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  1. Stuck spot

    Thank you for the report! I will forward this to where it needs to go.
  2. Post Office ESP glitch

    This is a LOD issue, I will have someone look into it when possible. Thanks for the report!
  3. İ Lost My Email

    Hi, please submit a support ticket so we can try and assist you.
  4. Prone Right Peak

    This is very situational like @isntsaid but thank you for the report regardless!
  5. Joining problem

    Apologies for the delay, if you are still having issues please submit a support ticket so we can look into this for you.
  6. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

    The amount of entries already is amazing! Thank you everyone for your support so far!
  7. I got bored today, so i made this.

    My name being in there made me smile, it looks great! Actually going to use this is a screensaver since I don't have anything right now.
  8. Huge tower bug

    Thank you for the report, we are aware of the issue.
  9. Lifetime Premium Account Reward

    If any Lifetime Premium users HAVE NOT received this reward kindly open a support ticket so this can be looked into. Thank you!
  10. Lifetime Premium Account Reward

    What would you like to see added or improved? Ranting without suggestions or ideas doesn't help anybody in the long run.
  11. Lifetime Premium Account Reward

    Sorry to hear that, please submit a support ticket so we can look into this for you!
  12. About google authenticator

    Hi, if you could submit a support ticket we can begin to help you recover your account.
  13. Old streamer returning

    Welcome back! If you ever require assistance the staff team is more then happy to help!
  14. Lifetime Premium Account Reward

    Enjoy everyone!