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  1. DNI_Adrian

    B93R Specialist Skin Issue

    I went to trade lounge and someone discarded a B93R. When I picked it up it instantly skinned yellow black specialist skin. I put that gun in my GI after seeing what it did, and when I pulled it back out it re-skinned. I have NOT learned this skin!! So lol I " temporarily " have ONE "skinned" B93R!! It is pretty, I will give it that... I wish I could keep the skin BUT I knew I had to tell you guys! Thanks so much!
  2. DNI_Adrian

    Patch 2.23 (Hotfix)

    Thank you for telling me this. Mr Ecke. Here is what I have to say in return: A) My game was working fine on this "wayyyyy too old" POS until you guys did your 2.22 patch. I can go to Steam and take a screenshot of how many hours I wasted playing this game. ( Considering I only picked this game back up and ACTUALLY started playing this year and have close to 1000 hours says a lot here.) B) This was me giving this game a second chance. I had some issues trying to get the original download to work and support was far less than helpful and I deleted this game and almost didnt come back. Katryna ( my wife) wanted me to come on the gane and play... so i did. Realized support still had not changed much.. this is sad really. C) I see how you want to recruit US players and shake my head. Why? because I watch you run players off with stuff like this!! WOW!! Sorry to tell you but many people looking for " free" games are not people with lots of $$$$. Worse yet, you want to deal with American players, and they are going to expect wayyyyy better from your support dept than an answer every 24 hours that doesnt actually try to solve anything, or those short rude responses they used to send and close the tickets out. Either way... letting players go 5-6 days then posting something like " oh its because your equipt is wayyy old" on a public board is really just a good way to do what you just did with me... lose yet another player. WTG!!! Keep on killing the game Mr Ecke!! keep on keepin on!!
  3. DNI_Adrian

    Patch 2.23 (Hotfix)

    I am still having issues trying to log on. Neither Steam nor download game work. I put in a ticket, this isnt a ban issue and I have already exhausted all available advice from the forum BEFORE i even tried to contact support. Help getting this fixed would be great. Thanks.
  4. DNI_Adrian

    To get more people here!

    My idea is to make event which will in some way force players to play on survival - or at least give it a go. 2.Weekend event where only some game modes are avaliable per day. The point is to make something that will force players to play survival and i think its a very good idea sinces in its current state this game mode needs players. Here is a better idea...lets NOT!! Players like me will NOT go for this. You want to run people off, try to FORCE them to do what they DON"T want to do! Look, I tried survival, and BR. NOPE! Not my thing. And as my skills got a little better, every single thought i had of EVER CONSIDERING playing PVP, BR, or SURVIVAL was quickly kicked to the curb by the horrible behavior of the people who play it that come onto the PVE boards. At any rate, the only ones you will gain like this are ones who already play at least sometimes. If this were to happen, I know I for one will be elsewhere, enjoying another Steam game or watching another games livestream. Im sure the Devs\ Ownership all have wayyyy more respect for their players than to try to FORCE ANYTHING on THEM.
  5. DNI_Adrian

    Lack of Zombies for PVE

    I really wish they would answer this, im curious. its been how long on the crossbow bolts. LOL yes, I know they call them arrows, but no crossbow uses an arrow!
  6. DNI_Adrian

    International Forums!

    Now if you could just add a translate feature to Chat! ( I love what you guys are doing btw)
  7. DNI_Adrian

    Weekend Event!

    Makes far more sense to consider them PVP. Yes, Good!
  8. DNI_Adrian

    Ranting about cheaters

    Great...if you are playing PVP and the cheaters name is plastered across your screen. As I said to support before, not so much when the cheater gets you killed and it isnt a person you can see until you are already dead, and you cant pan in on their name, it isnt on your screen, and you stuff is just as gone. Double that when theyre using fake accts ( I started checking into this on gaming chat boards online since support basically kept telling me to do something that was impossible) and within 15 minutes I found a dozen or so cheat sites selling cheats to your game and bragging how they have never been caught, people selling inventory from GI for real $$ and chat boards telling how to do all the above! SO as for seeing 5 in 3 years... apparently he doesnt watch too closely!
  9. DNI_Adrian

    Weekend Event!

    I dont really think they should be considered. Those boards are there when the majority of PVE players dont use them. PVE players arent by standard trying to compete for anything, they want their competition to be " Can I survive against this environment". Points systems beyond skill tree, unless they also do PVP dont really matter much to the PVE'ers I know. They care more about rounding up Z's than rounding up points.
  10. DNI_Adrian

    Weekend Event!

    Its not about waiting Sven, and I do believe you missed the point. When you have events geared totally for PVP then ONLY PVP players benefit. such as now. BUT on weekends the event incorporates PVE the the PVE boards are inundated in PVP players crushing to cash in on the boxes, loot, points, money ect.. ( what ever it is you are offering). Not one of us PVE ONLY players care about waiting, what we care about is simply being treated fairly. Most of the biggest innovations in the game gets handed to PVPers, and if it is handed to PVE its much, much later. We are used to the wait... as the New Z world has and continues to center around PVP. Here is a suggestion... make an event that EXCLUDES the PVP PLAYERS similarly. I will put my money on it never happening... but hey... it isnt always about PVP, or is it?
  11. DNI_Adrian


    Exactly Campers!! I think sometimes they completely either forget or ignore the PVE players! This is NOT how you convince us to play PVP either by the way.... just sayin...
  12. Not everyone can afford such luxury as a private server. ( I wish I could, trust me!) I appreciate the offer on the gear, thank you. Im doing ok though. I was having issues in which my game would lag something fierce. My ping has been between 48 and 116 and my FPS would suddenly drop to ZERO freezing me in place but only during critical points... fighting zombies or trying to jump up to get away from super ect. It was noticed that EVERY time this happened someone got banned. Funny thing.. Im better at predicting BANS that the weather people are at weather! ( I have witnesses to this!) I have That was one of the contacts, there were others, another about me and a VET player logging in on a PVE server, marked PVE, she & I had PVE only checked ect and the second we logged on before we could even move we were shot and killed. I got reply that BASICALLY SAID EVERYTHING i ALREADY KNEW , yet still never broached the problem. I gave up on support... All I manage to do is get further irritated and that solves. nothing. My stuff was gone.. they didnt care, they talk to me like IM the problem every time and close the ticket. So when my game started giving me FPS issues and wouldnt open I turned to youtube! You know what.. I didn't get told I was the problem, my issue got fixed and I was able to log back in. I do appreciate the offer of help though, and I may send you a PM in the future if I have game related questions. Thank you again!
  13. I like what you suggested here. Im glad they brought the beginner servers back up, they helped my friend kinda learn what he needed to know. Yet when on his very first day on the reg servers one of the players with a "VET" tag called a super down on us as we were trying to show him how to use sandbag barricades to get ontop of the containers at the airport. We had been there working with this kid for several minutes... the guy did it deliberately. As a new character, he couldn't run from the super, he was still learning his controls for meds ect, and has no high jump and nowhere safe to go... They constantly abuse new players like that. This was a PVE server mind you. They flat tell you since they cant kill you themselves they will set you up to be killed. Two days ago one such AH called a group of reg zombies behind him, ran through a tent I was in then chucked several flash bangs in. I have never seen such asinine behavior on a game anywhere else but then again no one else allows it either.
  14. DNI_Adrian

    Patch 2.19

    Thank you Sven!! I've been looking and wondering why I wasn't seeing them but Katryna247 beat me to the punch on asking ; )
  15. DNI_Adrian

    Ranting about cheaters

    Unless you are a streamer or go to all the trouble to record game play getting evidence on cheaters isnt easy, and worse this games admin allows things to go on that would get people kicked anywhere else. I know players\ Professional streamers offline who ALL say most of the issues I mentioned are either reasons they left or reasons people would be banned on games they play currently. Coincidence...I doubt It.