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  1. fireworks

    I did not know. I researched BF. this was just an event. a celebration. not a game item. but it would be really fun, to imagine the sky in an explosion of colors. or by forming the name of the cla or tag in the sky.
  2. fireworks

    could be just fireworks. or form the cla tag in the sky.
  3. fireworks

    Have you thought of fireworks? it would be great fun to see the colored sky to celebrate .. would be like the spray
  4. capture bonus flag. + additional

    Again talking about flag capturing bonuses. The idea on the flags was good! but I believe that the majority is not very important because it was realized after all what you get is the territory of the cl, which does not last long, has no bonus for the player. because what the players want is PVP! so he does not even go to the flag when he is vulnerable. I believe I can improve! 1 ° as already said in another topic that captures the flag must win something (money) or (drop weapon, or other) or xp this would draw the players' attention to the flag, more emotion. this would move more servers with more PVP in the flags CONCENTRATING THE PVP IN IT. 2 ° we have to have a warning in the game screen that our flag is vulnerable or being attacked. to be able to defend. or it can only be vulnerable when you have at least 1 player on the server. (to defend it) I think after the conquest it would take hours or days to become vulnerable. 3 ° - the flag can be with the name of the clause in it or symbol of the cl. 4th is only a winner who captures the flag, inside the circle. the player who stays out, giving support (does not win bonus) it is an option to take care of the cl in how much it takes the flag but without gaining a bonus. 5 ° the clan could have the option of logging on his conquered flag. (spaw flag) (but not when attacked)

    as already has halloween skins we can have items. Freddy hat could drop from zombie, buy clothes with gc, melee glove and rare mask drop

    why not bring a classic to our Halloween? Freddy Krueger the clawed glove could be a melee or melee skin the hat could drop could have a freddy face skin to use in or mask be just an item and freddy's shirt .. a classic a myth! could be skins or only items. MASK: CLOTHING: GLOVES ------

    Hello to make it clear, I do not know how to use photoshop! I tried to show the idea that I had but I do not know how to move I do not know how to improve. I did not change colors. I took pictures and tried to match the idea I had. DEMON skins could have a tail or have a tail stirring (with animation) or not having a tail. the wings may be smaller. and with other colors to match the color of each heavy. we can also have a melee trident, nvg and motorcycle helmet. Too bad I do not know how to move photoshop I would like to know the real answers from the players about the skin. if someone knows how to improve photoshop with Photoshop and tweak the colors. and since we have fallen angel we can have a DEMON first it should be the heavy armor DEMON to later continue doing in the other heavy as cores combining of each one PRINTS: SAVE AS IMAGES TO VIEW BETTER HEAVY ARMOR MODERN BLACK DEMON: HEAVY ARMOR ALIEN DEMON: MOTO HELMET MODERN BLACK DEMON: attention: I do not know how to use photoshop is an idea and I only tried to show it
  8. Bikes others

    have bikes on the map to walk It would be fun using "H" hides the chat. but also hides who is in a group. H could hide only the chat. as I said in the trade server the chat should have background of another color, and automatic or manual scrolling option. to go back and see the messages this would avoid span .. I have a skin idea where I could download the back of the heavy?
  9. Photoshop Skins (just fun)

  10. for those who are without VIP is a great option that helps a lot tutorial:
  11. who has vip forever could upgrade to vip forever legendary paying the difference, would it be possible? I want to buy vip forever!
  12. capture flag, bonus!

    we need a reward, beyond the conquered territory. it would be nice to have a bonus, for capturing the flag, a bonus money or drop or another. this would lead to more pvp because flag captures do not have much excitement. should really have a reward for conquering
  13. block message player chat

    would be great option to block the messages of players who use words, insults in the global chat .. this would avoid several problems and stress .. or else a filter of words number x to block the messages of the player automatically .. then that player could not send messages in the global chat for a period of time (days) would be like a punishment.
  14. new bug glitch easy

    Recorded video! Who can I send the video for?
  15. new bug glitch easy

    was playing in server caliwood premium when I saw a player doing bug .. so I decided to record video to avoid abuse. It is very easy to enter buildings through the wall. you can enter almost every building on the map. So I will not post the video here in the open as many players have done .. so I will show it to some moderator or administrator, private. I'm going to record and I'll send it soon.