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  1. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!
  2. Tuk-tuk

    Thank for the report. That is already on our fix todo list.
  3. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!

    Thank you for your constructive feedback!
  4. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!

  5. Best configuration

    You also should try the beta patch, if it brings you more FPS since the beta version is more optimized for having a strong GPU. But the best setting are custom. Try around in the options and after ahile you will have your perfect one. Also in case you only play one town or pvp servers, use fastload (its not optimized for town changes on big maps and car driving).
  6. Rank/Reaction Updates

    We have updates and increased the amount of forum ranks. In case we need more in the future, then we are going to add more but for now I think they should be enogh. Here is a list of available ranks: We also updated our reaction emoticons of threads and posts: We hope you guys like the changes and updates. Feedback is always welcome. Regards, Steve //The New Z Staff
  7. Hey everyone, We saw that Rockyford is not that popular anymore. Then I asked some knows hardcore-pvp players and they give me some ideas what I could change to make the map enjoyable again. So the first plan is, to bring the version back, which player want. Juifar gave me this video: So the points overall which I wanna change are: Remove the 2 buildings next to the parking place Open the White House Add back the 2 Red Houses behind the mechanic Lower the amount of grass Remove the FOG The plan overall is to make the player area smaller to create more intense pvp areas. So what do you guys think, maybe you have a better idea? Let me know in the comments!
  8. Server Restart (07/08/2018)

    Got already cleared out. Fixed for the next patch.
  9. You know that Artemis left Sergey and now is working on a completly different genre. Dakotaz sold his soul and got boosted by Epic Games like crazy and now has 20k fortnite kids watching.
  10. Loot - Open World

    You could also say that if the pvp players would stop paying premium. These rewards are technical free, so in case you don't want, feel free to drop them. You did not bought premium because of the daily rewards.
  11. Veteran player from OldZ looking for a PvE/Loot Clan.

    He is streaming all the time. Maybe you can contact him there
  12. Loot - Open World

    This is getting fixed with the upcoming patch. Thank you for your feedback! But not everyone is farming. You can ask some hardcore pvp player, they don't farm.
  13. Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

    That is now the updated version
  14. Bus stops should stay on Survival Oregon

    Busstops ruins the rarity of loot. You can easy go to safezones with the bus without getting shotted. You can use them to go from safezone to safezone but not on the entire map.
  15. Dont Remove The Tropic

    Tropico got added back to EU Battle Royale.
  16. Willkommen

    Ich kann euch unterstützen wenn es zu Preisen oder Server kommt. Organisieren kann ich leider nicht, da mir die Zeit dazu fehlt.
  17. Rank/Reaction Updates

    That is for secure reasons, otherwise you could boost other forum accounts.
  18. Im spending way to much money....

    I am going in-game right now to fix your shield.
  19. Reason For Hate ARENA

    First of all, thank you for your feedback. Most of these things what you mentioned got already fixed for the patch. The reason why we added arena back, knows as our first BR map, was the big request by the community. We are going to update the map with the patch and if it's still not playable in a way it should be, then we disable the map again till everything is completly fixed. What do you think about that?
  20. Rank/Reaction Updates

  21. It's already on the skin todo list and will come as soon we have time for that. Regards,
  22. Loot - Survival

    Thank you very much for your feedback
  23. Veteran player from OldZ looking for a PvE/Loot Clan.

    Hey and welcome. You also should look into discord, a lot of clans looking there for member. Good luck!
  24. Ranting about cheaters

    Trust me, a lot of player are trying it, but getting stopped by FAC.