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  1. eDeLMx

    Patch 2.29

    Thank you for always worrying about each event .. for each job ..! for every season and especially for our RIOTSHIELD, today and always NEWZ 😎🤸‍♂️🙋‍♂️
  2. eDeLMx

    The Best Latin Players of NewZ Part-1

    I'll make an all time top! The people want! and I assure you my bro that you are included for being a legend! for your dedication, skill and perseverance! .. crack geneticz
  3. A special video for special players, "THE BEST LATINO PLAYERS OF NEWZ Part 1" wishes to leave this legacy to all those who dedicate or dedicate themselves to this great game! INFESTATION ... LONG LIFE TODAY AND ALWAYS !! Un video especial para jugadores especiales , "LOS JUGADORES DE LOS MEJORES LATINOS DE NEWZ Parte 1" Quisiera dejar este legado a todos aquellos que se dediquen o dediquen un tiempo a este gran juego! INFESTACION ... LARGA VIDA HOY Y SIEMPRE !!
  4. A big greeting to all ... I would like a support with Sub😉
  5. eDeLMx

    Weekend Event! (Week 50)

    rest of players ? >>>>>>>> o yeaaaa !! rest of players they only enter without items and they do prey :)!
  6. Here I bring you the last installment of my FRAGS MONTAGE, something light but without leaving the flavor! .. I hope you like it
  7. Hay partes divertidas 😎 !, Y partes emocionales, de acuerdo con los comentarios ... es bien inspirados jeje 🕺
  8. eDeLMx

    Patch 2.26

    Nice Patch , great Job !!
  9. eDeLMx

    PanamCup18 - Novas datas/new dates

    FL4E ready and following the notes very closely ... we will communicate some schedule condition if there is any inconvenience ..!
  10. eDeLMx

    Check-in for Week 1

    FL4E ! Ready! ... Preparen... ! Apunten !! Fire !!!! XD
  11. eDeLMx

    PanamCup18 - Format

    Sorprendente y Super Interesante!!
  12. ▶ FRAG MONTAGE 5 - - Espero les guste Saludos por parte de - eDeLMx ◀
  13. eDeLMx

    Clan Riot Shield Application update

    @Sven @El chupacabra @CORAZÓN DE CORAZÓN We are completely grateful! Clan FL4E and we will continue active and contributing in the Community. THANK YOU !
  14. Ohh !! PARTY DRINK LATINA !! Enjoy Montage guys .... Thanks NewZ