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  1. hey guys I just left isp today in my opinion it was to much rages for me so I left all I'm looking for is a good clan who is willing to pvp and play survival aswell I am currently a warmonger about to be reckless let me know please
  2. kevbot7700

    yo hook it up

    funi guy
  3. kevbot7700

    Looking Clan or Family <3

    this is my teamspeak join in here
  4. kevbot7700

    just fun clan starting out

    we gana be more serious soon just join here teamspeak you must speak english
  5. kevbot7700

    LFG - English / UK

    yo ben pop in on my teamspeak then we can have a chat
  6. kevbot7700

    Clan KillBlood recruiting

    how do I join
  7. kevbot7700

    PADOA recruiting

    yo if u send me details to ts or discord I can give u screen shots through there I guarantee u wont be dissapointed