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  1. We alreqdy play 7 witch my friends and we have seen many other as big as our groups in cv and clear.3man groups are just making ppl comfused and harder to play with friends.
  2. Yeah removing colorado will be the grave mistake
  3. Yep but still many players are Colorado fans and after new map comes out probably not everybody will like it.There is so many ISS players there who will probably leave if colorado will be deleted.
  4. Hope map will be good otherwise survival will die.
  5. I rly have hope that Devs have seen my post and in near future we will get graphic update.
  6. Oh good please dont remove Colorado because if the next map is gona be like Arizona survival will die.Only Colorado or both maps.No colorado no Survival.Start making pools when u are making/planing such a huge changes otherwise you will only lose players and their trust. Colorado is the base of this game.This map should stay no matter what.Dont destroy the game pls.Let us test the map,make pool and let us - the players decide because game is for the players nad players are the most inportant.Thats my opinion.
  7. Its a great idea but all the buildings should be oppened.
  8. Hello Dear Developers of Infestation The NewZ This thread is directed mainly for a part of the crew that is responsible for the Survival Game mode. At first i would like to ensure You dear Devs that im playing this game not only from the day beta got released but from the end of 2012 when WarZ got released. Thru all of these ages im still here and Im glad that the game managed to survive that long through its many incarnations (emulators,Th,et ) and i come to the simple conclusion. The game is getting worse with every update for its graphic/quality part.I wont complain about new things with every update becasue u are doing an amazing job there so i will jsut focus on the Quality Asepct of Infestation The NewZ Since the beta of Survival game mode came out everyone was so happy and greatfull for nice lightning and graphic quality which also attracted many old ISS players who finally thought that their Fav game finally returned under nice too look at visual side.Back then Survival version of Colorado V2 was so much different than the Official maps and was very enjoyable to play on,to make cinematic videos or just fill in the role of survivor.I was having hte best FUN ever when me and my comrades were able to feel the beauty of Colorado once again since Origingal ISS has fallen. Many streamers, both big and the smaller ones returned and so the great hype begun.Then after some updates promise was broken.You Dear Devs decided to nerf,downgrade,decrease or whatever esle......THE GRAPHICS AND THE QUALITY OF THE GAME.Im trully aware that u want ppl to have great ammount of FPS but u have to think about others too.Since that update colorado lost its beauty and turned into another pvp/open world styled game.By these i mean that COLOV2 on survival looks almost no different than the COLOFICCIAL one.U told us that this graphic woukld stay and that u like it (Svena's words) and yet u changed it and honestly both me with high end and my m8 with low end pc havnt experienced any bigger fps improvements.And then after some updates u fixed such a thing called "grass tint" you done the same mistake again with the recent update which make the game look ugly as an unity game and believe me its not nice to support the game where devs cant see the conclusion from the past. This thing may not be understandable due to my lack of english but yet ....Look down and see some of the Videos form back then...and then joing in game and u will feel lied. SO the final request is:Dear Silenterror or whoever is responsible for the quality and maps...pls give us The old lightning,old textures and finally the old grass and tress.Or at least put these in the Ultra preset.Thanks PS:I will upload a comparision so everyone can see what IM talking about. PS2:In my opinion u shoudl increase grass radious on Survival so the ghiliie suits and other camo clothes would give player a bigger chance to hide. Or just lock medium grass preset.
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