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  1. What about the dark nights? The nights on Colorado V1 are bright. But on Oregon they are dark. On Colorado you need to make the nights darker. Screaming Zombies: You can add such zombies to military bases on all maps. When they scream, they call other zombies nearby, which makes military bases dangerous
  2. I’m calm, but in the text it seems that I am aggressive, Damn, maybe I'm already starting to annoy you. Sorry that maybe I'm too annoying. Maybe I want to see the game perfect for myself ..Of course, I understand that you have other things to do.
  3. Hello!

    I and some guys answered you on one of the posts in survival mode. Please answer too))

  4. Yes, exactly. In every building there is a lot of food, armor and ammo.When I arrived at Norad's military base in Colorado V1, I couldn't take all the weapons and armor. There was too much loot. Previously, I had to go around every corner so as not to accidentally miss an item.Now it’s not interesting to loot. Weapons are everywhere, and developers cannot or do not want to change loot points.Each military point is filled with weapons. And what kind of survival should it be when everyone has a whole backpack of assault rifles...I understand that the meaning of the game is PVP, but give a good game to those who sometimes like to walk and feel in the world of the apocalypse.I don’t know why Sven doesn’t answer anymore. Even to the previous reviews. He asked me to explain better. I did it, but there is no answer..
  5. Sven, I hope you already read the previous reviews. I went around many places in Oregon and noticed that there is much less loot on this map than on Colorado V1.I think that Colorado should reduce the loot points. Otherwise, there are too many of them. I want to search for loot, and not "pick up at every step" . Hope you understand what I mean.
  6. Why are the nights on Oregon very dark, as it should be, but on Colorado V1 bright?
  7. Hello! I have time and am ready to answer the previous one. First I want to answer about lighting.I would like lighting that will not be too bright for the eyes.An example of this will be below Even in the woods it was quite dark. It created an atmosphere.Now the forests in the game are very boring and monotonous.No bushes, changing bird sounds, etc..It looks very cool to me. About scary sounds... I think you need to make them a little louder and add sharper sounds which could really scare.Like those that were in WarZ.. They really scared. The foliage that I wrote about earlier is in the image below. About loot: I mean, in all cities on Colorado V1 loot is almost the same. Perhaps Colorado V2. I don’t mean hospitals and markets or police stations. I mean loot in general. Weapons appear very monotonous everywhere. Loot in cities and farms or towns should be different. -On the farms there should be krugers, shotguns, mosin. Also melee. But there should not spawn assault rifles, body armors, etc. -In small towns, loot should be ordinary ... not military -It’s already better in big cities, because there are military points, etc. -As for military bases, everything is fine.Only sometimes too many weapons spawn there and cannot be carried away. Therefore, it should be reduced. Often you can find military loot in all fire stations and this is not right. I wrote about sniper rifles. -I meant that snipers could spawn in different places, but naturally rarely.To somehow diversify the search for loot and PVP. You wrote that do not add a weapon durability.Then there is the idea of spawn weapons with a different number of rounds -How about adding continuous radiation to some places on the map?And add mutated zombies there. -And also at all places on the map at night, make all zombies faster and stronger. You can also add red eyes to them. -In general, zombies should hear better.They must come together in crowds for shots, but now this is not there; they almost do not hear shots. Only nearby zombies. -How about screaming zombies at military bases or points?And also an even greater increase in the number of zombies.So that players don’t forget that zombies can also hurt, otherwise it's too easy to farm loot now. I also said for a long time that melee hanging on a leg is very unnatural.This can be seen especially with a bat, katana, axe or paddle.Some objects on the leg hang in the air.In my opinion this should be removed. I also wrote for a long time that reloading a shotgun with two bullets, the animation shows that I reload eight. I am confused by the sound of reloading PKM.Should make a new reload sound.
  8. I will definitely answer all this and clarify some things. When I have time))Thanks for answers
  9. Hello! I know that the developers of the game will not pay attention again, but I will write. I have an idea about cars.Since cars are not often found on the map, you can make sure that cars can be saved in a safe zone or in the forest, but for this you need keys that a player carries in a backpack or holds in a safe zone. If a player is killed, then the keys get to another player. And he can find this car somewhere on the map. 2 years ago you said that you want to change the lighting on survival.To make the lighting look like an early ISS. So it would be prettier. Why are there fewer scary sounds? Now they sound very rarely. I suggest making the grass more optimized and adding some bushes and small trees to the forests.So you can hide better.You can also add a little vegetation to the cities. Many players have long been asking for this.You need to make more loot variety on survival.More variety of helmets that won't spawn,guns etc.In each place, the loot is almost the same. I think you can make sniper rifles more accessible to players.I would like to return to the excitement that was before in WarZ.I want to find snipers at military bases or points. Damn, crafting ammo should make sense.Magazines are very easy to find in the world and crafting is very meaningless. I suggest increasing the rarity of magazines. Can still add a weapon breakdown?So that weapons can be repaired? You have a long time ago agreed with the idea of zombie armor.Naturally, this armor cannot be taken away, but it will be harder to kill zombies.Such zombies can be added to military bases or to the big cities. A lot of military loot spawn on farms and ranches.This should be fixed.And also on the highway, where there are cars, you can find a lot of military loot. Remove many trees in Colorado V1 that are stuck in rocks or mountains.And you should also remove grass on rocky terrain.
  10. Hello! I really hope you pay attention to this. Today I want to write about various issues regarding survival and the game as a whole. To begin with, the updates in the game have become almost meaningless.Only skins are added and on some maps something minimally changes. Survival is almost not updated long ago.First I’ll start with some things in general. -Perhaps it is not at all, and I do not have a very powerful computer.The grass in the game greatly reduces my FPS.Especially when I look through binoculars.Maybe you could optimize the grass or replace it with another?It would be nice. -I rarely play in the open world, so I’ll write it as for survival.The lighting is good only in the morning and in the evening.But during the day it is too light.It would be nice if you made the lighting darker.You wrote almost a year ago that you wanted to change the lighting, but this didn't happen. Okay, now only about survival... -Adjust the loot in Survival. This applies more to Colorado V1.Almost everywhere loot is very scattered.Most often this happens on military points, in tents.Going into tents in Boulder City, weapons lie across the tent, and so in each of them.It is worth reducing, because still no one takes so much loot with them.Generally, it is worth reducing the spawn of the guns as a whole. Not much, but worth it. -I already wrote it once. But why not make it so that the weapons could spawn empty, with half the magazine or brand new e.t.c.It will add variety. -What about the wear of a weapon and its repair?They shouldn't break quickly, but over time. -You should reduce spawn of magazines.Because I see no point in crafting ammunition and the rest. -You could make a different loot in each city or area of the map.Now on the farms you can find assault rifles or SMG's.Should be different.In small towns can spawn civilian loot and assault rifles like M4 SEMI,AKM or M16 in in the police stations.As well as pistols (Jericho, B92, Colt, Anaconda) Shotguns(Mossberg,SAIGA,Double Barrel)Armor (Light body armor and rarely MTV).In big cities, better loot.Rarer assault rifles like AK-47,FN Scar,and armor.And the rarest items only at military bases such as Fn Scar(STALKER's too), Famas, Sig Sauer,PKM,RPK,FNM249 etc. Military backpacks,pistols like Sig Sauer,Five Seven,STI Eagle,Desert Eagle,rare sights and armor. -Why are there any sheds, lamps, a statue next to the Norad Military Base?Affects FPS. -When 2 rounds in a shotgun are charged, the animation shows reload with 8. Thanks for attention!
  11. Very good idea!But, I doubt that they will add anything. Because survival is a bit forgotten.
  12. RIpper1403

    Loot - Survival

    Dear developers, I want to talk about loot in Military bases.Today I came to the Norad Military Base and was surprised at the number of weapons. At each corner were many weapons, armor and ammo.You still haven't corrected the spawn points. You can just check these points and fix them. In many places, the objects lspawn next to each other. It's about Colorado V1. I did not have enough space even in a military backpack to carry off all the weapons that were there.Check, please, everything! Fix finally a mistake with a shotgun.When I load two bullets in the mossberg, the animation charges 8. A very long time ago I proposed to remove the melee weapon from the character's thigh. It looks bad and doesn't need to. If you add empty magazines for survival, then think about reducing the spawn number of guns. Or make sure that the weapon does not always have full magazines.It was once in Ifestation SS. If there is an opportunity to exchange 10 Fn Scar's CQC for 1 night stalker at Colorado V2, then I think it is worth increasing the rarity of the Night stalker.
  13. If you add empty magazines for survival, then think about reducing the spawn number of guns. Or make sure that the weapon does not always have full magazines.It was once in Ifestation SS. There is still a problem, when I load 2 rounds into Mossberg or other shotguns, the animation charges 8 rounds. If there is an opportunity to exchange 10 Fn Scar's CQC for 1 night stalker, then I think it is worth increasing the rarity of the Night stalker.
  14. You also need to fix many loot points.For example, in many cities in the fire stations spawn rifles,lot's of armors.On ambulances you can find guns(I saw it in Frosty Pines-Colorado V1).You can find heavy weapons(RPK,PKM etc.) on different civilian vehicles.And it is around all map.You have to fix it. -On the farms you can find weapons(Uzi,P226,Fn SCAR,ammo for these guns,sometimes m4's or m16's).On farms must spawn krugers, colts, mosins, mossbergs, food, various melee weapons and crafting elements. -Cities must have less military loot.The police stations should spawn M16, M4 semi,mossberg,maybe AK-74,Jericho, B92,ammo,MTV's, medium body armor's, civilian night vision and various helmets.The rest of the military loot should spawn only at military bases or military points. -I think that night vision should spawn less often. -I think that heavy weapons(PKM's,M249,MG36 and RPK) should spawn less often too. -It seems to me that you need to remove the melee weapon from the character's leg.It looks strange because the weapon is hanging in the air and it is not attached to anything.Remove or add it to the character's back. -If you still add zombies with armor, you can make them doubly resilient.For example hatchet kills zombies with 2 hits to the head, but zombies with armor will die from 4 hits etc. -After turning off the night vision, many windows of buildings are light up as well as car windows.After some time disappears. -I asked for a long time, but why do not you add more things from the open world. (Helmets, some other weapons, etc.) Thanks for attention!
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