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  1. LOOT

    I agree.Otherwise I saw there is very little number of walkers. There they are less than in the same Smallville.
  2. LOOT

    you are right. The game has outlived its and this pvp is already too tired.Before that, there was still less loot, but what I saw today ...I do not want to play anymore. But as I said before, I'm waiting for a new map and changes.Very sad!
  3. LOOT

    I came to prison and found there so many guns. 7 M16, 4 M4, armors, Bizon, 2-3 MP5, Guirella, ammo.A bunch of medicines and a couple of zombies ... Almost literally. How ''interesting'' it is to survive and loot the areas when in each barn I can find about 2-3 guns or armors.On the tower was 3. Going around 4 garages, I came across 4 guns. I wait for a new map and if nothing changes, I will leave this game. Unfortunately ..Thanks. There is no sense in calling this mode a survival if it differs only in that the zombies die by a headshot and not into the body...The game is dying and it's sad.You put your strength into the game, but you do many things not right.
  4. DevBlog - Oregon (New Map)

    Do not need to remove the survival, but I agree that the game is solid pvp.A game about survival where it is not..There used to be one game mode with survival and it was good, but now the game is unlikely to be the same. It just turned into a pvc simulator, in which a lot of loot and 0 survival.So sad.
  5. For developers!!!!

    Of course I respect the work of developers and respect them for the fact that they contain the game. They have a lot of work and I hope that the game will improve more and more
  6. For developers!!!!

    Yes, many of these trifles, but it's a pity that it was the survival regime that did not acquire anything new (Yes, they try and do their work, but the game itself is too monotonous despite all sorts of innovations.
  7. For developers!!!!

    I know, and that's why I'm trying to get this to the developers))
  8. For developers!!!!

    Hello again, dear developers!I want to talk again about the game,because it's terrible.Terrible is not a game, but the situation. Do you even understand that the game hasn't changed in 6 years?Even you could not add almost anything new.Of course, there were new modes, a new interface, different little things.The old gaming interface was certainly better, because it was more awesome, but still... You are working on a map and I'm interested, besides you add something?Players leave the game because it bothers them.Nothing interesting is added,only the most unnecessary things.The game became very boring and terribly monotonous.I'll write the same ideas from the last topic and add something new! Why in the open world did I shoot with a silencer and zombies waking up from 20-30 meters?But on survival I shot without a silencer and zombies did not hear me from 20 meters or even 30!!!Are you seriously?In my opinion, survival should be much better.On survival, these zombies do not give anything at all. You want to be afraid of them! -You can add more zombies. You have optimized them. -Make a zombie stronger. -Add zombies to the forest and they will stay,sleep or walk in small groups. -At the military bases add a lot of runners and screamers.To a good loot was not so easily available. -Reduce the chance of falling medications from zombies. IT'S SURVIVAL, CARL!Why is everything so easy to get! ??? -Fix this crap with a silencer in different modes.In general, it should be done so that the zombies are very well heard and run into the shots and not walked alone from 15 meters. -Make rarer food and medicine.Or armor and ammunition otherwise they are everywhere!You promised survival but there was a solid pvp both in the open world... -You can make a zombie smarter!They are stupid for 6 years.They can't get the player on a small box or on the hood of a car. -Hardcore is needed in this mode. -You promised to try new lighting.Will you do it?for example as in Colorado V1. -Add body temperature and more frequent infection from zombies,otherwise it is too rare. Probably need to pray to God that you at least something added from this...I think all of this would be interesting.I respect your work and I want you to listen. Thank you for attention!
  9. Fire station

    Where was the fire station at Delta peak?Instead, there will be loot on the ground and a huge tower hanging in the air, which was on the roof.Please,FIX THIS)))
  10. DevBlog - Oregon (New Map)

    You said that you will work on new lighting on the map) Do you remember that video that was sent by one of the users?
  11. Survival DIES

    I fully support you.Online in the game is significantly reduced...
  12. Survival DIES

    Yeah, but you need too many resources)
  13. Survival DIES

    I began to notice that online survival is significantly reduced!I will express my indignation over the state of the game. To begin with, the fact that survival hasn't changed since the beginning of its release.Almost nothing new has been added,but it's past more than half a year.The game is too monotonous!Nothing new and interesting!I understand that you're working on a new map, but the new map will not change anything.For the mode of survival of the weapons a lot. In each house there are 2 guns.You somehow said that this is so that new players could feel better.Why from the beginning it was impossible to add a rare loot so that players did not collect lots of weapons for the day?I do not think that it's like survival. There are a lot of weapons and other things. People are picking up weapons and waiting on the roofs. -You can add more zombies. To increase their strength. -Add the zombies to the forests and that they will stay or walk in small groups. -Too many medicines are falling from zombies! -You can make medicines and food less often -And add the opportunity to build small farms in the forests.It would be hard, but it was possible to grow food -Maybe the zombies will finally get the players out on the cars and boxes that are to their waists? -Zombies must run to loud sounds in large numbers. -I believe that the infection of the blood should be more oftent than now. -Zombies are still stopping cars!!!!!!! -Can you add to the spawn barricades?That they were rare, like barbed wire or sand barricade.Otherwise, it is not possible to craft.At least some variety. It's all in fact will add more fear and interest in the game. Think about this. If the loot from the beginning was rare, for example, as in WARZ, the game would be much more interesting. I come out of the military base with 15 assault rifles, armor and magazines. It's not interesting at all.5 years ago they even fought for a pistol or a bottle of water. But now this weapon is in every building.Dear developers, pay attention to these problems, damn it!!! Thank you for attention!
  14. What can I do with this ??

    As I thought, the game crashes again,when I left the server and no longer runs...((
  15. What can I do with this ??

    After several attempts, it still started. I do not know for how long)