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  1. I do this already. BUT... what ends up happening is you learn what is the quickest way to build up and somehow end up doing it and maxing out. That's exactly how I finally got bored enough to TRY survival and BR in the first place. LOL now you know how that happened...You know what happened there and how my exp went with that! SO back to PVE I went, and now once in a great while I get bored enough to deal with the AH's on there I go back just not often.
  2. @Sven The above rant is by no means a slap at you. You are always the one to listen and are always fighting for us players. My anger here is for any of us being told to try to push yet more thing on you so that you basically end up telling us you are just too busy and we gotta deal with what ever Steve dishes out. Sorry but after the way things had been done before, this is what I see being done. Heads up No this isn't acceptable at all to do this to you either and I am calling this out publicly!!!
  3. @3lias First off why should we HAVE TO motivate Sven, or anyone else for that matter??? On top of that, you just got through telling us just "how busy" Sven was at work and how much was on his plate when we discussed the icon reworks. Remember?? Yeah. He was so busy he couldn't optimize an icon here and there but now he can take this AND do PR on the forum for you??? All because Steve refuses to be ALL INCLUSIVE and respectful with ALL PLAYERS?? You state here that Steve and Luan are running the events. @Chaos&Mayhem Had a really good idea there, one discussed before his/her time on here. One that we were told was going to be the way events were... yet here we are. Should I begin a copy paste file?? I see what you're saying about the servers but hear what we are saying as well. We were told a while back these money items weren't going to count anymore … we trusted that. We had talked about this at length before, on so many topics. There are SOOOOOOO many events and we could go back and do a survey of just how many were PVP or BR heavy. Yes, most of your PVE players do buy a lot but our $$$$ is not all we are good for and that is what is beginning to feel like! So please listen to your players.
  4. First thank you for taking time to respond. We know you are busy but at least you cared enough to reply. Yes, Sven...Our exact thoughts here. We had this sorted out... over and over. Then somehow the minute you step away it reverts back like our conversations never took place. We try to be nice about it... "well ok... it was just this weekend" until it happens again. And again. Why?? Why do we have to raise hell on the board before its like ok... yeah...bad idea to ignore them. Im not talking about you Sven, BC for some reason, you are one who ALWAYS LISTENS. Hmmm well. Here is my take here. Anger doesn't just quickly dissipate. Worse, it builds. Over time it continues to grow, especially when then same person / people does the same things to inflame whatever group. Basically continually waving a red flag in the middle of a bull pen then wondering why you caused a stampede! Week after week we find ourselves back here rehashing this. I mean, at some point its going to be copy paste conversations! Then add fuel: It has been noted how some are so busy chatting on discord even as hell was breaking lose on here. I was invited there to see that another user had SAID on Discord to "Silent" someone needed to mod the board. NO ONE CAME. There were comments after not only by Silent but others, Any of which could have come. SO, if someone feels "attacked" bc the group here is angry after we were called every name in the book and even called staff ourselves here bc some new guy came here to flame the board and not one staffer defended your regulars... so be it. Anger still brewing through many here... deeper than you realize. You are right! This COULD have EASILY been avoided! Maybe if the staff members who feel so "attacked" actually spent time getting to know US as YOU have then maybe they would realize in the end we all just want a game we can ALL enjoy not just certain modes!! Sven, we can spot phoney a mile a way. There is a reason we settle down and talk with you. Even when its bad news you are honest like "hey guys come on...." "You know I wish we could but...." You don't play the "we'll think about it" game. We do deserve answers. Most of the time the forum is just us talking to the wall or each other. ( Unless its a good comment on an event then well... Devs, Mods, or other Admin show up) They don't want noobs seeing that us old dogs aren't just bitching to be bitching as its often played off. That this isn't a one off thing here. Those old posts show we were promised change and what changes and by whom. Also who is who mod/ dev wise from way...WAY back. Why hide things? We do, yes but we also need to see change Sven. We appreciate youre reply but we would appreciate them doing as they said too! It would be nice if when you stopped by to chat it was about suggestions or ideas not having to rehash this over and over and apologize for your 5 min away.
  5. You know what happened @CampersRUs….. We get told another story to appease us then when it comes down to brass tacks the " partners" most of which are pvp players or BR players reap the major rewards. We ask for admins... they sit and chat up buddies they play with on discord. Next time I will screen shot it... and next time I will record the favored as they talk crap about the game and the Devs on stream. Guess its ok.... Hey... maybe I should start streaming all the crap I see that I get told I don't... Hmmmmm
  6. Both of these are good ideas, ANYTHING to get rid of the drudgery of trade....
  7. Yes TL Trade Lounge. You got exactly what I was saying with the rest too! Awesome!
  8. Ok here is the point I want to make. IF you want to change the game on PVP have at it!! If you want to change PVP play on OW, have at it!! That being said leave PVE play out of this craziness as well as areas we have to frequent ie TL. Its funny how the people who wanted to make the game harder is PVE players and PVP players cried its too hard. If they want to make changes to PVE then talk to PVE players! Leave the changes to the players who play each of the different options. Did you not see the survival vote about servers?? Yeah, people WANT options. They don't want to be PILED on top of each other. They can join popped servers if that's what they want or an empty one if not... why is this so hard to grasp??
  9. Lets check out what he really said about the Devs: Are You a nincompoop? A nincompoop is a foolish person who lacks common sense and can be described alternatively or synonymously as a jackass, idiot, dunce, imbecile, blockhead, dummy, numbskull, birdbrain, nitwit, dimwit, dumbass, bonehead dumbbell, silly, moron or any other negative word to describe an ignorant simpleton. Reference: innovateus.net/innopedia/what-meaning-nincompoop
  10. Proof, I answered you prior but you are too busy being condescending to admit this. Im the one who actually "LIKED" some of what you typed. YET here you are being an insulting ASS!! YOu cant seem to read to see who said what, and yet called us "unsufferable retards" "Idiots" "stupid". You admitted you came here to cause trouble and even accused me of saying something I in FACT did not say which was to QUIT. BUT since you don't like the Devs the "nincomepoops" as you called them, and you don't like the players, you don't like the game flow, and you want to change how players play and force them into interactions they DON'T WANT maybe it wasn't a bad idea.... Im not quitting BC if you. No matter how much of an asshole you decide to be, no matter how rude or obnoxious.. Im not. Also since the Devs don't want to step up and do what they need to do with you I have no problem telling you to GFU.
  11. There is no set of rules for how people chose to play. IF SO, then please show ME where it says just BC you play MMO means you "HAVE TO be SOCIAL"?????? Where does it say I MUST MAKE ONLINE FRIENDS???? I chose to play a game to spend time with MY WIFE. YES, I have made a few friends, they are the few that took time to BUILD a friendship. Ask @CampersRUs , it took a LONG time to become friends. Better yet, Campers became friends with my wife before me. just bc you know how to send a friend req doesn't mean Im a " friend".
  12. I answered this. No, I didn't like the idea of having to go anywhere near a PVP server, cross a PVP server, ect JUST TO TRADE. It doesn't matter "IF you can leave your stuff in GI" You are still POPPING a PVP SERVER and therefore CAN BE TARGETED and KILLED for CHEAP REP. ANY OTHER MAP YOU PLAY , IE V1, Oregon, Cali, or what ever will start you wherever on the map. Even if you have NOTHING ON YOU, and you never lost ANY GEAR, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY to log back on IF KILLED, or have PREMIUM which YOU PAY FOR WITH REAL LIFE MONEY. Either way PVE players HAVE TO PAY to be a victim of a PVPer. That is asinine. When you change maps / servers it relocates you. I did not make that up. Why should PVE players WANT this?????
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