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  1. sniper only not big difference ?
  2. I think the charm of the infestation game Is to have a group And have teammates And society will expand And grow up From the fact that people have gathered Not alone From limited to only 5 people Means that there should be no limit But must be difficult to increase the member *** Survival mode should be changed.
  3. Interesting for adding Caliwood. Variety of maps There is a section that will bring new players to the attention or include players from the openworld mode.
  4. I agree We need Clan System on Survival Mode
  5. server hk has alot problem lost connection often and not stable all official server and my private server name RICHER
  6. EQUIPMENT: - x5 Riot Shield MAX. If you take more than 5, you and your will team will lose the round. Woodshields and any other shield besides the Riot shield are not allowed. x5per team or x5per people ?
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