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  1. Sek0

    Empty Server

    Thank you for reply, Wrong is nothing, you guys do updates and everything to make it better, thats very nice. just i would like to see more other people, not always the same, and i dont know how to do it, i never owned a game ^^... Just the thing is, if people start this game they have no chance to win/kill people and say wow nice game, i think they go on servers getting killed many times after spawn protection is done and they die. After this they quit, i mean i would do it, if i didnt know this game and knew how to play it. beginner servers was great, the problem on beginner servers are, if u put them back, the normal server would be little more empty, because some people would play there (new accounts and and and). adversiting: mhm what about getting very good streamers like summit or dakotaz back, i mean people watch a stream see how the game is and try it out, so we would get more players in this game. but i dont know how to get the streamers back to this game other advertising i dont tbh ^^ like i said, its just an suggestion, would be great, if the community is bigger..
  2. Sek0

    Empty Server

    Hey guys, Sorry but is the game going to be dead? i mean after the steam release you saw so many new people on the server, now?Only same people or empty servers on PVP maps or just 15 people on PVP and 5 man clan all over 500k rep? i mean 1on1 could be playable but its like not funny anymore...( PVP server 5 people party highranks push you...) We need more players! Which advertising we doing for this game? Any new players playing this game or we lose just more and more players? The thing is, there are no beginners servers anymore, people (civilian) starting this game, going on the server and get rekt easily 100 times, because they cant play this game after 1 hours, you know what i mean? After this they quit this game because they think shit game, all cheater or pro gamer we dont have chance and and and... I think you guys have to do something, the community is to small... but of corse its your choise, i dont want to attack you guys. Its just an suggestion. for example: - Advertising - beginner server back I dont know what more, but we be great if you do something.. i like this game but if everyday its bthe same, its going to be boring, reply please and thank you for listening/reading...
  3. Sek0

    new BR is terri-bad

    hey guys seriuosly: the BR map is so huge now, it takes you at least 40 min to even come to close to a win while having the risk of getting discs and crashes the whole time... for what reason have you made this map so huge and without any cover that you even get driven over by a car after an 10min walk through the desert. i mean on which base is this game supposed to be fun right now? the concept with the cars are fine, but 20 out of 40min right now i just waiting till everybody is coming closer.. i think the radio has to be either faster or you cut down the size of the map again just a suggestion - winning a game with 40people right now takes alsmost an hour (with the warmup) with almost no action until the very end... and pls pls pls finally get those crashes done... every 3rd potentia win is ruined by just dropping out of the game
  4. hello, Could you put in a function that we can skin weapon stacks in our global? So the opposite of “unskin”. We are tired of skin weapons one by one. The big advantage is we could use our time better for PVP and do not waste time to clean up our global. Another suggestion is that we can put for example 50x stacks of snipers in our backpack to make trading more comfortable. Thanks