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  1. @Sven Wow, honestly didn't think you would reply! Thank you so much! After I wrote you the first time I noticed that you addressed the question that I had asked on twitter! Thank you to all of you who spend countless hours every day not only making the game amazing, but for answering questions and listening to the people who enjoy the game as much as me!
  2. Thanks for replying! That is kinda silly...I agree, if that is the issue then hell yeah there should be a limit, if not on any normal day than at least during events...
  3. Hey @Sven, or whoever wants to reply lol It says that server rentals are disabled for all regions for the moment...(Probably a dumb question, but>>) Is this just me or is everyone having this issue? I can't find any super Z's and when I finally do, someone comes out of nowhere and either finishes him off with a couple bullets and gets the loot, or just ever so knowingly takes my loot after I kill him lol I am not upset or anything, that's the game, but I would however just rather have a nice secluded only me stress free server...Not to mention there is no private PVE servers for my region (lobby of 10) so I have to join a server where speaking is basically pointless...BTW, Figured I should also say that I am, and have been obsessed with this game since I started playing it a couple years ago...So, Umm, Yeah...I guess that is all, Thank you!
  4. Alright, I will do that. Thank you! XD
  5. Looking for someone to rent me a private server for a day. PM me
  6. I think I should win because, I have loved this game since it first got put on Steam before all of the cool new updates, I honestly don't think I should win above anyone else though, I think this most likely comes down to luck, but regardless if I win or not I just want to thank everyone working their asses off on this game! It is, and has always been for me, addictive! I have played my share of games and this one tops all the other competition!
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