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  1. AzureDragon786

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Awsome Patch
  2. AzureDragon786

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    So Cool
  3. AzureDragon786

    Rockyford and its condition

  4. AzureDragon786

    Rank/Reaction Updates

    wow cool
  5. AzureDragon786

    Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

  6. AzureDragon786

    GOSU Recruiting

    GOSU Is Back!
  7. AzureDragon786

    Patch 2.20

    Thank You So Much Sir
  8. AzureDragon786

    Patch 2.20

    I Hope My Friend System Problem Fixed At This Patch and this patch is very awsome
  9. AzureDragon786


    Nice Montage Kiper!! and long time i dont see Nek Montages he leave newz?
  10. AzureDragon786

    SNAP ~ Infestation NewZ Montage #11 [IDK]

    Nice One
  11. AzureDragon786

    Weekend Event!

    I Love This Event
  12. AzureDragon786

    Infestation The NewZ Montage #32

    Thnx Dude
  13. AzureDragon786

    Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    finally zombie fixed