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  1. Hi everyone! We have been reading all the content from the forums and the official discord, and we thought that we should make a thread showing all the addressed feedback. The objective of this post is to keep a detailed record of all the suggestions and changes applied to the Survival Mode. The goal is to ensure that the entire community follow the changes and can consult the advances. We choose to organize all the information in the same post making easier to check future changes and keep the forum unsaturated, helping the developer team to make efficient and precise decisions that benefit the evolution of the game. Now players will have the leading voice and an efficient mechanism to be heard by our developers. The changes are going to be divided it in the next categories: Done, In progress, On hold and Discarded. Achieved ideas based on your feedback and suggestions: Airdrops: Airdrops are now spawning on different locations on the map. Done Week/Weekend events: There is always new exciting weekend events. Done Official price list for the Survival mode: A list based in community feedback exclusive for the survival mode. Done Weapon automatically switch between compatible magazines: Now weapons will automatically switch between compatible magazines prioritizing ammo and size. Done Airdrops drop faster: Reduced the necessary time for an airdrop to touch the ground. Done New zombie models: A few zombie models got reworked and brought back in to the game. Done Several stability, performance and server improvements. Done New car models: New cool looking vehicles. Done New attachments and gear: New attachments like AR/Sniper barrels, Silencers, stocks and new gear like the ghillie suit and the leather backpack. Done Crafting system: A nice and simple crafting window for those who like farming materials. Done Mission system: A new mission system with new Jobs and rewards each season. Done Model correction: Several models and attachments were improved and corrected. Done Fully reworked Colorado V1 Map exclusive for the survival mode: A small and optimized map adapted to survival experience and player feedback. Done Work in progress: Daily rewards for premium accounts ( Survival ) : Now all premium accounts will be getting a daily reward in the survival mode. In progress Loadouts in survival mode: Adding the loadout system to survival mode, so gearing won't keep you away from the action. In progress Killing another player yields experience: Players Will get a certain amount of experience by killing other players. In progress New weapons: Adding new weapons and variants to survival mode. In progress Rebalancing the craft system: Improving the craft system according to looters feedback. In progress New interesting missions: Adding new interesting and mysterious missions for those who like to complete tasks. In progress Holding territories bring rewards: holding a certain amount of territories becomes more attractive. In progress New craftable weapons: In progress -The Wisperer: Coming soon -The Ragging Rabbit: Coming soon -The Firebreather: Coming soon Radiation on Campos Colorado V1. In progress Tips and tricks on the loading menu. In progress Striker gets stuck very easy BUG: The Striker (vehicle) gets stuck on several areas of the map, Special thanks to Took his time for notifying about this bug. In progress Invisible Zombie showing on the radiation areas BUG: There is a bug on the radiation areas where a zombie turn invisible but it can still damage the player, Special thanks to Took his time for notifying about this bug. In progress On hold: Bringing the cars back to the official servers: Cars got removed from official servers according to community feedback, since players didn't like the idea of getting rolled by another person. On hold Adding another Safezone close to Frosty or the airport ( Colorado V1 ). On hold PVP Flag: A server with hotspot on the map that can be captured like a regular clan territory. This location changes every week and it prizes the clan who hold that territory for the longer amount of time. This spot can be located on one of the next locations: Campos, Airport, Boulder City, Smallville, Clearview, Rockyford and Norad Military Base, it only prizes the active clan members who helped in the capture and it's also limited by maximum clan members allowed by the server, This flag has no cooldown so another clan can start capturing when the other team is eliminated or respawning. Special thanks to Took his time for giving this idea. On hold Discarded: More Maps and servers for survival mode: There use to be a lot of different maps and servers for every region, but since many of them were not used and thanks to community feedback we choose to keep a smaller amount of maps and servers, prioritizing quality over quantity. Discarded A suit that makes you invisible to the zombies. Discarded Rework clan territories. Discarded Increase the chance to get infected by the zombies. Discarded Increase the slots of the Hunter backpack or make a new one for suvival. Discarded 9mm (26) magazine spawning again on survival: We removed this for the spawn thanks to players feedback Discarded Discussion thread: External links: Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ Official discord: Discord.gg/thenewz Download the game: https://www.playnewz.com/ Survival Price list: https://goo.gl/wQiukT
  2. I think that 1 and 9 are the easier to make, Id like to include some easy to make ideas, - Weapon rebalance: The way that 90% of the guns perform is "crappy" (sorry for the word). Why?, Nowdays you do not have to pick a gun an get familiar with it, you just need to choose one based in the stats. Then you realize that the Redstalker is overpowered. I remember those days when i killed geared guys with a kruger rifle because it was accurate and had no recoil. -A rebalance to the weapon attachments. A bit of me: I spent 2 years in the army repairing and refurbishing guns and i use to work on a gunshop selling and modifing weapons. You can reduce recoil in many ways but, there is no mod that can reduce "bullet spread" except from barrel and internal modifications. Same with the effective range. Why is this important? Just put a laser, compact scope, silencer and a forward grip to a redstalker and you will be able to perform a 5 headshot burst ( this turns very annoying when you are rushing campers armed this way) You do not need to be good shooting and calculating spread, you just need to aim fast. Same applies to the mosin and all snipers. It is a straight shot with bullet drop. Once improved you will think twice about aiming to the head instead of going to a much probable target like the body on long range encounters. -Weapon Jam: Yes, having a slight chance that your weapon jam on pvp and you have to reload. ( this will give you some intense feelings ) Example: Some guns perform better, some deal a higher damage or have less spread but have a higher probability to jam.
  3. True! The massive spawn of loot makes the market volatile. As a farmer/trader i have been noticed a massive amount of snipers since colorado v1 got implemented
  4. Pilow

    Caliwood Alive

    Yes, i would be a nice thing to play on Caliwood! Maybe can be included in the next patch if is not alot of job for the staff members since they already included colorado v1 recently
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