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  1. NewZ in 2018 #2

  2. NewZ in 2018 #2

    Force Asians to play on HK servers and they will play it trust me. Delete some servers we had so much Colorado servers .. make it just 3 or 4 ... like cali. (they will be full) also u can add 1 PVE server ... would be nice for newbies also ... FOG is natural .. okey.. but delete them i dont want be forced on POTATO settings ( @Silenterror if i play on potato settings and my pc is to good so i will play on chips settings. cuz my pc gonna roasted that)
  3. NewZ in 2018

    Fred try to focus on gpu power. Cuz game using too much cpu And 10% of gpu. Would be nice If game will use 90% gpu And 50% cpu
  4. TLKC Recruiting

    Can i join?
  5. NewZ in 2018

    Hope they will fix that Ping advantage. When i see HELLO clan on server Im insta leavin
  6. unislav strikes again | NewZ montage #3

    I forgot to turn down
  7. unislav strikes again | NewZ montage #3

    ill cut your balls
  8. Suggestion about PING

    Hi just have question and also an idea ... can you please limit all EU/NA/SA/HK servers to 150ms? in my eyes will be great cuz those HK players will play on HK / SA servers .. EU/NA will play on their servers also cuz 150ms its not that much laggy as 200+
  9. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    @Fredaikis Fred please explain me why i have better fps with fastload? ... without fastload i have 90-120 , with fastload 150+ ...
  10. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    Updated the Russian language pack. ... Thanks
  11. Q&A Live-Stream #9 Announcement!

    Bring back 69!
  12. Like i said just want to know https://www.twitch.tv/videos/39313814?t=145s this one was amazing map i luv that old times

    hf guyz .. hope u will be happy