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  1. What can I do with this ??

    As I thought, the game crashes again,when I left the server and no longer runs...((
  2. What can I do with this ??

    After several attempts, it still started. I do not know for how long)
  3. What can I do with this ??

    Unfortunately, the problem didn't dare
  4. What can I do with this ??

    Today there was a problem when entering the game!!Loading and the game crashes! ERROR!FAILED TO PARSE SERVER XML,START-END TAGS MISMATCH!!!
  5. Ground Bug/Glitch

    I hate this bug so much!!!
  6. Few ideas and problems

    Hello! I want to present a couple of ideas for the game.I do not really believe that at least something will be introduced,but it's worth trying. 1)In order for survival to be more hardcore you need to make a zombie hearing distance more.For example, if you shoot, the zombies will hear it from a distance of 30 meters.Maybe 40.But of course, depending on what weapon you are shooting. 2)It is necessary to do less spawning weapons at military bases,otherwise, what kind of survival is it when I can leave the military base with 10 assault rifles, 5 armors,backpacks,magazines and helmets?Reduce the very amount of spawn weapons and armor. Particularly light and medium armors.They are too many! 3)It's a bit strange that at the zombie airport there is less than in Campos or elsewhere.But most likely this was done for optimization and if so, I support you! 4)Can make the time of day and night a little longer in survival?The minute in the game is 3 seconds, but can make at least 5?I remember that there were 10 in WarZ, but it's probably too much. 5)It would be nice if there were nature's sounds always. Otherwise they often disappear at all. Too quiet.More often it happens at night, but I would like to hear at least some sounds. 6)Maybe we should remove the melee that hangs on the leg?Looks crooked especially with a chainsaw.Either remove or do it better))Because the weapon does not even lean against the leg but is in the air. 7)Still there is a problem when the character holds in the hands of Honey Badger or Thompson, then it hangs over the hand and does not hold in it. 8)That's interesting, maybe you could add back Item boxes?I know that they are, but I mean that they did not spawn rarely.Everyone remembers how it was before in ISS) 9)Can for a more severe survival need a little decrease the amount of spawn food?Or add bonfires for cooking. But at the same time add raw meat,potatoes and other food that can be cooked. 10)when we go on the ATV, the backpack disappears.And the animation of the character when riding seems a bit wrong.His legs pass through ATV. 11)please fix this problem already when I can't kill the zombies on the car at high speed!It happens when I get stuck when I hit a zombie and can not leave. I think so far on this you can finish. I hope the developers will look at this and add or fix what I need))Thank you for attention!
  7. FPS

  8. FPS

    After patch 2.14 my FPS dropped from 50 to 30-35... And what the fuck after the 2.15 patch it dropped to 25? Why are you talking about optimizing the game?Where is it? Everything was fine
  9. Problems and questions

    Yes, I understand, but some things)
  10. Problems and questions

    Oh,FPS slightly increased, thanks)
  11. Problems and questions

    I have Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.20 GHz 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 But always everything was fine, without a lag, but after the update everything changed(
  12. Problems and questions

    1)Why, after the update, my FPS dropped from 50-55 to 30.I play on high and medium settings, with anti-aliasing turned off and SSAO too. 2)Correct the problem when the sounds of nature are audible not always.I can go and not hear anything and then abruptly begins. 3)And one more question concerns scary sounds.Could dear developers add more sounds from the WarZ?I found one video with a sound that I always liked!Is it possible to add some sounds?))
  13. Improving Survival

    it would be cool
  14. New grass

    Yes, I like it.I always wanted to see this grass in the game)
  15. New map

    I will name different ideas about the new map. 1.Weather changes.(Cloudy, rain, sunny, overcast etc.)I think that it would be cool.But.. you also need to think about optimization. 2.More gloomy graphics like old Warz.But this was said in other topics.And if I'm not mistaken, the developers approved this. 3.Zombies could be scattered in the forests as is Warz.I think zombies could lay in the forest in small quantities.Near military bases, or as on roads as before. 4.Slightly increased number of zombies in big cities. I think,that lots of people will not like this,but this is personally what I would have liked..