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  1. Awesome work! I really love the updates and can't wait to try it out myself. Keep up the good work and keep listening to the community ideas!
  2. I never stated this game is pubg or arma I just suggested some of the great things from those games. Also, how is turning your head unrealistic? I don't know if you ever played arma or pubg, I was never asking for 360°. I was suggesting that you should be able to turn your head ^^
  3. Hey there fellow lovers of Infestation, hello Devs, In this post i'll be listing some of my personal suggestions for the Survival gamemode. After the closing of the ISS servers i've put about 5000h into Arma 3, so for any fellow Arma players some of these suggestions may seem familiar. First off i have some suggestions for movement in TNZ: - Stairs. Namely the stairs on the outside of the "PvP Houses". Please fix them, you have to jump and crouch your way up and it is just generally unpleasant and gives the player a bad experience. - Sidewalks. This is happening in any City with sidewalks, the Character is unable to step onto the sidewalk as you'd expect. Walking against the sidewalk makes you stop completely and is just really annoying and breaks fluent movement. - Leaning around corners. As i said i have alot of experience in Arma, and a thing i would love to see in TNZ is leaning. Leaning around corners adds alot to the PvP experience of any game, generally being able to lean-peak a corner is a great thing in third person but mainly in first person because you can shoot at targets while exposing the least amount of your body. - Turning. Turning sideways in this game really just doesn't feel fluent. Turning your character to the side makes him turn slightly but then the animation is apruptly changed essentially jumping to the other side immediately which just doesn't feel smooth at all. Now onto some general things: - A thing which really annoyed me in the old ISS and still annoys me to this day is the fact that vests don't actualy give ou any inventory space. A small backpack gives you like 4-5 slots but a vest or a plate carrier with 10-20 pockets and pouches doesn't give you a single slot? I's just unrealistic and always annoys me when i find a vest, knowing that it won't give me those precious slots. - Freelook. Again, Arma related, something this game really needs with the large amount of time spent running around is the ability to look around while still moving in the same direction. ames like Arma / PUBG allow you to "freelook" by pressing the alt key, een while on the move. And finally, graphics, a big drawback of this game is it's outdated looks. It's 2018 and most people have at least an average gaming PC. Updating the graphics in this game would be alot of work for the DEVs but it would greatly improve the game to the point where it would most likely get alot more popular again. Thank you for reading this post of me rambling about features, i would really love to see these suggestions implemented into the game! Leave your thoughts below, whether you'd also like to see these changes or you even have some improvements of yourself.
  4. I don't think GC would be pay to win, i don't think the marketplace as a whole is pay to win... Nothing gives you an advantage, you can only buy what is otherwise obtainable ingame. But having a marketplace opens up alot of oppertunities. It won't make survival easier either, as you are not required to buy anything if you don't want to. Having a marketplace in Survival was a great thing in the old ISS and i think it should be added in TNZ aswell. Also i'd rather have GC and pay money. Why not? The DEVs deserve it, after all the only reason we can enjoy this game is because they re opened it-
  5. Damn! That's awesome! I really enjoyed being able to buy necessary items if need be, say to kill a super Z, in the old game- i'm super happy!
  6. I absolutely loved the original and i am really happy to see that a new development team is trying to get this game back on track and fix it's issues! I personally would like to see small movement issues fixed, as they generally break fluent gameplay and annoy the player. I mean issues such as: - not being able to step onto the sidewalk in most cases (your character just stops and you have to jump to get onto it). - stairs (on big buildings the fire escape is not actually walk-able and you have to jump and crouch your way up). - the lack of a free-look (in games such as Arma 3 or PUBG you have a free look where you hit for example alt and you can look around while walking) I would also really like to see the marketplace added back into survival mode as it makes it easier for players to defeat the super zombie if they chose to buy the necessary ammo as i am often stuck using almost all my ammunition for it, essentially making the last half an hour of looting a waste of time (just my personal opinion). Other than that i am really enjoying this rework of a classic! Keep it up!
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