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  1. Henkaku

    Patch 2.28 (Hotfix)

    well done
  2. Henkaku

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    try to add wheter ? day and night.
  3. Henkaku

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Much better (Adding the best guns the game has to offer and make snipers more common from Airdrops) . most ppl have many skin and they can use now all mode. anyone can win more.
  4. Henkaku

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

  5. Henkaku

    Patch 2.26

    waiting for done.
  6. Henkaku

    First Week!

    excited !!
  7. Henkaku

    Weekend Event!

    Nice Weekend Event Sale !!!
  8. Henkaku

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    yes disable all or do it very rare.
  9. Henkaku

    Why nobody cares about this issue at all

    i think not happened all times and there are some bug.
  10. Henkaku

    Thailand Cup #1 (Unofficial)

    good tour.
  11. Henkaku

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Can't Wait. 555+