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  1. Compilied List Of Suggestions And Improvements

    An invite limit would be great, if u dont respond they shouldnt be able to send again for a few mins.
  2. Racism

    Character name: [RWL7] MrAdams Time: 3:13 Mountain Time (US & Canada) Date: 05/17/2018

    ok just checking I play some what a lot, just feels funny wrecking high ranked players. I guess free rep for me..

    I have been reporting people in game but I have been seeing a lot of new accounts at warmonger/agent and above... they have yet to have VET on there name. there xp is super low.
  5. Compilied List Of Suggestions And Improvements

    REP Separation! open world and pvp rep need to be separated.
  6. medium invis

    I found a way around this glitch, thanks for all the help... well I guess giving me a place to post about it hahaha!
  7. medium invis

    update, I restarted my pc, game, steam, checked integerty of game ... still nothing. game still freezes when I click on the med invis to learn it.
  8. medium invis

    I just bought the med invis backpack, I go to try and learn it and it freezes my game to point it where I have to ctrl+alt+del.
  9. Player harassing my clan

    insults are an everyday thing... but I think if he and his mates are being followed and harassed that's wrong.... kills the fun for anyone, having to leave a server because of toxic players and just to join a new server to get harassed again by the same players...
  10. quick question... need to clear up.

    if I leave the game for awhile... do I lose my gi!?
  11. server changed....pvp to pve...

    umm was done well I was in a different location on map... but I'm telling you they blocked the whole doorway.. you are more than welcome to come see for yourself... or I can even leave screenshots here is a link to my steam profile ... both screen shots are in there. if anyone should be punished it should be the people doing it.. much love for the responses. but I decided not to renew my servers and move on to a new game for a bit.
  12. server changed....pvp to pve...

    pvp to pve issue fixed. took 10 mins for my stuff to reset was kinda weird!
  13. server changed....pvp to pve...

    hello my private server changed from pvp to pve... now I cant get it to go back to pvp... I waited 5 mins to put it to sleep and reset... no change. ill try a longer time period...but was wondering what would cause this. also another question... just honeslty from a companys point of view is this good customer service? I sent in a ticket because people think its funny to block doorways with lockers...anyway I sent ticket in to have them removed. The reply I got back was .... "its my fault I opened my server"... now if I had control over where someone can put down lockers I would understand this logic.. why would you blame your costumer for something he cant control... also why tell me I shouldn't open my server!? wouldn't u want me renting servers and bring my friends and there friends in to play this game!? maybe for your next patch you can fix it so people cant put down lockers in doorways.
  14. NPC Trade up/Sell System?

    yeah no doubt, but would really be nice hahaha!
  15. NPC Trade up/Sell System?

    how isn't this a good idea? I could have gotten so much game dollars for the thousands of GUNS/ARMOR/SKINS I dropped to clean out my inventory.