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  1. Cars are breaking BR

    I agree about Arizona as the map is enormous when compared to Tropico, the cities are distant, etc adds up to cars being needed. In Tropico we have a smaller map, debris everywhere, close cities and no need to quick movement which leads to car drivers abusing from the current system which then leads to negative reactions from the playerbase as well. As the devs stated, countermeasures should reduce this "abuse" but I don't think they will solve the problem. Adding players getting shot while inside the vehicles could as well reduce the issue but again maybe this will not be a definitive solution. Maybe some weeks of no-car Tropico servers as a test to get feedback from the players could be a first step too.
  2. Cars are breaking BR

    title says everything. I think cars are great for the fast movement when you really need to run away to avoid damage from the zone but just running around and 1 shotting people by driving over them is just insanely out of control right now