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  1. AR's are not hard to get but snipers are rare i am not the loot type so maby i havent tride all the spots but the main spots where every one loots does the super zombie's drop an sniper like 1/10 times .
  2. 5 people are abit OP but there are not alot of severs so if they would change it to max 3 there would need to be more severs and i dont see newz getting any more pvp severs soon .
  3. why do people use the black market !? because the loot is so hard to get. Snipers are so hard to get u loot for 2 houers and get 10 snipers if lucky. The only why to get sniper is the black market or buying them in the lounge by people that maby used the black market .... Am not saying all of these people selling snipers in the lounge are using black market but probely 40% ! are people that use the black market ! So newz plz make the sniper drop n bit better like the old times . Why do u guys think so many people are playing on the BR warmup ? becuase they dont need to loot 24 hours to be able to play 4 hours on pvp severs. Thx for reading hope u would fix this problem
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