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  1. sinistersmilez


    [anek] Ben Dover 10:15am [US] mountain time 8/21/2018 RACISM
  2. sinistersmilez


    lol all the high ranks are gone... what!?
  3. sinistersmilez

    does this look like aimlock to you?

    Not new just a legit player
  4. sinistersmilez

    Macros, rapid fire and no recoil.

    I think using anything should be bannable… your using a program to put down shield and heal at the same time... just as bad at no recoil and rapid fire.
  5. sinistersmilez

    does this look like aimlock to you?

  6. sinistersmilez

    does this look like aimlock to you?

    right macro champ
  7. sinistersmilez

    why reps need to be reset...i think

    I am FUK~ R E D M A N, that's the guy who reported me... that's his video.
  8. I get these type of players daily... calling me a hacker macro lagswitch.
  9. sinistersmilez

    My Opinion about Reputation and Ranks

    ive been saying they need to separate pvp server REP and open server REP. there has been a huge boost in rep because of the "new system" . I get accuse of cheating alot because these guys have monster ranks getting wrecked by a warmonger... I very rarely leave my private AR only PVP server. im thinking they will hopefully look into it.. I wouldn't mind a reset and separate ranking system.
  10. sinistersmilez

    Server Hotfix
  11. sinistersmilez

    Server Hotfix

    Did you fix the zombie loot? golf clubs and gas.... everywhere!
  12. sinistersmilez


    whom are you talking to? my server only has 10 slots.. and 3 active members.
  13. sinistersmilez


    yeah was alittle drunk last night and i was wrecking a predator and a champion 2 v 1 , i am only a warmonger... would be nice to seperate the ranks. pvp/open world.
  14. sinistersmilez


    reported this about a month ago.. they told me with the new system "2 or 3" kills
  15. sinistersmilez


    I know i started a topic already... but when im drunk as hell just owning "predators and champions... " your people are missing something i mean i dont mind the free rep... but damn.. can we look into this.. ive been playing your game for a long time... and this is getting kinda sad.. maybe time to seperate the ranks... i know im not that good where i am just murdering... these high ranks... much love from the FUK~ clan