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  1. goretekz

    appeal from ban

    Please make a support ticket so we can look into it. playnewz.com/support.php
  2. goretekz

    Instant Revive System - Feedback

    My personal opinion is I like it, it keeps you from staring at loading screens. I just think doubling the revive timer or making it 45 secs would help with the reasons people don't like it.
  3. goretekz

    Patch 2.18

    Super excited!
  4. goretekz

    Please add loadouts to survival!

    I also agree on having load-outs while in the menu for survival, along with being able to gear up while your character is dead waiting for revive timer.
  5. goretekz

    Render distance of rocks

    Here is what ice9 was talking about, the rocks on the bridges in campos have a really low render distance. If someone was behind them, you can see but cant do damage. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrackyCoweringWatermelonBrokeBack
  6. goretekz

    BR Spawn - Outside Map

    I have a clip here of hearbreaker_newz who got a BR spawn outside of the map, where he could not move https://clips.twitch.tv/AuspiciousCrazySoymilkDoubleRainbow
  7. goretekz

    Valentine Week Announcement!

    Only from superzombies
  8. goretekz

    Patch 2.11 (Hotfix #2)

    I personally think this is a good idea, i hate sneaking on people and aiming down sights by accident and there goes my cover (footsteps)
  9. great price list!
  10. goretekz

    Hacked in Survival

    yeah i just checked into this as well, what was the other guys IGN??
  11. goretekz

    Welcome to the new Forums! (New Z Giveaway)

    Good luck to everyone! If you win an elite skin box, give it to me Kappa! But I should win anyways cause goretekz = best mod, cept for Havi