say that buying the mystery box will give you a chance at any skin in the entire game. BS!! Question #1 Then how does a person 3 times in a row opening mystery boxes get the same EXACT skin? Question#2 Why don't we as a community all come together and not buy any GC or support the game Monetarily until we Get some F-ing decent skins? We are tired of buying GC and "TRYING OUR LUCK" at skin boxes and getting garbage skins, and the answer being, oh our system is based on chance and enough money spent and you could possibly.....etc etc etc. I have friends that spend alot of money on this game and have already stated that they will not be spending anymore because of the SCAM that the skin system is. If any of the developers read this. You have got to change something before you loose any more of your customers. COMMUNITY.... QUIT buying GC until things change for US! RAZR -
  6. Thanks for the reply dude. One hour seems a little excessive though.
  7. My kid was going to farm some zombies and apparently did not type the password correctly. So the IP was locked FOR 1 HOUR. due to "to many login attempts" Is anyone available to take care of this? MAN this game really pisses me off at times. Is this normal with computer games?
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