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  1. RIpper1403

    Some ideas for survival

    I understand that zombies maybe can lower my FPS, but when I play on the Colorado V1 on the open world, there are a lot of zombies and my FPS is good. For example, at the airport or Campos))
  2. RIpper1403

    Some ideas for survival

    So sad...
  3. RIpper1403

    Loot - Survival

    Sorry,but I don't like it))
  4. RIpper1403

    Some ideas for survival

    Yea,it would be nice!
  5. RIpper1403

    Loot - Survival

    Nonononono.Why open world loot ??Awful idea..It will be disgusting.Sense to do the same loot as in the open world and call it survival?
  6. RIpper1403

    Some ideas for survival

    Hello! I have a lot of cool ideas for survival mode,but I don't think I can write everything ;DD Okay,let's start this s**t! 1.I think it’s worth making the zombie movement distance on the map longer.Otherwise, it's very easy to get away from them. 2.Add more, MORE zombies!Make them stronger! 3.Remove the drop of medicines from zombies! 4.Add frequent bleeding,and increase the rarity of bandages. 5.Add more zombies to the forests to not only the cities were dangerous. 6.Add zombies with armor to make them harder to kill.They can spawn on military bases and big cities.But the armor should not fall from them! 7.It would be interesting, if not always the cars were intact, but they would have to be repaired. 8.Why are there not many helmets on survival that exist in the open world?(Blue helmet,Camo,Sand,Urban.) 9.Blood infection should be more often! 10.It would be more dangerous to play at night if the zombies at this time became more active, faster and angrier. 11.You can add more dangerous zombies to military bases. Like the red zombies from Infestation World, ISS THAI.)) If I have more ideas, I will write! Thanks for attention!
  7. RIpper1403

    Bleeding + Zombies

    YEEEEA!It would be very cool, but then you should add more zombies for more hardcore.
  8. RIpper1403

    Colorado V1 fixes

    There are some problems on the Colorado V1.I would like to write you some of them. - For example. In Crystal Lake Resort spawn a lots of AK-M's.In Loco Mountain Campsite spawn AR's (about 4-5 in one place) and nothing else. - Very few crafting items on the map,but lots of guns.I want to say that on the map there is a bad variety of loot.Almost everywhere rifles, gas masks,rifle atachments.I like that there is less food and medicine,but if all this is less, then make rifles as rare. - Why you guys didn't add scary sounds to the Colorado V1? - Make the nights darker, otherwise too light. - Add more zombies to big cities,military points,other smaller towns and farms. - fix cars.Because often crashes when you get into the car.
  9. RIpper1403


    I'm not bored in this game. I just always wanted to maintain survival, but now it's just a loot picking simulator. On the farm, finding 10 guns and armor is stupid. I understand you about super zombies, but when there was a balance of loot, then it too all killed. Now the meaning of the game in killing a super zombie ?? I just feel sad that there is no more survival.This mode for me just died. And I'm sad to look at the fact that there is almost no difference between the open world and survival. Only sniper rifles and heavy armor's. I'm just very angry. Sorry...I'm done.
  10. RIpper1403


    I mean the amount of loot on the map...I have already stopped playing because it is not interesting now.
  11. RIpper1403

    fix rate spawn loot

    +1 For decrease the loot in v1! The balance is badly spoiled. Even in Oregon, there is less loot. Now all the rare rifles are everywhere!
  12. RIpper1403


    I can't enjoy anymore because it's an open world V2
  13. RIpper1403

    Remember this?

    It's sad that everything is so stupid.I loved the survival mode but now he is dead to me personally...
  14. RIpper1403

    Remember this?

    How much new was added to the survival in the last year? Almost nothing. Yes, a new map, new crafts, but a little. And in general, the loot balance was only spoiled. The game adds only the dumb skins, gladiator weapons, new but crooked cars and MORE LOOT !!! I do not understand why this mode is called survival...I do not believe, but here it is that something will change. I'm even ready for wipe..
  15. RIpper1403

    Remember this?

    Survival is dead to me.Now it's the same open world but with fewer sniper rifles.Fuck, now weapons and rare backpacks and armor just everywhere.In colorado V1 everywhere lie L85, Night Stalkers, Red, An-94, Honey Badgers etc.And Alice backpacks,IBA,MTV's....OMFG Arriving on the usual highway, where there are a couple of cars and sand barricades, I found a pair of armor and somewhere 10 assault rifles..Survival?Srsly?? No!!!Why do you need so many loot? Have you ever heard what survival is? There is no game about survival where there is so much loot,but this is also Nevz and everything is possible here...