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  1. I think that it's a really good idea, because someone fu**... scre**... uuhhmm... "broke" Polish translations and now there are things like for example "crafting lol xD" etc. (really, I saw this one in the control bindings menu) but back to the Czech, I'm hundred percent sure that when there will be more languages and better promotion (I promoted this game to about 5-6 friends) and of course better optimalization and less bugs and glitches there will be more people playing which is still not bad considering there are sometimes up to 7 people at 02:00 CET on private open world servers. Still waiting for some meme languages like pirate or alien and not-broken, officially-used-languages like Polish...
  2. I feel like the author of the post is just commenting about the times after ww2... where communists where the bad guys because they stole from eachother and couldn't handle the money in comparison to the democrats... that's racist, and most of the communists didn't even have the choice because they were at the wrong side of the globe when ww1 and ww2 happened... Frankly, the idea is good but from my side, it needs a rework and less probs to stanag/nato ammunation-using countries and more balance without creating a third world war in the game...
  3. So as far as I know, you can't remove binds in the control settings. You can replace some, yes indeed, but not remove. For example, I use Q to communicate when I'm on teamspeak and it's annoying that I can replace it with something but I can't totally remove this. Yes, I don't use quick switch, so please add a ability to remove some of the possible bindings, for example when choosing a button to replace just click ESCAPE and it would remove the bind itself... *excuse me for my bad English, because it isn't my first language.
  4. In Open World it does work, and it's useful when escaping zombies. Pvp aswell. Warmup-servers are useless. And on BR's you mostly camp so it's also useful there.
  5. I would like to see some of them, but all those are choices, so 1-2 of each section will be enough. I made this just to... choose. And it's really annoying when the drops from a SZ are like 1 Tar-21, 1 M16, some painkillers and mostly of the time no sniper rifles (and if, there are only SP66's if you're lucky)
  6. And the "V-jump/high jump" ? This one isn't popular as much, I think, and it uses about 1.5 stamina of the normal, spacebar one...
  7. Maybe pvp-only then ? Because in for example Open World -servers, it's useful for example running away from a Super Zombie (to jump on something higher like the Helicopter crash etc.)
  8. My personal idea about jumpers is when they jump, it's ok, but when they lag aswell, I would like to scream something like "It's not Jumpstreet, you... *&#^@*#^&@ !" So probably I'm half positive/half negative about them.
  9. Have an addition ? Feel free to comment.
  10. Because... who's not bored from seeing the whole time HB's, AUG's and M4-platform based weapons (same with AK...) ?
  11. I guess, there are not enough guns in this game . · = VX.X · = V1.0 · = V2.0 · = V3.0 · = V4.0 · = V5.0 So here am I, the boy who played CoD, BF, Arma and probably some mods for Half Life for like 7, maybe 9 years in total. So here we go: Pistols: CZ-75A Heckler und Koch USP Heckler und Koch MK23 Glock 17... 18... 19... 20... 21... 22... (2 will be enough) 2.7mm Kolibri pistol Mauser C96/Mauser C96 Carbine Double M1911 (AF2011-A1) (with the ability to "akimbo" - 1 pistol in each hand) Revolvers: Smith&Wesson 500 Magnum .44 (with the ability to place a scope, please) MP-412 Rex/Colt Cobra Duck's foot revolver/Colt Buntline MTs-225 (revolver-shotgun ?) PDWs/Submachine guns: MP9 UMP-45 FN Herstal F2000 Thompson M1921/M1928 PP-2000 Kriss Vector K10 Beretta M12S CQBR MP 40 Magpul FMG-9/PP-90 PDR-C ČZ Škorpion Sa vz.61 Semi-auto rifles: with the ability to place a scope, please HK417 M39 (EMR)/ M14 (EBR) Semi-auto Simonov's Carbine (SKS) Garand M1 Single-action rifles: with the ability to place a scope, please Karabiner Kar98k/Springfield M1903/Mauser Gewehr 98/Lee-Enfield (all with the ability to place a scope, please) DMRs/Sniper Rifles: SV98/TWM/Sako TRG-21/DSR-1 Remington R700/Remington M24 SWS/BOR rifle Knight's Armament Comp. SR-25/US Army M110 AS50/Serbu RN-50/RT-20/Anzio 20mm PGM Hécate 2 (or PGM Ultima Ratio)/Gepard M5/WKW Tor (WKW Wilk) Rifles: XM8 (it's modular so please make it also Sharpshooter Rifle (DMR)) MSBS Radon/MSBS Grot (with, and without stock please (MSBS GROT)) Fix AK-12 and add it back to the game... or the new AK-series like AK-15 or even AK-102. Beretta ARX160 Colt CM901/CZ-805 BREN Fusil Automático Doble (FAD) IMBEL IA2 IMI Galil AR/Valmet M62 (maybe instead of AK's, add this one... yes, it's the same weapon, but Galil is the modified M62) A-91M KH2002 MX4 Storm Shotguns: XM26 LSS/KAC Masterkey (attachment) Mag-7/Armsel Striker Pracon Jackhammer Vepr-12/USAS-12/Benelli M4 Super 90/1014 JSCS Winchester Model 1887/1901 Ithaca 37 (or Ithaca Mag-10)/Browning Citori SPAS-12 UMGs/LMGs/MGs etc.: Heckler und Koch MG5 (HK121) LSAT M27 IAR M60E3/M60E4 TsNIITochMash Pecheneg S&T Motiv K12 UKM-2000 Melee/unconventional weapons: Something like the AC's hidden blade. Skateboard (vehicle aswell) M48 Cyclone knife Cleaver Musketeer rapier Excalibur sword (only spawning on top of a mountain, please) Fidget spinner (ninja star shaped maybe ? - make it throwable, please) A deck of sharp, metal playing cards (make it throwable, please) Something like the Athena's blades from God of War -series, or even better: akimbo katana's ! (ps. akimbo = 1 in each hand...) Compund Bow (with the ability to place a scope, please) Nun-chucks Garrote Climbing pickaxe Attachments will be added after Christmas (24 december)
  12. If the ghillie suits are available, we want them also in some skins like Winter and Autumn... oh, and make them not really common, but as rare as for example... Stanag C-Mags Elite or a Katana (the default one, not Wakizashi* nor Jokoto*)
  13. Yeah, and maybe also add something like a 0.01% bonus to insta-kill a zombie, and automatically take his loot into the backpack ? Because when I always watch Ghostbusters, I think of vacuuming... :*
  14. If people use it, it's worth it.
  15. Yes, I realized, but if you're close to a Safe Zone, and you don't have time to relog, then you go to a Safe Zone. It's logic.
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