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  1. alinush224

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    So , were gona be able to find halloween items after the patch at the halloween locations or on friday ?
  2. alinush224

    Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

    Add more cars on the road for more cover and push-ups
  3. alinush224

    Patch 2.20

    @Sven I am more then sure, even with the server entering sleep mode and entering back in , they're still not spawning/not there , and yes open world . Since i dont know which one was removed ill tell the location of all the missong ones : crashed plane , brown containers , and town helicopter
  4. alinush224

    Patch 2.20

    Ok 1 is gone , but where are the other 2 normal supers ? Cuz 3 are gone :* .
  5. alinush224

    Patch 2.20

    @Sven I am very sure , at nato there was supposed to be 8 normal supers ( 2 on airstrip , 1 crashed plane , 1 tanks , 1 at brown containers , 2 near tents and 1 at town helicopter ) . Now there is only 5 ( 2 airstrip , 1 tank , 2 tents ) . SOO the normal supers from crashed plane , brown containers and town helicopter , are not spawning ( or are removed )
  6. alinush224

    Patch 2.20

    @Sven Can i ask why there is only 5 super zombies on NATO , instead of 8 ? it used to be 8 . Did you removed 3 supers of wut ? if you did , then thats a bad move sir .
  7. alinush224

    Some Suggestions by SkillerFreak

    I dont think fn fall is that op , the damage is good actually ,for headshots only is 3 and bodyshots is 6 ,BUT the mag only has 20 bullets which makes you to think when to take the decision to shoot and not waste the bullets . And as a findable weapon i would class it as an uncommon rarity
  8. alinush224

    Ping Limited Server Discussion

    Here is my vision on how EU servers should look : 3 or 4 colorado servers - ping limit 2 caliwood servers - ping limit 2 oregon servers - ping limit And 2 trade servers - no limit
  9. alinush224

    Ping Limited Server Discussion

    I agree with Freddy D. EUs should be on EU , and thais on HK. Doing this WILL fix it , ik you'll say ping limited servers are empty but thats bc people will always choose where there is more people. Making all servers ping limited and leaving only a few number of servers to crowd the people and expanding the number over time when people come back SHOULD FIX THE PROBLEM.
  10. alinush224

    Ping Limited Server Discussion

    I agree on the thai problem , most of my friends want to leave just bc of them . The only solution will surely be making eu servers ping limited. I know youll say it will kill the population on the eu servers. But its not. The EU players dont want any longer to fight thais . And bc of them, the eu population will die and only asians will play this game . Sad but true
  11. alinush224

    Instant Revive System - Feedback

    If you guys really dont like the respawn sistem on official servers ( as i can see above ), why not make the revive timer to 1 minute ? ( it takes 1 min for me to log back in , ssd powa )
  12. alinush224

    Instant Revive System - Feedback

    On big maps like caliwood , colorado and oregon , the respawn is good as it is . But on the short pvp maps you would need to add something extra , either you add longer timer on pvp servers or you add something that makes players to not move for 2 seconds after they respawn OR a sound for respawn just so nearby players can be warned when a player spawns
  13. alinush224

    DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    The famas did not needed a nerf , it was good as it was , SOO PLS REVERT BACK THE DAMAGE CHANGE
  14. alinush224

    NewZ in 2018 #2

    I agree with EVERYTHING , tho missions would be interesting to see added
  15. alinush224

    AR Stats - Feedback

    I agree with nipples . Right now, after 1 second of shooting, the bullets go every single direction except the one you're aiming at . That should be changed , the spread should be the same even after 5 seconds of shooting. And to compensate on that increase the recoil and decrease the decay .