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  1. me gustaria que quitaran el mapa de oregon y se enfoquen mas en los mapas de colorado y colorado v1
  2. I like the clans system in survival since there are clans that are also great that help the members bring more new people to the game
  3. @kazmightONFIRE good morning ami if I would like the system of clans but if they arrange the spawm of survival items because if they do not fix it it would not be funny to keep playing a way that looks like an open word
  4. julian


    please do not damage our game mode survival is very similar to open world, we need to download the spaw of items appear too many all over the map and lower the drops to snipers that is extremely difficult to find, I found 4 snipers 2 militarys 4 alice download the drops please thank you very much.
  5. julian


    you do publishing, you are open word you do not know what the player wants in survival @GENETICZZ
  6. julian


    I would like to pay more attention to survival since everything they do and do they do but for the open word mode they almost never get something good for survival concordo need a clan system for survival !!!!!!! by the guardians of the forest and by our queen who takes care of us the most
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