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  1. deadhair

    Weekend Event!

    is there a way to track how much XP is left to reach the 150k needed?
  2. deadhair

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    That is exactly why my system would only be from Survival to Open World, as I made clear, no other way around.
  3. About 5 or 6 months ago I played for some days on Caliwood (just passing through, played a few hours) and I found some skins (Mystery Skins) laying on the ground on some random places. I've played for a couple days this week, wandered around and I am still to found another mystery skin. Do these skins still spawn on the world? Thanks in advance.
  4. deadhair

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    any ETA on 2.22 release? looking forward on these contracts
  5. deadhair

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    thanks for the feedback :) but I feel too that encouraging players to trade (whether currency-based or item-based) may bring more love to Survival mode :D
  6. deadhair

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    that would be even cooler but the main idea is just to give another incentive for people to play on survival, and carry on some rewards from there
  7. So I thought about a way to reward players in survival without bringing GD as a factor into it. To remember the old times, killing zombies in survival mode could reward players with a small chunk of GD (like 20, 40, 50) as in old WarZ days. Sometimes, this money could be 1000 or 10000 dollars as well. This idea is nothing new as it is the old system that was implemented back then. The main thought in my head would be: the money gained in survival mode would go to the player's account and could only be used on Open World, but not on survival, to keep the survival idea (which is to loot/craft and not to just buy the things you need)
  8. deadhair

    Cars are breaking BR

    I agree about Arizona as the map is enormous when compared to Tropico, the cities are distant, etc adds up to cars being needed. In Tropico we have a smaller map, debris everywhere, close cities and no need to quick movement which leads to car drivers abusing from the current system which then leads to negative reactions from the playerbase as well. As the devs stated, countermeasures should reduce this "abuse" but I don't think they will solve the problem. Adding players getting shot while inside the vehicles could as well reduce the issue but again maybe this will not be a definitive solution. Maybe some weeks of no-car Tropico servers as a test to get feedback from the players could be a first step too.
  9. deadhair

    Cars are breaking BR

    title says everything. I think cars are great for the fast movement when you really need to run away to avoid damage from the zone but just running around and 1 shotting people by driving over them is just insanely out of control right now