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  1. Both of these are good ideas, ANYTHING to get rid of the drudgery of trade....
  2. Yes TL Trade Lounge. You got exactly what I was saying with the rest too! Awesome!
  3. Ok here is the point I want to make. IF you want to change the game on PVP have at it!! If you want to change PVP play on OW, have at it!! That being said leave PVE play out of this craziness as well as areas we have to frequent ie TL. Its funny how the people who wanted to make the game harder is PVE players and PVP players cried its too hard. If they want to make changes to PVE then talk to PVE players! Leave the changes to the players who play each of the different options. Did you not see the survival vote about servers?? Yeah, people WANT options. They don't want to be PILED on top of each other. They can join popped servers if that's what they want or an empty one if not... why is this so hard to grasp??
  4. Lets check out what he really said about the Devs: Are You a nincompoop? A nincompoop is a foolish person who lacks common sense and can be described alternatively or synonymously as a jackass, idiot, dunce, imbecile, blockhead, dummy, numbskull, birdbrain, nitwit, dimwit, dumbass, bonehead dumbbell, silly, moron or any other negative word to describe an ignorant simpleton. Reference: innovateus.net/innopedia/what-meaning-nincompoop
  5. Proof, I answered you prior but you are too busy being condescending to admit this. Im the one who actually "LIKED" some of what you typed. YET here you are being an insulting ASS!! YOu cant seem to read to see who said what, and yet called us "unsufferable retards" "Idiots" "stupid". You admitted you came here to cause trouble and even accused me of saying something I in FACT did not say which was to QUIT. BUT since you don't like the Devs the "nincomepoops" as you called them, and you don't like the players, you don't like the game flow, and you want to change how players play and force them into interactions they DON'T WANT maybe it wasn't a bad idea.... Im not quitting BC if you. No matter how much of an asshole you decide to be, no matter how rude or obnoxious.. Im not. Also since the Devs don't want to step up and do what they need to do with you I have no problem telling you to GFU.
  6. There is no set of rules for how people chose to play. IF SO, then please show ME where it says just BC you play MMO means you "HAVE TO be SOCIAL"?????? Where does it say I MUST MAKE ONLINE FRIENDS???? I chose to play a game to spend time with MY WIFE. YES, I have made a few friends, they are the few that took time to BUILD a friendship. Ask @CampersRUs , it took a LONG time to become friends. Better yet, Campers became friends with my wife before me. just bc you know how to send a friend req doesn't mean Im a " friend".
  7. I answered this. No, I didn't like the idea of having to go anywhere near a PVP server, cross a PVP server, ect JUST TO TRADE. It doesn't matter "IF you can leave your stuff in GI" You are still POPPING a PVP SERVER and therefore CAN BE TARGETED and KILLED for CHEAP REP. ANY OTHER MAP YOU PLAY , IE V1, Oregon, Cali, or what ever will start you wherever on the map. Even if you have NOTHING ON YOU, and you never lost ANY GEAR, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY to log back on IF KILLED, or have PREMIUM which YOU PAY FOR WITH REAL LIFE MONEY. Either way PVE players HAVE TO PAY to be a victim of a PVPer. That is asinine. When you change maps / servers it relocates you. I did not make that up. Why should PVE players WANT this?????
  8. Let me say it like this, I don't care how they shut macros use down, they just need to do it. Stop giving advantages to players who buy cheats, be it a keyboard, a mouse, or a download. You said it couldn't be done, I just pointed out it is possible. There are things like click timing and watching click patterns that CAN be done. Nothing is "just visable". Every click causes some sort of action, so those patterns aren't difficult to spot. Also, if ban is in play even someone's stream could prove they cheated. again, I don't care how they stop it. Whatever works!
  9. @Chaos&Mayhem You mean this^^^? Yeah, I saw it. I'm wondering why bother come here at all if the intent is only trolling. Thank you for reporting as well. I knew eventually someone would.
  10. Its funny. The other posters saw the same thing I did. Strange. As for "trying to beat you" WTH are you talking about?? Expressing my opinion was " trying to beat you" or is it the fact I won't sit quietly while you comment away insulting me as you go.
  11. I guess you've never gotten the " you were teleported to a safe location due to map / server change" message. Oh and if it dies, you can just fork over your hard earned GD to revive or wait. No thanks. Re read what you originally wrote. You may have meant that, but that is NOT what you typed. My Squad?? Oh, you mean the non existent community that had this very same opinion before you came. You admitted to reading the previous posts. You knew you were picking a fight. You have admitted to deliberately being an ass too. Who does "AFK" farming. I guess you missed my opinion on macros cheats. Heres a hint... BAN EM ALL. Easy as you getting them to change how they treat players. Oh, you cant. I guess maybe you missed how many have outright told us to"quit" since we had no interest in their style of play. Had you actually read the asinine posts aimed at PVE players, you might have seen why we became defensive. Lets calm the pvp rage... you really didn't read much of that at all.
  12. Again, you want your message conveyed here. Hmmm ignore the " haters" so ignore us when we criticize events, and "Stop them". This is from your original post. So try the whole "I never said" that crap somewhere else and preferably on someone who doesn't read well.
  13. Exactly what youre doing to us. Our opinions don't matter you said so yourself when you said the Devs need to put a stop to us and our opinion.. the demon of greed trying to command us. Funny. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
  14. Thank you for admitting to breaking the rules. " ll admit to being pretty jaded, I tried to get a bunch of friends involved in this again including some players who used to play a few years ago. I got universally shut down within an hour of play each time with no chance of return. Most people seem to only last 2-3 loot trips even if we go to pve and they don't get farmed for reputation." Im not the one who wrote this. The simple word "so" vs the word "and" give this sentence a whole different meaning. Im a regular player. Here almost every day. SO yeah, I will defend friends here. @CampersRUs @Katryna247 @Chaos&Mayhem If you don't like My "long bitchy" posts why are you here to troll??
  15. There are NOT any public FREE OW official servers. ALSO, moving from server to server it changes your spawn point. So basically no, you wont "spawn into a safe zone" UNLESS you have a character dedicated to that server or its been whatever the magic time is now that they created to prevent stream snipers. Being an ass isn't going to shut any of us up, insulting us proves we are right about PVP players being nasty to others. So by all means...keep proving out case for us. Your condescending tone, talking down to us, being sarcastic. This is by far the most interesting thing about you: Mammon—Aramaic god of wealth and profit, it's a demon or god of all-consuming greed. hmmm explains a lot about you.
  16. Please show me where ANY of US said we " own" the game. Last time I checked I was a free person, with free speech, and I don't answer to you. I don't " need" a "safe space" nor am I one who thinks that the only free speech belongs to them. Opinionate away, just leave me the hell out of it. Again, you sound like JOE.
  17. I don't play the game to make friends (although I do have a few, this however took me a very long time to establish) I do not chat with people when I play. I do not except group invites either, nor do I except friend requests unless I actually know you, or unless I have talked with you extensively off line/out of game. I am not here to socialize, I can do plenty of that when I am in trade lounge buying/selling/trading. I don't know what your calling community spirit style things? Someone a while back mentioned that there should be some sort of co-op missions and things. That's all fine and well for anyone who wants that sort of interaction with other players, I for one do not. You don't see friendships... I guess you see peoples private messages too huh? Oh yeah, that's right! People don't have to make all of their correspondences public. I have friends, Even some that PVP only play. I guess its a bit hard to see private voice chats too. One of my friends uses voice chat to practice his English. But hey... you know what they say about assumptions right?
  18. If sniper trauma/pvp trauma doesn't apply to you then I do not speak of you. It is very telling though that nearly every thread I have read that was posted on these forums devolved into the crusade to save the honour of PVE or whatever. I would see why people want a PVE zombie experience but I don't see why they would choose this one. Its very empty and there is very little to do. I play this and enjoy doing so with my wife. I don't worry about losing much, and I don't deal with toxic people acting as though I "must enjoy" this game in the manor they do. As I said, have have played pvp on here. I got tired of people trying to tell me how " great" pvp was on here and why I should at least " try it". People are different, and they enjoy different things. That is what I loved most about this game... OPTIONS. Just because we don't enjoy the game in the same modes does not make my opinion less valuable. Notice most of the Private servers are PVE? Interesting that a noisey minority wants to dictate how we play enough so that people are renting their own servers to get away from the PVP players!! Thank you for calling our posts long and "Bitchy". Im not a 14 year old, and your insult is like that of a crying baby goat. Whiney and trash talking. No need for civil conversation when your whole point was to insult people who don't want to be pushed into nappy land with the children of romper room! You wanted to make this personal... I'm game. Not really. I only put that comment on that SPECIFIC section of your post. The rest... NO. I am too. Why? Because of how PVP players treat people. No I don't want to see the stuff they write, and reporting it has done nothing. Maybe you should venture over to Discord and see why this community is so divided. What with every experience with someone not knowing a price outta thin air instantly " FAST FAST FAST!!" Or watching the same people day after day claim they've been scammed for being dumb enough to "buy" GC. Or someone getting PO'd and putting peoples FB pics up. Or certain Devs who think its ok to let racist comments slide as long as they don't go overboard. Oh and IF you took your friends to PVE land... they can't get "farmed". On real PVE boards players cant hurt you. At ALL. You can only gain rep on PVP servers. Oh and one more thing... you sound exactly like someone else who came on here pushing nearly the exact same ideas. Mr "worlds greatest beta tester". He left a month or so ago and here you are new. Really makes me wonder....
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