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  1. MalditoSM

    Caliwood premium south america SA

    I always went to the servers in Europe and North America. but now I'm always disconnected as soon as I enter, I can only enter servers south america SA ..😢
  2. MalditoSM


  3. MalditoSM


    as I do not know how to tweak photoshop but it would be something like this kkk staff of the reindeer:
  4. MalditoSM


    and what if at Christmas, change the airplane from the airdrop by the carriage of Santa (sleigh) or could have a new vehicle sleigh, or a sled skin, as for halloween could be a pumpkin carriage, kkk Image, every time Santa's sleigh passes wide the presents in the Christmas trees. It would be fun. and if it had a new item. The kkk reindeer staff imagine a staff with a reindeer head and antlers.
  5. MalditoSM

    Caliwood premium south america SA

    needs a premium caliwood server south america (SA) I like doing something in cali, and to change the respaw to pvp. I can not log in anymore on premium servers europe and north america .. I can no longer do loot nor logar to change respaw to pvp on caliwood premium. I think many players have the same problem. have the possibility?
  6. MalditoSM

    mochilita gg HACKER

    yes I denounced it in the game, I was at the top of the building, he could only enter by 2 places by the metal ladder putting a riot to climb. or breaking the riot that I put in the main door .. but I was taking care of it appeared in the back .. I have no other evidence I will be owing and I know that this will not give anything because I do not have concrete evidence. my fps does not allow to record videos .. I think I can end the topic, but I'll still record one hour .. Thanks for listening
  7. MalditoSM

    mochilita gg HACKER

    I was inside the building next to the conventional one. I closed the main door with riot ... were climbing up the ladder that player and was on a server with my back firing ... at the top of my life it was not like making the video my fps is 15 to 18 ... take provisions How much ...
  8. MalditoSM

    I can not play reconnect

    I did all the above procedure. I managed to log into server SA without problems. but the problem continues to log in the servers EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA. but thanks, it helped at least now I have managed to log into SA. already helped a lot. Thank you HEARTBREAKER
  9. MalditoSM

    I can not play reconnect

    I tried contacting support but said the problem is with my internet. waxed my ticket and I had no more answers nor could continue the ticket because it was closed. so I'm posting here to try to help and know if anyone else has the same problem? My internet is normal 100% all cables are new. I did speed test and everything normal. I tried to log in all servers open world, survival, premium servers, official servers. US, US, SA. I enter and reconnect and I can not walk 5 seconds after entering the server happens this. I can not play anymore note that in the print my ping is good for the region where I live, usually my ping is 50, and this is still better than pinging so the problem is not with my internet something wrong with the game I need help. my ping in print image .. this is better than ping 44 ever, ie the problem is not my internet. my ping would be much bigger ...
  10. MalditoSM

    failed to decompress game files

    thanks bro
  11. MalditoSM

    failed to decompress game files

    already did this did not work this trying to download peal steam ..
  12. I invited a new friend to the newz he downloaded the game straight from the site. when trying to enter the startup server of the error: failed to decompress game files help
  13. MalditoSM

    Shane Halloween?

    I made the purchase Sunday by ticket. because the payment of my work was delayed I just bought to be able to buy shane's halloween clothes thank you
  14. MalditoSM

    Shane Halloween?

    no chance to buy shane halloween? Will he be at the store sometime? I received my payment late ..
  15. MalditoSM

    Mission time capsule - charade

    It's just an idea, it does not take the capsule time, the puzzles can come up at every conclusion. the puzzles can be of any type, easy, medium, hard no need to have a capsule..