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  1. No... not really. That drag azz timer droning on and on and on... one of the biggest reasons players like me and a couple others I know HATE Survival. Here is a little hint guys... I have a premium acct... Im STILL not going to sit there and twiddle my thumbs for 5 min waiting to play again. Yet again boredom will win out..."oh hey whats on so and so's media channel" or "hmmm wonder if so and so is on on ( insert another game name here). The reason the servers were popped was bc more people hate the timer than you think!
  2. Again, you are assuming that the "majority" of players want this. I think the majority would disagree though. If you want more people to play survival style, this is not the way.
  3. I have a char set up for survival but I could never really take a good interest in it due to the difficulty in starting out AND I HATED the HORRIBLE wait time to respawn. By the time I died several times starting out I totally lost interest. Either a cell phone, the tv, or getting bored and going back to OW. Just being honest here... not everyone likes that. Clearly. Im not so much "worried " about the value of my GI as I am the fact I dont like this push in a direction that will make the game "awesome" for you survival and some of the hardcore PVPers. Another HUGE issue I have is they cant seem to find available space\ area on the data base for them to fix the GI where we can simply "sort" our GIs, or "stash" from our backpacks in game without logging out. AND YET... here you propose something that would create another entire mode of play!! Anyway, remember, not everyone in to your style of play. There are SOOOOO many players who NEVER come onto the forum and speak their minds. MANY PVE players. Players who spend money on this game too. Do you really want to drive them away, bc a player like me would quit before being forced to change game play styles on here.
  4. Please do!! SOOOO Many of the players would love this feature if it was available!
  5. Others have brought up this idea in the past, Its something many of us keep wishing for. Glad to see someone else bring it back to the board! THX!!
  6. What did you mean by this, I have been wondering since you wrote it and double that since private server purchase is off. Am I missing something here : )
  7. I Posted a copy of the rules to him, IF you need them again you can find them here: https://playnewz.com/info/general_gamerules.php
  8. Lets get a few "facts" straight shall we! First of all, I don't care if you accept me or not! Your " acceptance" as well as anyone else's is of no consequence t me. IE I DON"T GIVE A RATS BEHIND if you "accept" or "tolerate" me or NOT!! I am not DOING ANYTHING to you. You want to down someone and treat them badly all because they don't like one flipping pronoun!! Maybe NOW would be a good time to point out the GAME RULES, SOME EVEN the ADMIN have to admit you ARE BREAKING: ***************2. Insults: Hate speech will be taken serious (racism/xenophobia/homophobia/etc...) and will most likely cause a ban. Keep in mind that TRASHTALKING is part of the game. Trash talking and harassment are two completely different things. - Trash talking: Calling other players noobs, making fun of their play style, offending their skills during PvP. ********* - Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending. *******( Read this AGAIN) Provoking players in order to "get them into trouble" may also result in a temporary ban. If you are willing to talk trash to other players, no matter the tone, you should be willing to get it back. (NEW) If we see any patterns on reports, as in, with the sole intention of getting someone in trouble rather than feeling offended, you will be punished harshly. (NEW) Be VERY careful when reporting players for disrespect and such. Your behavior prior to it will have a direct effect on it. It may nullify the report and it may cause you to be punished for it as well. (NEW)--------------------------- Full game rules can be read at : https://playnewz.com/info/general_gamerules.php I am done with your games. I am not beyond reporting your behavior. Harassing her... or me... targeting us... Not worth getting reported.
  9. Trying to bully someone is NOT adult behavior. Its childish high school antics. Telling people not to call you something you aren't isn't "crying". Everyone deserves respect, notice there has been NO NAME CALLING of ANYONE from our end. SO ... who is acting like what here?
  10. I have a MAJOR question here. IF you were to get what you were purposing on open world, what does that do to \ for us players who DO NOT do the PVP thing and have ZERO interest in it on this game. ( I do PVP on other games I play, but I have NO INTEREST in PVP on here. Its nice to have this this game with that option of doing both and being able to chose) Would our GI's be left untouched? I say "our" BC I know of several of us that post on here who are very vocal about what happens that effects or could effect our PVE play! Something like what youre describing here done to us would cause many of the PVE only players to abandon the game. Personally I think you are setting up for a re-run of the past when they did a server wipe and lots of people got pissed and left. ( I know a couple who did from another game I play).
  11. Hey Kat, most of these arent worth the energy it takes to answer.As for Keymbo, don't feed the TROLL, just block IT .
  12. I must interject here that I find this comment probably the funniest of all considering both of our best friends are guys. But then if you actually knew more about our offline lives you would find both of us came from male dominated careers and you cant "hate men" and work those kind of jobs. Example, I was the first female firefighter in my station. You cant " hate men" and go drag hose ( firefighter term for dragging the firehose off the truck and then re rolling it till your back at the station so you can drag it out and dry it before someone adds a suggestive connotation here) with them everyday. You have to have each others back... watch out for each other. you work to closely not to be like family! And yet... here you are.... reducing strangers to your vision of what a someone " might" be because you stereotyped. WOW. That is sad. I could go on the offensive here, but I wont stoop that. You are making ASSumptions about people you know nothing about... except that SHE doesnt like being called SIR.
  13. I am Katryna's WIFE. IE ALSO FEMALE SO I would also love to know what this fictional "husband" might think. I have kept quiet as I dont go to the trade lounge much and so I havent dealt with a lot of people there. You want to make this personal. That show a total lack of character on your part. No, not all females are playing MMO shooter games and trading in a trade lounge but clearly there are girls\ ladies\ women who do play. Being disrespectful here on the forum... wow... telling players to "LEAVE" you need to re think that. I thought they were trying to build this game up, not tear it down and run off players every time someone says something one of you dont like whats said. or how someone plays, or that someone is a noob. As for your " heavy fallen angel chrome" comment... yes,,, you could keep it. I want nothing from someone being a disrespectful *****.
  14. Good night Sven! Ouch on the teeth! Hope you feel better!
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