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  1. Do you think you guys could possibly add some more subtle background music/natural-nature type of noises that play constantly and consistently in the backround? I truly believe it would go such a long way, I'm an audio engineer so I might be biased to it being more important to me, but I think one of the worst things about this game (and I mean that in a light manor because I love everything about this game, it's not the "worst" in terms of actually being bad, its just the biggest nuisance) is when the audio goes completely silent when I'm standing still or am prone, and it ends up really convincing me to check to see if my headphones got unplugged. I'm really sorry if I shouldn't be posting this here I know it isn't really relevant to this thread but I'm new and I don't know sh*t about game forums, this is the only game Ive ever cared enough about to create an account in a forum for it. But yeah, thanks for all the hard work haha.
  2. I will for sure update back after a session im about to play now
  3. Awesome! Bugs don't bother me that much when the game is amazing in it's current state. Thank you for being one of the few developers that care, Seriously
  4. Please work on fixing all of the vehicle bugs in open world, I'm constantly crashing and dying when I get out of my vehicle, or If I get hit by a zombie while going too fast I'll go flying in the air. I've lost important stuff, and multiple vehicles that I had to pay real money for to afford it in the first place, it really sucks
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