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  1. Yes. That's a good idea Of a snowball. But she's already working . People go where there are more people . if they want an interesting game. But some want to be alone or kill their friend for a greater rank. If it were determined automatically . without selecting a specific server. You know what I mean? Okay a bit miss... For example, Most of Russia is Europe. I don't want to play with the Russians. I would prefer to play with those who have a ping equal to mine. But I don't mind visiting my neighbors.
  2. Hello everyone! and good weekend. I have such an offer. Perhaps the trading system is not flawless. Make a gift or a Prank of gaming mice. With company logo. Since my mouse is out of order .
  3. Hey. It is very good that you are updating your inventory capabilities. Please make it easier to move individual objects. If I want to sell 1000 units it will take to press 2000 "+" times on the mouse button. It's gonna take a long time. Also. It would be better to have the Stash button on all inventory access points. Now it brings great inconvenience and a lot of unnecessary movements.
  4. It seems. that there millions) Actually 100-200 $ from each heap.
  5. He could throw a grenade at the time of death. Since he is already dead. money fell from the explosion.
  6. Money falls from the zombies that killed the explosion of the car. Often you can find money at the place of appearance of cars. Perhaps this player accidentally died nearby. or he was killed by a car bombing along with several zombies.
  7. Hey. This picture gave me an idea. Look at this tape. She's there for a reason. To do so, to secure the two clips. for a quick recharge. I offer Kraft Just reduce the recharge time to 1-2 seconds . Just STANAG there are all kinds. 30/40/60/. it would be better
  8. It would be nice to add kraft arrows and a regular bow. with less damage and range than a crossbow. tree + thread = onion. tree + machete = arrows. Can be complicated by armor-piercing arrows. arrows with plumage. explosive. A temporary trap-trap. Also the presence of edible and medicinal plants. Need a separate room in a good area with a stove and workbench. to create complex objects. Yes. I completely agree with p51mustang23. Kraft must be true. real and diverse. I will not make an oar out of 75 boards. I'd rather make a yacht and sail away)))
  9. It will be interesting to shoot from the car. and shooting Stryker Spawner. grenade launchers. more Arrow (Explosive)
  10. It will be like going to the store. Wished AWP went killed Alien. And so now many players in the chest have hundreds of sniper rifles. Sometimes sniper rifles fall out. sometimes not. this is true
  11. The game is not all right with the gravity. machines like fluff. And if you turn on physics, 50% of things will be underground. Zombies often walk submerged under the soil to the knee. Yellow stripes on Asvalt often represent bardry. stuck machine. On the 1st floor of buildings killing zombies. loot goes underground. and it does not even get it. ah ... And it's not all
  12. Hey. Happy Valentine's Day! oh ... this bug. Riding a motorcycle now and crushed by a zombie. from this I was thrown into the sky for 2 kilometers. ATV exploded in the air. but I was disconnected from the server. This was my only ATV: (((
  13. Clothes for gays))) is with a cutout on the back?) And for real men when will be a good Kamo suit?
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