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  1. I'm 24 I have +20k rep and -10k rep, A lot of snipers for PVP ( 500+ ) I'm looking for some good clan to play with on PVP and offical servers. I have (Teamspeak3, Skype, Discord for comunication).
  2. Its so anoying when ppl just teleport into your face ,or when u spot them and cant be really 100% sure u gone kill them when they just teleport not run. Maybe u have right max ping 100 not gone help here. That was just my sugestion.
  3. ChronekDKC


    Maybe some servers pvp where there is not 8 ppl and 5 of them in clan, becouse im sick of that and propably a lot of ppl when u need to fight on serwer where half serwer is one group. No Group and no Clan servers i mean.
  4. Do PING serwers first in list so the others gone be empty ... and 200 ping is still a lot !!! and ppl with that ping still teleport...
  5. Do some PING limit (100)or less on server becouse teleporting ppl are anoying on PVP servers... European serwer are for Europe so i dont understand why ppl from other continents even join them
  6. ChronekDKC


    Can someone post list of all good ranks(+ points of reputation) in game .
  7. Witam Poszukuje ludzi do wspólnej gry PVP/PVE. Looking for people to PVP/PVE. Requirements: +18, Microphone
  8. Witam, jezeli to nadal aktualne to ja sie pisze jakis kontakt ?
  9. My name is Dawid(David) I'm 23 I'm from Poland I play this game a lot I'm looking for International clan where people use English or Polish clan Contact: Chronek"DKC" on Steam
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