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  1. KinkyWarren

    Why nobody cares about this issue at all

    As for me, I would not consider it as a substantial issue in this game. I remember the days there were no cars in this game (WarZ) at all. That's okay if we have bugs with it, the devs probably gonna find a way to fix some of them later, the game is still playable. To me, the lack of balance in sniper rifle gameplay is much worse. I personally don't find any fun in using a sniper rifle, I like ARs. And the ARs are absolutely worthless in this game, against an average sniper. No matter how good you are. There are tons of sniper rifles available, it's not a rarity at all. So, there's no fun for me at all in playing at MOST of the servers in this game. Guess how insignificant the car problems are for me.
  2. KinkyWarren

    Why nobody cares about this issue at all

    This is not a bug, it's a feature!
  3. KinkyWarren

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    > a lot of players simply don't understand how ping works > and the best start is to ask all of you to help them. > We aim to, of course, have every player play in "their own region". Guys, this is rediculous. You removed official AR-only servers from US, SA and HK regions, and expect americans, brazilians, columbians, south africans, thai and chinese AR-only players play in their own region??? No other gun will do well against a sniper rifle. Imba foundable everywhere. AR-only gameplay is dramatically different from the sniper gameplay. You just don't recognize.
  4. KinkyWarren

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Good luck and happy fragging! 😎
  5. KinkyWarren

    Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

    I used to play at RockyFord in good old WarZ before it became more popular than Smallville. What if you give a try to experimental version with hills of old Colorado v.1? People used to assault and take down the campers uphigh and it was huge fun.
  6. KinkyWarren

    Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

    Thank you guys very much for your constant work on improving the game! I got another idea regarding the possibility you recently confirmed in Q&A: placing areas with different weapon setting. You're working on new event/contract system. What if one of the contracts is killing a superzomby with a melee only? This would involve a team of two or more players, and would make more fun. And good loot for the whole team too. A melee-only area seems quite lore-friendly, as there might be certain anomaly areas where firearms won't work. PS: sorry for posting it here, just have no time at work, to look through the forum on my phone. Cheers!
  7. KinkyWarren

    North / South America Server Changes

    > All the EU AR ONLY servers have been removed i know a few dozens of people who regularly pvp on AR only Cali, they are not happy. what you guys did to Europe AR only is wrong.