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  1. unislav

    NewZ in 2018 #2

  2. unislav

    NewZ in 2018 #2

    Force Asians to play on HK servers and they will play it trust me. Delete some servers we had so much Colorado servers .. make it just 3 or 4 ... like cali. (they will be full) also u can add 1 PVE server ... would be nice for newbies also ... FOG is natural .. okey.. but delete them i dont want be forced on POTATO settings ( @Silenterror if i play on potato settings and my pc is to good so i will play on chips settings. cuz my pc gonna roasted that)
  3. unislav

    NewZ in 2018

    Fred try to focus on gpu power. Cuz game using too much cpu And 10% of gpu. Would be nice If game will use 90% gpu And 50% cpu
  4. unislav

    TLKC Recruiting

    Can i join?
  5. unislav

    NewZ in 2018

    Hope they will fix that Ping advantage. When i see HELLO clan on server Im insta leavin
  6. unislav

    unislav strikes again | NewZ montage #3

    I forgot to turn down
  7. unislav

    unislav strikes again | NewZ montage #3

    ill cut your balls
  8. unislav

    Suggestion about PING

    Hi just have question and also an idea ... can you please limit all EU/NA/SA/HK servers to 150ms? in my eyes will be great cuz those HK players will play on HK / SA servers .. EU/NA will play on their servers also cuz 150ms its not that much laggy as 200+
  9. unislav

    Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    @Fredaikis Fred please explain me why i have better fps with fastload? ... without fastload i have 90-120 , with fastload 150+ ...
  10. unislav

    Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    Updated the Russian language pack. ... Thanks
  11. unislav

    Q&A Live-Stream #9 Announcement!

    Bring back 69!
  12. Like i said just want to know https://www.twitch.tv/videos/39313814?t=145s this one was amazing map i luv that old times
  13. unislav


    hf guyz .. hope u will be happy