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  1. Weekend Event!

    I just wanted to wish everyone a nice weekend!
  2. Forum Username

    We don't run into this request often, but please make a support ticket under "Account Related" and someone with enough permissions will help you out when they have time.
  3. Serveradmin abuse his right

    There is some confusion it would seem here. 1: Server owners can only kick players out of the server and this " you are temporarily banned from this server" is in place to prevent you from joining back right away. 2: Server owners cannot teleport or do any other staff or developer functions whatsoever. 3: If you are on another player's server they reserve the right to do what they please AS LONG as they don't break any game rules. To avoid issues like these I suggest you play on the official PVE servers.
  4. Sorry you had such a poor experience with support in the past, if there is anything I can do please let me know. In terms of the anti-cheat legit players have nothing to fear with players reporting you, they can report you 100 times and nothing would happen because again you are legit. Obviously false positives happen, but they are always resolved in the end. I personally wouldn't give too much thought to the things people are saying, it doesn't change anything and it could be a compliment depending on how you look at it.
  5. low fps

    Your video card is not the only factor when it comes to how many fps you get. Can you provide more hardware specs? Mainly your CPU and RAM if possible! We are more then happy to try and find the cause of your low frames.
  6. The cars tho xD

    To infinity and beyond! (But I agree this needs to be fixed!)
  7. Close my true topic

    Darn you Chupa you beat me. But you must have a MASSIVE apartment building, because it stretches all the way from Russia to Canada.
  8. Oregon - The New Map

    Anything will do! We appreciate all your hard work in finding issues like these, it helps a ton!
  9. Quarter-Finals!

    Best of luck to everyone!
  10. Still US Private Server Problems?

    Sorry for the issues, I will have someone look into this as soon as possible!
  11. Sunday's events #3

    Have fun everyone!
  12. Asian People on EU servers issue

    Please keep the discussion on topic everyone, no need to argue or fight with people for no reason. Let's keep this open so more people can discuss and add what they think.
  13. Game is s***

    Along with a couple other people I didn't understand a word that you said, can you please clarify what you meant? Happy to take your feedback and suggestions if possible.
  14. Items disappeared from inventory

    Hi, if you lost the items in the open-world game mode please make sure you select open world and check again. The menu changed with this recent patch. If you lost them on survival please let me know.
  15. Medic Item Box

    Cool idea, I noted it down for discussion! Appreciate all your input recently.