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  1. hahaha +60 de fps antes da att e agora não passa dos 03 de fps xDDD "'Não é atoa que oh servidor br está decaindo a quantidade de jogadores""
  2. #back skinsbox being born on the map and double xd/gd!
  3. Hefex


    Que tal adicionar um novo zombie especial, por exemplo: um zombie bem gordão que tenha oh dobro de vida do Alien super zombie ou um zombie que seja bem rápido tanto na corrida e no ataques aos jogadores ou aumentar e muito, más muito mesmo ah quantidades de zombies normais em cidades grandes. Colocar uns zombies ""diferenciados"" que tenha potencial para matar outros jogadores seria bom porque oh super zombie chega até ser ignorado pela pouquíssima quantidade de dano que ele dá em cada ataque, ele só serve pra saquear nossas queridas snipers e itens de eventos...
  4. Sven, please see the Mosin, as it is little used by the players. Put a sniper scope holder, increase your cadence a bit more and you can increase damage (EX: 55> 75-80) without making it too OP and it will be well balanced.
  5. Hey! does not do weekend sales events when the bank is closed. ;( (very sad because i cannot buy)
  6. They could increase the amount of zombies and make it faster because it is almost impossible to die for those z. The idea is to make the campers' players have a bit of work to stay in the same place stopped. Hordes of zombies and will be forced to spend more cures and time and there will be more headache in hiding from a player and take care of z.
  7. Hefex


    Ah mosin, yes, deserves a makeover ... Before being replaced by the SVD, it was considered a sniper rifle. Just put a sniper scope similar to FN SCAR H, reduce the clip size to 5 which is original of course and is an old weapon to have a cadence too high to compensate.
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