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  1. Sweet! I am glad you guys are working on this it's too bad they didn't do this and back when it was War Z so you guys can be working on other things. But they didn't so you guys are taking care of it which is really cool. This was one very important part of the game that had to be fixed. It will for sure take some time only other thing I would say is hire me to help you out. I will work on this 5 days a week for free just so it gets done. Let some of the community help you guys out haha. I am sure others would do the same.
  2. So That last patch that was 22MB really just broke the game. I am sure you already know but there are tons of dudes hacking right now with unlimited ammo , Invisible, and they seem to be able to kill people and have another players name come up rather than theirs. EX: We were in a server my clan and another clan got killed by hackers they thought it was one of our guys. Then later I was killed by the hacker and it was one of their guys names that popped up. Soo I dont know how that got so messed up but hope you guys can get this fixed soon.
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